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Top 10 Best Restaurants In Yaba, Lagos – Visit ONLY the LISTED !

Yaba - Top 10 Best Restaurants In Yaba, Lagos - Visit ONLY the LISTED !

We would be writing on the top 10 best restaurants in Yaba.

The days when the culinary setting in Yaba was subjected to ridicule is over. Yaba is a busy hub in Lagos, the largest city in Africa and prides itself of been a busy place as well as a residence to influential people. Not just that, it is now home to numerous amazing and innovative restaurants that prepare both local and continental cuisines and as well as cater to all budgets and tastes of every hungry person.

These restaurants have their specialities and peculiarities on how they prepare their delicious meals, beautiful scenery and ambiance for customers, settings, music, and services rendered that makes their customers feel like king and queen in line with many more at very pocket-friendly prices.

Therefore in this piece, you’ll get to know where you can enjoy a good quality meal and feel at home away from home.


The food scene in Yaba ranges from the Fast Food restaurants to the indigenous Restaurants.

If you are newbies in the Yaba area or you work in one of the startups in the Yabacon Valley, then, you would have to check out one or all of these restaurants listed below. Believe me, you will always find somewhere enlisted in this article that suits your taste and pocket.

Here is a list of the Top Ten Restaurant in Yaba in no particular order, we have selected defining restaurants that have long excelled and are certified to be the best in what they do have a substantial development over the years.

  • The White House Restaurant

    • Address: No 9, Chapel Street Sabo Yaba.

The location of this restaurant is so easy to find. This is the restaurant that feeds the majority of companies in Yaba. The White House Restaurants is not a typical fast-food joint. Be ready to enjoy indigenous delicacies like Fufu, Amala, Eba and Pounded Yam. In addition, the food offered at White House is very well affordable. Due to its popularity in the area, local restaurants that are springing up partner with White House to serve every customer better and give them the best. For instance, you can easily claim your change at White House with Easy Taxi IOU tags.

  • Domino’s Pizza

    • Address: No 334, Herbert Macauley Road.

2 3 - Top 10 Best Restaurants In Yaba, Lagos - Visit ONLY the LISTED !
1 3 - Top 10 Best Restaurants In Yaba, Lagos - Visit ONLY the LISTED !
3 3 - Top 10 Best Restaurants In Yaba, Lagos - Visit ONLY the LISTED !
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Domino’s Pizza is also located in Yaba. If you are interested in eating junk foods or when you have the appetite, this restaurant specializes in Pizzas and Side orders too like Chicken Strips, Chicken Wings, Drum Sticks, Cheese Bread, and Desserts. That’s not all because there are different variants that you can try like the Chicken Suya Pizza, Pepperoni Supreme Pizza or the BBQ Beef. In addition, you can use their delivery service in case, you want to enjoy your meal in the comfort of your home or office.

  • Lihao Chinese Cuisine

    • Address: at No 2, Thruborn Avenue at Sabo, Yaba

Lihao is the place to go in Yaba if you are craving for Chinese cuisine. Lihao’s décor décor is lovely with an oriental theme and it is very spacious. They have a wide variety of menu for you to choose from. For the main meal, you could order you try the Chicken with Black Bean Sauce with a side of shrimp fried rice or the Sweet & Spicy Deep Fried Shredded Beef with Carrot. More so, it’s a nice spot to hang out with your special one.

  • Nylah’s Catering

    • Address: No 61, Queens Street, Yaba.

You enjoy Nigerian and Fusion Cuisine in this restaurant. Nylah’s is a perfect and ideal place for meetings such as private and corporate functions and very spacious as well and can host close to 100 people. They offer a special meal like the Roast Chicken Friday where you can order and enjoy their whole scrumptious chicken prepared in either the Honey Glazed flavor or the Ginger Chili flavor. Also, the Sunday Brunch special is also something to particularly look forward to. Definitely, they also offer delivery service when you want to order from the comfort of your home or office.

  • The Pancake Hub

    • Address: at 17 Jibowu Street, Yaba

In Pancake hub, you enjoy such a homely and intimate feel. The rIt’sestaurant is run by a family. It’s a cool place to go and savor your taste bud and enjoy your breakfast meal. The main menu offered in this restaurant is the Pancake Meal which comprises three (3) pancakes, eggs, and sausage. It also comes in different variants such asThe Plantain chili Pancake or The Vegan Pancake. You can also make a request for side orders too.

  • Finicky

    • Location: 8, Jibowu Street, Yaba, Yaba

Finicky is a fancy and a cool restaurant located in Yaba. This restaurant offers varieties of dishes from Africa dishes to continental dishes, snacks, drinks and lots more. In case you want to take orders from the comfort of your home or office, be surer to get served right away.

  • Mozaya Restaurant

    • Location: 1-11, E-Centre Commercial Avenue, Sabo, Yaba, Yaba

This is another splendid restaurant located in Yaba. Be sure to be served the best of mouthwatering local and international dishes with chill drinks of your choice; they also render services in outdoor catering which means you can rent their services whenever you have an occasion of any kind be it a wedding, birthday, naming ceremony etc.

  • Beezkitchen

    • Location: Residential block 67, Ransome-Kuti Road, University of Yaba, Akoka Yaba, Yaba

Beezkitchen is a food company also found in this industrious area, they offer both local and inter-continental cuisines and treats, that will surely blow your taste bud accompanied with cold chill drinks of your choice. Be sure to get the best of service when you visit this restaurant.

  • Nkwobi Palace &RichBite BBQ Spot

    • Location: Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos

You get to enjoy the best of offer and services such as Bar & Lounge which is great for Group meetings. Enjoy the rich spicy and garnished nkwobi that set ur palate ablaze leaving you to ask for more. Also, it has an outdoor seating where you enjoy the evening cool breeze and relax.

Conclusion On The Top Ten Restaurants In Yaba

So, there you have it and that wraps up the end of the journey concerning the Top TenRestaurants in Yaba.

If you reside or work in Yaba, you can simply choose from the one closest to your abode or place of work and enjoy the local dish as well as the intercontinental meals that you rightly deserve.

More so, most of these restaurants are pocket-friendly which means you wouldn’t exceed your budget except if you have a large appetite.

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