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How Many Blocks Can Build 2/3/4 Bedroom Flat in Nigeria – [ONLY INFO NEEDED]

How Many Blocks Can Build 2 bedroom Flat?

Owning a house is a great thing that can happen in an individual’s life.

The cost of renting houses have increased greatly over the last decade. In some place, the cost of renting a 3-bedroom flat is enough to build a standard 2-bedroom. All these are not pleasant, unless for people who have no issues throwing money around. However, buying a house might seem like an option, but in truth, it is never an option.

….. The cost of buying houses are far too much above the worth of the houses.

A house may be built with 5 million Naira, and at the end, the owner may decide to sell it for 10 million Naira.In short, buying a house isn’t often the best solution to housing expenses……

The best solution to this problem is building a house from the ground up. However, not having an idea of how much building can cost, often discourages people from going for this option. To help the situation, this article was written to give the public an idea of how many blocks can build a 2-bedroom flat.

In Nigeria, the most common types of flats are 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom flats. The amount of block required to build a 2-bedroom flat is not fixed. There are some 2-bedroom flats that are simplistic, while we also have those that are complex.The size of a 2-bedroom will also affect that amount of blocks that will be needed to build it.

….. In this article, our 2-bedroom flat is a medium size 2-bedroom flat.

The flat has the following: 1 small living room, 2 medium-sized bedrooms having small toilets, 1 small kitchen, 1 small toilet and 1 small bathroom.

The number of blocks that will be needed to build our model 2-bedroom flat is about 2,200 blocks. Note, by 2,200 blocks; we mean all sizes of blocks that will be needed.

…. Our model house is in-between simplistic and complex.

A simpler 2-bedroom flat will require a lesser amount of blocks, while a more complex 2-bedroom flat will require a higher amount of blocks.

However, note that the 2,200 blocks stated do not include blocks needed for soakaway and fence.

The cost of blocks varies in places, in most places, the average cost of the block is N200.

This means that a person looking forward to building a house similar to our model 2-bedroom flat should prepare N440,000 for blocks…..


Other Important Items Needed To Build A 2-bedroom Flat

Block is one of the most important items needed to build a house…..

However, it is not the only important item. Items like cement, rods, sand, and planks are also important.

….When building a house similar to our model house, about 125 bags of good cement will be needed.

Using poor quality cement can greatly increase the number of cement that will be needed. Furthermore,, simpler 2-bedroom flats will need a lesser amount of blocks, while more complex ones will need more bags of cement to complete them.

Blocks That Can Build 3-bedroom and 4-Bedroom Flats

We have discussed the number of blocks required to build a 2-bedroom flat, in the first part of this article.

Here we are in the second part. In this part, we will discuss the number of blocks required to build 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom flats.

3-bedroom flat is arguably the most popular type of flat in the country…..

The reason for this lies in the fact that 3-bedroom flats are suitable in a wide array of situations. For instance, a family may need 1 bedroom for mum and dad, 1 bedroom for the male children and 1 bedroom for the female children.

Another instance is that where the family needs 1 bedroom for mum and dad, 1 bedroom for the children, and 1 bedroom for visitors.

Building a 3-bedroom flat is a very nice thing

…. If it was the initial intention of the reader, to go for a 2-bedroom flat, and they can afford to squeeze some extra cash, going for a 3-bedroom flat will be a good idea. While an average 2-bedroom flat will require about 2,200 blocks for construction, an average 3-bedroom flat will require about 2650 blocks.

The absolute difference in the stated amounts of blocks for 2-bedroom flat and 3-bedroom flat is just 450 blocks.

…….. 4-bedroom flats are not difficult to come by.

They are also cool if money isn’t a problem for the builder. When it comes to 4-bedroom flats, building an average one requires about 3100 blocks.

Note, we are still talking from the perspective of a house in-between simplistic and complex…

Just as it was stated above, a simple 4-bedroom flat will require a lesser amount of block, while a complex one will require more blocks, depending on its level of complexity.

Concrete Building Blocks

We have answered the main question of this article, ‘How Many Blocks Can Build 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom Flats In Nigeria’. However, it wouldn’t be so cool if we discuss this much the number of blocks, and we fail to discuss the object itself.

As a result, we’ll be looking at building blocks in subsequent texts…..

When trying to build a house, there are two major ways of going about getting blocks. They can either be bought from a company or be produced.

Buying building blocks from a company have both advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, producing blocks for oneself has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a quick look at some advantages and disadvantage of buying building blocks. Buying building blocks have a major advantage of being able to get very large quantity in a short period. Block producing companies often have large units of blocks readily available.

……All you have to do is to locate them and buy as many blocks as you need, in no time.

Another advantage is that an individual needs not have any knowledge of how to produce blocks, to lay their hands on them.

Buying building blocks have a good number of significant downsides. In fact, it is often discouraged to go for this option in situations where it should be avoided. When you buy blocks from companies, there is little or no guarantee that the blocks bought are of good quality. Some block procuring companies use cement to produce an excessive amount of blocks. At times the problem comes from the type of sand they use for the production of the blocks.

Another great downside of buying building blocks is that the buyer spends significantly more than what would have been spent if they produced the blocks themselves.

When construction works are to be carried out, it is often advised to produce blocks for oneself…..

Some reasons for this: producing blocks to be used for construction work can help save a lot of money. The amount of money that will be saved increases as the number of blocks needed for the construction increases. Saving money is not the only major benefit of producing blocks oneself. Another benefit of this is ensuring that blocks used for construction are of good quality.

Ordinarily, a bag of cement should be used to produce 32 – 34 blocks. However, some companies go as far as using a bag of cement to produce 40 blocks.

In worst cases, we see companies using a bag of cement to produce as much as 48 blocks. In a situation where one produces their block, they can ensure that a bag of cement is used to produce the appropriate amount of blocks. One has to be careful about who handles the production of the blocks……

There are some fraudulent masons who steal cement. It is important that you hire people who can be trusted, or you have someone monitor the production.

Furthermore, be careful when buying cement that will be used for the production of blocks. Avoid buying types of cement that have expired, or cement that have lost part of their quality. It is best to buy cement to be used, directly from trailers. Buying of low-quality types of cement should also be avoided.

Production of blocks requires either a block mold or a block machine.

The main difference between the two is that block machines can produce more blocks, compared to when using molds, in a given time.

Sharp sand should also be used for block production, not fine sand. The sand that will be used should be free of things like nylon, plastic, sticks, etc. Avoid production of blocks when rain is about to fall. However, if rain starts to fall unexpectedly, the blocks that are yet to dry should be covered with nylon, and put out of the way of erosion.

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