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Real estate has now taken on a new platform  online! More and more people are joining the online frenzy and are investing in their social media presence. It now takes a more focused and personalized approach if you want to grab your buyers’ attention, and this is exactly what we’re experts at doing.

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What Digital Automation Services Do We Offer To Real Estate Businesses?


Search Engine Optimization : Organic Traffic Services.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, empowers your business by strategically positioning it in front of people who are actively searching for what you offer. With the right SEO strategy, you can be sure that your firm is visible to a relevant audience that is eager to do business. 


Real Estate Video Editing Services.

Elevate Your Real Estate Videos with Realestateko’s Professional Editing Services. Our expert editors craft stunning, engaging video content that showcases your properties and helps you attract clients. Contact us today to take your real estate video marketing to the next level!


Email Marketing Campaign Services.

Potential clients look at several properties a day, and so it can be difficult to keep track of every detail. We will resolve this by helping you launch email campaigns that can give constant updates such as blasts, automation chains, and newsletters.


Social Media Lead Generation Services.

Social media is where everyone’s at – including businesses. Facebook and Instagram are excellent opportunities to put your business’s best foot forward to drive more leads and build trust.


Real Estate Website Design & Development Services.

Your website is the first thing that your potential client will see. You would want to make a good first impression by presenting an aesthetic that speaks true to your business’s philosophy. We provide clean and proven designs guaranteed to generate you more leads.



Content Marketing & Management Services.

Content marketing can help you build trust and a strong rapport with prospective visitors. It also helps build your presence and credibility online. We will help you craft eloquent content to keep in touch with your audience while converting the best prospects into leads for your business.


Google Ads & PPC Services.

Google is the top search engine used by people to look up real estate online. We will help you take advantage of this by running effective Google Ads campaigns to match your agents with qualified home-buyer and seller leads.



Real Estate Online Reputation Management Services

Realestateko will help you capitalize on reputation management for real estate agents and property developers. We offer real estate online reputation management services that are customized to align with your needs and budget.


Real Estate .AI Chatbot Services.

 We design and develop .AI chatbots that equip real estate professionals with the means to gather, track, update, and retrieve clients, execute actions, and close sales 24/7 while you’re out for property inspection.

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What Are The Benefits of Real Estate AI Marketing Services?

Save Time

You can promote your agency faster by spending more time showing properties than looking for leads.

More Qualified Prospects

Instead of using old-school methods, you can now use inbound marketing tools to bring qualified leads to you.

Increased Exposure

An online presence lets you expand your overall reach and target the prospects best for your agency.

Performance Analysis

Ongoing analytics let you know if your marketing efforts are helping your firm, and whether they’re helping your agents and clients find the right match in a competitive market.

Client Engagement

Having a constant online presence lets you make long-term relationships to help you secure a position as their top choice for future property investments or sales.

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How Diaphane Gardens Generated 42 Investor Leads in 35 Days

Daphane Gardens is a real estate agency that sells homes and landed properties. They only had a facebook and an instagram account with very little to no engagement which was operated by their “social media account manager” who kept taking their money with little results. They found us via a referral and we reformed their social media accounts, ran a few ads on them and generated 42 proficient leads in just 35 days.

Why Should We Work Together?


Vast Experience

We’ve got years of industry experience in providing digital marketing services to some of the top real estate firms.


Latest Trends

We’re a team of sophisticated minds always looking forward to the newest technology in making our marketing approach meeting the standard.


Guaranteed Results

We over-deliver on what’s promised.

How Can We Help You?


Grow Brand Awareness

We will help you expand your presence online and create an established and trusted brand.


Publish Valuable Content

We will help you create content that your audience will love, value, and connect with.


Establish Trust

We will help you create more trust with your prospects through online brand, education, and reviews.


Drive More Leads

We will help you by connecting with sophisticated investors and everyday buyers who fit your customer profile to generate more quality leads.


Reporting & Optimization

We will help you by creating a monthly report and analyzing everything and picking out what works best and what doesn’t for your campaigns so that we can optimize for better results.

How Efficient Is Real Estate AI Marketing To Real Estate Businesses?

At this modern internet age, people want companies/agencies that provides fast and personalized services.

Home buyers would be really disappointed to spend time and money traveling to inspect properties that does not meet their requirement.

The right digital marketing techniques can help real estate entrepreneurs  avoid the complications associated with traditional real estate marketing and help reach target customers more efficiently by showing properties online in the most accurate way while cutting operational costs, generating leads and boosting ROI.

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We have generated over 275,674 leads for our clients through Real Estate AI marketing Automation.

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“​​The most important part of making it in this business is by being able to provide better options to potential clients than your competitors and there is no way you are going to achieve that with crappy or just normal marketing strategies, that’s why I always use Realestateko’s services”


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