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Apapa Amusement Park : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

00 - Apapa Amusement Park : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Apapa Amusement Park (AAP), as the name implies, is an amusement park located in the Apapa area of Lagos State.

The park has been around since the 1980s, but like many public properties, the park suffered from poor maintenance, and it was eventually closed down.


Thanks to the past Lagos State governor (Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola), the park was revived into what we now know as one of the best amusement parks in the whole country.

I understand some people think amusement parks are places meant for kids, but this can’t be further from the truth. Regardless of your age, visiting the Apapa Amusement Park is a thing you can derive a lot of fun from.


How it works ;

Apapa Amusement Park is not a place you just walk into and start having fun, just like the way things work at most beaches in Lagos.


There are ways things are done. And to prepare you for your visit to the park, I’ll like to explain how things work over there.


Get past the entrance at no cost

As stated above,

Apapa Amusement Park is located in the Apapa area of Lagos. But being more elaborate, you’ll find the park at “34, Randle Road, Apapa, (3.81 km), Lagos.”

The park is a very popular place in Lagos, so even if you have some problem getting the exact location, you should find someone who can point you in the right direction.

On arriving at the location, enter through the main gate, at no cost.

Cars are also allowed in, so feel free to bring your car along.

And as for those who wonder if there’s an entrance fee, the answer is no.

01 4 - Apapa Amusement Park : [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Get a parking ticket (if you come with a car)

While cars are allowed into the park, parking a car within the park’s premises, will require paying for a parking ticket. So after entering through the gate, before you can drive down to the car park, you’ll have to pay for a ticket, otherwise, you won’t be allowed into the car park.

As for those who are not coming in a car, there’s no need to buy any ticket. Just walk past the ticket point.

02 4 - Apapa Amusement Park : [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Get your car parked (if you come with a car)

After getting past the ticket point, the next thing expected of you is to park your car.

AAP has a pretty big car park, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a parking space, even on days when the park is very busy.

03 4 - Apapa Amusement Park : [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Get and recharge a game card (if you’ll like to partake in any of the games offered)

04 2 - Apapa Amusement Park : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

After having your car parked, the next thing to do is to grab a game card and recharge it.

A game card is what’s going to give you access to all the games offered at the arena.

A game card itself costs N1,000, however, you must recharge at least N3,000 on it, which means you’ll be paying a total of at least N4,000.

Getting a game card isn’t mandatory for those who have no intention of trying out the games offered.


Get into the main arena (you’ll be searched)

The main arena,

Where people have fun, is enclosed. So even after getting past the main gate and getting an access card, you’ll still have to get past another gate, to get into the main arena.

And when you’re about to enter the main arena, you’ll be asked to show the things with you.

The reason for this search is to ensure the safety of the people inside the area. For instance, if you’re with a knife, gun, etc, you won’t be allowed to get past the gate.

I will also like to explicitly add that things like fireworks and foods from outside won’t also be allowed into the main arena.


If you intend to take pictures, understand that you won’t be allowed to do so with a professional camera. In fact, you won’t be allowed to go in with such. And even if you’re allowed to go in with such, you must not be caught using it.


While getting through the main gate costs nothing, getting through the arena gate will cost N100 per person.

But as for families who already purchased a game card, you won’t have to pay, to get past the arena gate.

05 2 - Apapa Amusement Park : [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Have fun

At this point,

You should be in the main arena where you can see all AAP has to offer. And at this point, what to do next, is up to you.

For those who’ll like details about the types of games available, I’ll discuss most of these games under the next section, and there we go.

06 2 - Apapa Amusement Park : [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Games offered at the park;

5-seating-capacity Ferris wheel ride – N300

Ferris wheels are things expected to be found in any good amusement park, and the AAP won’t disappoint in this aspect.

The park has a 5-seating-capacity Ferris wheel, and to get a ride on this wheel, all you need is N300.

During my visits to the park, I’ve only seen kids on it, and I don’t know if adults will also be allowed on it.

I should add that this is one of the cheapest games you’ll find at the park.

G01 - Apapa Amusement Park : [ Pictures & Honest Review]


7D cinema games – N1,000

7D cinema games are also among the things you’ll find at the AAP.

For those who don’t know what’s meant by this, imagine sitting in a cinema and watching a video. But unlike standard cinemas, you’ll be able to interact with what’s going on in the video you’re watching. In other words, we can say 7D cinema games are kinda like virtual reality games.

So if you’re an adult and feel the Ferris wheel is too childish for you, you can consider any of the 7D cinema games available at the park.


8-seating-capacity Ferris wheel ride – N500

Apapa Amusement Park has two Ferris wheels, and the second has a seating capacity of 8.


While the first one costs N300 per ride, the other one costs N500 per ride.


Air bicycle ride – N500

Air bicycle,

Which is sometimes called Airbike, is also one of the games you’ll find at the AAP.

For those who don’t know what an air bicycle is, it is simply a thing that looks like a bicycle. However, unlike bicycles which move when you pedal them, air bicycles don’t move.

Air bicycles are machines meant for exercise, but riding them can be fun as well.


Bumper cars ride – N500

Bumper cars are also things you’ll find at the AAP.

And the best part is, it costs just N500 per ride.

I had great fun riding these things, and I doubt there’s anyone who won’t find them impressive.

For those who don’t understand what is meant by bumper cars, they are small electric cars.

They usually have steering wheels and controls you can use to move them about.


Carousel ride – N500

AAP has a carousel ride, and this game is a thing I believe many people will like.


I will suggest that if you’re an adult, you should consider some other games, and leave this for the kids. Kids are often seen riding these things, so unless you’ll like to play among them, you may want to leave this game to them.


I don’t think money should be an issue, as a single ride costs just N500.

G06 - Apapa Amusement Park : [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Happy swing ride – N500

The happy swing ride is also one of the games available at the AAP.

Swings aren’t new to many people, but for those who will prefer playing on one, all you need is N500.

For adults who’ll like to know if the swings are things they can also play on, the answer is yes.


Indoor games – N1,500

Outdoor games aren’t the only things available at the amusement park, there are also a good number of indoor games.

So if for any reason you’ll prefer an indoor game, you should have no problem with that.


Note that indoor games are relatively expensive. For instance, indoor games generally cost N1,500.

Jellyfish ride – N500

The jellyfish ride is another game offered at the AAP.

This game is similar to the Carousel ride, in the sense that it also basically involves revolving riders around a centre.

And just like the Carousel ride, the Jellyfish ride costs only N500 per ride.

Jumping frog ride – N500

The jumping frog ride is also one of the games offered at the AAP.

Not all kids love the game, but when they do, they love it greatly.

So when thinking of what games to get your kids, you should also take this into consideration.

Junior jet ride – N500

Ever since I’ve been going to the AAP, there isn’t a day I haven’t seen kids rally around the junior jet. In other words, this game is one of the most loved among kids, so also consider it, if you’ll be taking a kid to the park.

Mini “rock n tug” ride – N500

The “Rock n tug”,

Which is sometimes called “Rocking tug” or “Rockin’ tug”, is a game that kind of simulates the movement of a boat in a turbulent sea.

The game is for all age groups, so if you’re an adult who plans to play as many games as possible, the game is also one of those you should consider.

Pirate ship ride – N600

The pirate ship is a game that involves swinging a gondola at different angles.

People are going to be seated in the open gondola, and the swings, which will occur at different angles, can be very exhilarating.


Unlike many other similar games which cost N500, getting a ride on this ride will cost N600.

G13 - Apapa Amusement Park : [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Self-control plane ride – N500

As the name implies, the self-control plane ride is a game that involves riding a plane that you’ll have some control over.

The plane referred to here, isn’t a standard airplane. Rather, by “plane”, I’m talking about toy planes attached around a rotating structure.

Sky race – N500

The sky race game is also one of those games you’ll find at the AAP.

For those who don’t understand it, it basically has to do with moving people about a point, while suspended in the air.

The game is a very interesting one, and there’s no age restriction; so for adults interested in participating in as many games as possible, you should also consider this game.

Opening days and hours

Apapa Amusement Park is opened on all 7 days a week.

And under normal circumstances, the park should open on all the 365 (or 366) days of a year.


As for opening hours, the park is opened from 9 am to 8 pm.

So if you’re the kind of person who has time only during the weekends, you should still be able to grab some fun at the park.

The best time to visit

While the doors of the AAP are open to people every day, I won’t suggest that you go there at just anytime.

If you’ll like to go when a lot of people will also be there, consider going on weekends or festive days.


If you’re the kind who prefers going when a lot of people won’t be present, consider going at the early hours of a weekday.

Things not allowed at the park ; 

Payment in cash, to an operator at the park

Corruption is a very popular thing in Nigeria. In fact, corruption is one of the things that caused the three-year shutdown of the park.

So to ensure that corruption is reduced to the minimum possible level, the management of the park introduced the game card, so that all money made can go to the appropriate place.

In other words,

When trying to pay for any game, don’t ever try to pay in cash. Always use a game card.

Foods brought from outside

As stated above,

Foods brought from outside won’t be allowed in the arena.

It is unclear why this is, but there should be nothing surprising about this if you’ve been to a lot of interesting places in Lagos.

As for those who wonder if getting hygienic food won’t be a problem, the answer is “NO”. There are standard restaurants in the park, so getting hygienic foods should be no problem.


Professional cameras

I’ve also mentioned above that professional cameras won’t be allowed into the main arena, and I feel I should repeat it here.

It is unclear why the management won’t allow professional cameras, not even for a fee.


Still, this shouldn’t also come as a surprise, as we have many other places in Lagos, where there are similar rules.



Apapa Amusement Park is not of the amusement parks you can bring a pet to.

It doesn’t matter whether your pet is harmless, it won’t be allowed into the park.

In fact,

I don’t think a pet will be allowed past the main gate, let alone the arena gate.

So when you’re coming, make sure you leave your pet at home, to avoid being denied entry.

Contact details

If you have some questions or if for some other reason, you’ll like to talk to someone at the park, you can do so over the phone, by calling “0809 996 0077”.


I was informed the park has a website (, but on checking it out, it turns out that the site isn’t functional. Maybe it’s under construction or under maintenance, I don’t know.

Closing words

Apapa Amusement Park is truly a great place to go to, to have fun. I doubt anyone will ever find it disappointing, as long as you don’t go there with the wrong mindset.

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