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Atican Beach [ Pictures & Honest Review] – Best Things To Know !

01 2 - Atican Beach [ Pictures & Honest Review] - Best Things To Know !

Atican Beach is considered by many as one of the best in Lagos. And while I won’t argue whether this is true or not, I’m going to say, “Truly, the beach is much better many other beaches in Lagos.”

In short,

If you’re yet to visit the place, I consider it a place worthwhile visiting.

Atican Beach can be found at “Off Abraham Adesanya Estate Road, Okun Ajah Town, Lekki, Lagos”.

The rest of this content will be about providing you with every important information you may like to know about it.

02 2 - Atican Beach [ Pictures & Honest Review] - Best Things To Know !


The good things about the beach

You can bring foods from home.

There are many good things about Atican Beach, and one of those is that you’re allowed to bring foods from home.

For people who have been to a lot of interesting places, you should have already come across situations where you are restricted to bring food in which can be unpleasant for some people.

And if you’re one of such people, understand that Atican Beach is not a place you’ll have such a problem.


The catch is, for people who’ll like to bring food in, you’ll have to pay N5,000.


Acceptable maintenance

Another great thing about Atican, is its maintenance.

The beach is a well-maintained place, compared to many other beaches in Lagos. In fact, its maintenance is one of the top reasons why people prefer it over many other Lagos beaches.

I should also add that the terrible maintenance of many of the beaches in Lagos is one of the major reasons why Atican was created in the first place.

In short,

If the situations of most of our beaches are why you don’t visit them often, Atican may help you change that.


Absence of touts

If you’ve been to some common beaches in Lagos, a lot of times, you should have had at least one encounter with touts.

These touts can be very annoying, and if you’re not careful, they can put you in very ugly situations you’ll never like.

In fact,

I have many people who prefer to stay away from these beaches for this exact reason.

So if you’re one of those who have been avoiding beaches because of touts, I’m glad to mention that you won’t have to deal with such people at Atican.


Good security

While many beaches we have in Lagos are open from 12 am to 12 pm, it is not advisable to be present within their premises, when it’s getting dark.

And one of the major reasons for this is “security”; if you’re not careful, you can be robbed or find yourself in a life-threatening situation.


In a place like Atican, this is the last thing you’ll have to worry about.

Atican Beach not only has security operatives at the entrance of the beach, there are also operatives littered about the beach.

So if there’s any problem, be assured there are operatives ready to help.


Pets allowed

There are many nice places you can visit in Lagos, but if you want to be allowed in, you can’t come with a pet.

It doesn’t matter if your pet is harmless, you won’t be allowed into many of these nice places.


When it comes to Atican, this won’t be a problem. In other words, if you’ll love your pet to join you, Atican is ready to accommodate you both.


If you’re coming with things like vicious dogs, make sure you come in a way that won’t put the lives of other people at risk. This means if you’ll have to put on a muzzle for your dog, you should do so.


The poor things about the beach

Toilets need better attention

While Atican Beach is a great place to visit, there are some poor things about it. And one of these things is its toilet.

The toilets available at the beach are not well-maintained.

At times,

They’ll be in good conditions, and at times they will be in very terrible conditions.

In other words,

If you ever need to ease yourself, this may become a very big issue.


Since the beach doesn’t provide a place for changing clothes, you may have a big problem changing your cloth, since the toilets where you can change your clothes may not be in good conditions.

In short,

If you’ll like to visit the beach, it’s best to ensure you won’t have to use the beach’s toilets.


Food hygiene can be better

There are standard restaurants at Atican.

And since I’ve been going to the beach, I’ve never had any problem with the restaurants.


I have two different friends who got very serious stomach upset, after eating the foods they bought at the beach’s restaurants.

In other words,

(As of 2018) there doesn’t seem to be enough rules to ensure that there’s never any problem with foods sold at the beach’s restaurants.

So if you’re the kind who can’t just afford to take any risk with the food they’re taking in, you should consider bringing your own food along.


If you’ll be getting anything from the restaurants at the beach, consider only things like drinks.


Under-trained staffs

The manager and some staffs at Atican are great people.


There are also a good number of other staffs who are very terrible to deal with.

And during your visit to the beach, there exist the chances of coming across some of them.

While some people won’t mind having to deal with such under-trained staffs, I know there are some who won’t tolerate nonsense.

And if you’re one of such people, you may want to avoid any staff you feel may be under-trained.


Quite far

Compared to many other beaches, Atican Beach is quite far.

If you have a car, this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you have no car, you ought to be aware of this.


The distance of the beach, from you home, means if you’re living in certain areas, you may have to leave the beach early, so that you don’t get home at dangerous hours of the night.



The entrance fee required to get into Atican Beach, is just N500 per head.

This fee applies to kids as well, so if you’re a mum taking her 4 kids to the butch, you’re going to be paying N2,500 (nothing less).


Note that on weekdays which are also public holidays, and on weekends, the price increases from N500 to N1,000.


Opening days and hours

Just like many other beaches we have in Lagos, Atican Beach ordinarily opens on all the 365 (or 366) days of a year.

In other words,

Being busy shouldn’t be a reason to stop you from visiting the beach, since you should be able to find at least one day in a year to visit the place.

As regards the opening hours, Atican ordinarily opens for all the 24 hours of a day, so you can be on the beach at any time you like.

And since,

Atican has good security, staying overnight shouldn’t be a problem, unlike many other beaches.


Even though you’ll be allowed to be within the premises at any time, it is strongly discouraged to get too close to the beachside, when it’s getting dark.

Playing on the beachside, when it’s getting dark, can be very dangerous, so please comply with the suggestion.


Best time to visit

The best time to visit Atican depends on what kind of mood you’re in.

If you’ll love a very peaceful experience, consider going on a weekday which isn’t a holiday.


If you’ll love to catch as much fun as you can, consider going on a holiday or on a weekend day.


The Atican Beach Hotel

While we have people who’ll just like to go spend some time at the beach, we have those who’ll love to spend days (or even weeks) at the beach.

And if you’re one of such people, you should also be aware that there’s a hotel inside Atican.

The hotel isn’t a 5-star hotel, but if you can manage a basic hotel, you should have a good time there.

03 2 - Atican Beach [ Pictures & Honest Review] - Best Things To Know !


Cost of accommodation

As regards the cost of accommodation at the hotel present in Atican, the amount you’ll have to pay will depend on what type of room you want.

The following provides the cost per night, of the types of room available at the hotel —

  1. Budget room — N12,000
  2. Budget plus room — N14,000
  3. Deluxe room — N18,000
  4. Executive room — N23,000
  5. Double bedroom — N24,000
  6. Family room — N24,000

For more information, consider checking out Atican’s official website.

You can also speak to a representative, on any of the following — +234 818 603 4521 (for someone at the beach), and +234 902 962 2583 (for someone at the hotel).


Parking space

If you wonder if there are parking spaces available for people who intend lodging at the hotel, the answer is “YES”.

In fact, the parking area is so spacious that no matter how busy things may be, you should have no problem finding a good parking space.


Closing words


I consider Atican to be a great place to go spend some time, especially if you have a partner.


If you’re the type who just wants to take some time off work, this will also be a great place to come.


If you’re the kind who just wants to disappear for a while, maybe to think, or for inspiration, Atican is also a good place for that, especially if you’ll also be lodging at the hotel.

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