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Barracuda Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

0 8 - Barracuda Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Barracuda Beach Resort [BBR] is a relatively small beach resort located at “Barracuda Beach Resort, Okun Ajah Road, Okun-Mapo Village, Ajah, Lagos”.

The resort is not one of the best I’ve seen in Lagos, but I believe it’s a place worthwhile of going.

1 10 - Barracuda Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

There are two reasons why I consider this resort a place worthwhile visiting.


The resort scores well in all aspects that matter.


Barracuda is not a place you’ll find a huge crowd and coupled with its environment, there are very few resorts in Lagos that can match its serenity.

In short,

If you’re looking for a beach resort that scores well in the most important aspects and also has a great serenity, then Barracuda becomes the first place you should think about.


This article isn’t just meant to inform you about what Barracuda is, it is also my intention to provide you with every other important information you will be glad to know.

So stick with me till the end of this content.

Getting in & parking

Getting into Barracuda requires an entrance fee.

For adults, this fee N1,000 per adult, but for kids, it is N500 per kid.

As for those who’ll be bringing along their cars, let me assure you that there are parking spaces available.


I must add that the parking area isn’t that big, so you probably shouldn’t come in your car on days when the resort may be very busy [e.g. Saturdays and Sundays].


There are four types of accommodation available at Barracuda.

2 10 - Barracuda Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

These accommodation types in question are namely — the standard room, the deluxe room, the junior suite, and the executive suite.

Their prices range from N22,000 per night to N45,000 per night.

As regards how nice the accommodations are, let me they’re just average.

2 b - Barracuda Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

These apartments aren’t anything luxurious, but I can assure you that you’ll meet them in pretty good conditions.

Being a bit more elaborate, you can expect to find the following in all accommodations at the resort — AC unit, bed, chairs and table, electric kettle, flat-screen TV, and mini-fridge.


Fun activities and facilities

Beach soccer

As you probably expect,

There are fun activities and facilities available at Barracuda.

And one of these activities/facilities is beach soccer.This game can be very fun, especially for football lovers.

And you should know that this isn’t a paid game.


I must warn that if you intend to play the game with other people, you may have to consider coming with people to play with, as there’s no guarantee that you’ll readily find people at BBR who’ll be willing to play the game with you.


Table tennis

If table tennis a game you enjoy, then I’m pleased to mention that this activity is also available at Barracuda.

The resort features a standard ping pong table.

2 c - Barracuda Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

As regards the cost,

There is no cost. Paying the entrance fee automatically gives you access to this game.

But just like beach soccer, you may have to come with people who’ll play this game with you.


Horse riding

Just like almost all other beach resorts, horse riding is an activity available at BBR.

There are a good number of horses available at this beach, and if you’ll are willing to part ways with N1,000, you’ll get to enjoy the activity.

If you’ve never ridden on a horse before, you can still try out this activity. Horse riding is simple to learn, so don’t let your lack of knowledge about it scare you away.



Basketball is also one of the games you’ll find at Barracuda.


I must warn you that the playing area is not a standard basketball court.


The floor of the playing area is an interlocking floor.

3 9 - Barracuda Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


You won’t find all the standard markings you’ll find on the floor of a proper basketball court.

As regards the cost,

This game is free.



Swimming is of course one of those things you can possibly engage in.

And not only can you swim in the beach water, but the resort also features a swimming pool where you can swim.

On all occasions that I’ve been to the place, the pool was in good condition, so I believe this isn’t one of those pools you’ll catch infections from.


I must also add that the pool is not that deep. So if you’re a pro at swimming, don’t raise your expectation too high.



Just like many beaches, volleyball is a game available at Barracuda.

The resort features a playing area for this activity.


Just like other games like football and basketball, you may have to come with other people, if you really want to play volleyball.

As regards cost,

Volleyball is a free game, just like all other games at the resort.


There’s also a billiard table available at Barracuda Beach Resort. In other words, if you’ll like to play snooker, this should be no problem.

This activity is also a free one, so you don’t have to bother about money as well.

Other good sides

Foods allowed in [at no cost]

While the good general performance and the serenity of Barracuda are what I claim to be its selling point, there are many other great things about this resort.

And one of these other great things is that foods are allowed in, at no cost.

If you have been to many other places in Lagos, you must have come across a situation where you are told, foods are not allowed in.


You may have been told that they only allow foods in if you’re willing to pay a corkage fee.


You’re never going to hear things like those.


Free chairs and tables

Another good thing about BBR is that when you need chairs and tables to sit on the beach, you won’t have to pay.

This is a thing you’ll hardly see in other beaches in Lagos.


Restrooms available

There are a good number of beaches I’ll never visit again in Lagos, under normal circumstances.

And one of the reasons why I won’t, has to do with their lack of restrooms.

When at these beaches and you need to use the toilet, the only option you have is to go back home or find a near-by public toilet to use.


At times, some of these beaches will have toilets, but their toilets will be so dirty that it’s better not to even enter them at all.

So if you have experienced this kind of ugly thing, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the fact that BBR has good restrooms available.


Great foods

Another good thing about Barracuda is the foods sold at the resort.

You’ll find a wide variety of popular foods at their restaurant, and when it comes to their deliciousness, I’ll give BBR a 5-star rating.


The aspect of hygiene is nothing to worry about.

Not only have I experienced how hygienic they are, also I’ve never had any slight stomach upset from eating their foods.


5. Neatness

Many beaches in Lagos are not beaches you can’t really use the word “neat” for.

At times, you’ll come across beaches filled with so much dirt, that you will feel irritated to play on them.

And if this kind of thing is something you have experienced, I’m sure you’ll be happy with Barracuda, as the beach is very neat.

Not only does BBR get cleaned every morning, there are also cleaners who try to maintain the neatness all through the day as well.


The bad sides

Foods and drinks a bit pricey

Although this article has been saying good things about BBR since the beginning, this doesn’t mean the resort has no bad sides.

The resort actually has some things you won’t be pleased about, and one of these things is that foods and drinks are a bit pricey at the place.


This shouldn’t be a problem for you, if you bring your own food from outside.


The staffs can be better

Another thing you won’t be pleased about is the level of professionalism of the staffs.

The staffs are far from being rude; in fact, I’ll consider everyone one of them as nice people.

But when it comes to ensuring that you have a seamless experience, they fail at this.


I just think they need more training.


The resort isn’t that big

Here comes another thing you may not be pleased about, the resort isn’t that big.

If you’ve not been to many resorts in Lagos, you may not understand this.

But if you’ve been to many beaches in the state, you may not enjoy the smallness of BBR.

4 3 - Barracuda Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Terrible road

Another unpleasant thing about BBR is the road.

The road leading to the beach is bad; things get even worse during the rainy season.

Not only will you find a lot of potholes, but you’ll also find a lot of sand.

In fact,

On all occasions I’ve been to the place, I’ve seen cars breakdown on the road.

In short,

If you’ll like to visit BBR, consider the following —

  1. Avoid coming during the rainy season, if possible;
  2. If you have an SUV, that is what you should come with; and
  3. If you don’t have an SUV, consider taking an Uber, to avoid damaging your car.

No lifeguard

On all occasions that I’ve been to Barracuda, I’ve never seen a lifeguard.

The resort claims to have a lifeguard, but personally, I’ve never seen the person.

In short,

If there is ever a case of someone drowning, there may be no one to save the person’s life.


Other things worthwhile of saying

The tides are high

One of the other things you may also like to know is how high the tides are.


As regards this, I can accurately tell you that the tides at this beach are usually very high.

This means getting deep in the beach water can be very dangerous.


This is not a completely negative thing, as watching these tides rise and fall can be very fun.


Contact details

As stated above,

Barracuda is located at “Barracuda Beach Resort, Okun Ajah Road, Okun-Mapo Village, Ajah, Lagos”.

And if you want to have a conversation with someone at the beach, you can do so over the phone or via email.

The following are their phone numbers and email address — +234-708-856-5173, +234-708-865-4508, and

As regards their official website, you can find it at



Once again,

When interested in a resort and staying at a beach resort where —

(i)  things are okay in general, and

(ii) the environment is serene, are what you want, then Barracuda is probably the first place to think about.

But if you’re interested in something else, choosing Barracuda may not be a great idea.

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