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5 Tips To Boost The Online Profile Of Your Real Estate Business

5 tips - 5 Tips To Boost The Online Profile Of Your Real Estate Business

5 Tips To Boost The Online Profile Of Your Real Estate Business

It gladdens the hearts of real estate business owners when they have good deals. They are always happy to see their business as the most preferred among clients.

There is a great feeling of excitement to see your name popping in front of prospects as a real estate agent. The impacts of such are always great. With the aid of technology, you can get greater levels of impacts as you have many opportunities you can leverage on in growing your agency and making more profits.

The modern technology of today provides you with some tools you can use to increase awareness of your business to the real estate prospective clients.

The task of improving your online presence can be challenging for some real estate business owners…..

But there are easy and simple strategies you can use in doing this……

With an increased online visibility, clients and prospects can easily locate you when they search for real estate agents in their locality, thus bringing about more deals and profits for you.

To increase your online business visibility as a real estate agent requires that you pay attention to some tips that are working for other real estate agents.

Here, I will list some strategies you can use to increase your online business visibility.

  1. Develop location-based WebPages in areas you do service

As a real estate agent, you can have business locations in more than one location…

It is a good way to go but ensure that you develop a specific webpage for each of the locations where your business is situated. It is important to do this as it helps to give a picture of all the areas your real estate business services are and adds to your online presence.

….Spread your tentacles on your online presence.

Do not have a web page for your head office locations only.

Get an online presence in the form of WebPages for all your real estate business locations. It increases your visibility in those areas when individuals do searches online.

The greater your online visibility, the greater the possibilities of striking many deals in those locations. As a real estate agent that has a physical presence in the cities of Texas, Dallas and New York, it is important you have operational web pages in those areas.

  1. Build leads with the use of backlinks

A tip you can use to increase your online profile is the use of backlinks…..

Using backlinks to generate leads might look technical and unfriendly, but it is very profitable. With backlinks, you can get links to your web pages from other online sources. It will help in creating awareness about you and the services you render as a real estate agent.

It will also spread your chances of your websites popping up when searches are made related to your real estate business. Take advantage of popularly visited websites in your areas by inserting the links to your websites on them if they are forums or blogs.

You can also pay for the service of allowing the featuring of your real estate agency business on popular online magazines and other popular online business in your areas that have huge traffic. Doing this will lead to huge amount of benefits for you and your business.

You might think this looks impossible. But I will help you out by giving you ways you can get backlinks to your web page from other websites.

Here are they:

  • Organize a webinar for local professionals
  • Leverage on big business with good traffic and ask for links
  • Organize, attend or sponsor events in your immediate locations
  • Identity with awards organization and apply for awards in your profession as real estate agents.

With any of these ideas put into your practice, you will do yourself good as you get more recognition.

Your real estate agency business will also gain increased patronage as your online visibility increases.

Spoiler Alert: Get in Touch to Build Leads with Backlinks to your website… 

  1. Design your website with simplicity and great user-friendliness

In increasing your online business profile for your real estate business, nothing takes the place of simplicity. Simplicity is very important to attract users to your website.

A simple website is welcoming.

Ensure you design your website…..

As a business website, it should be appealing to first-time visitors and regular visitors.

Do not involve too much of technicalities into it.

It should not take unnecessary time to load as users don’t want to spend precious time visiting it.

If your website takes too much time to load, prospective clients can easily move on to other websites which will reduce your online profile. So, always keep your website as a real estate agent as simple as possible.

Aside from simplicity, your website should also be mobile-friendly….

A mobile-friendly website looks cool on all kinds of devices as it will automatically fit into any screen size of users’ devices. A website that is mobile friendly can easily give full view of all functionality of all features on several devices such as tablets, mobile phones, desktop, and PC.

Users also get a good experience whenever they pay a visit to your websites. If users find it difficult to go from one page to another of your website, it gets boring to them. As such, they will lose interest in your website and business, thereby reducing your real estate business online profile.

If you desire an increased level in the online profile of your business, work on the user-friendliness of your website. There are free online tools you can use to make your website user-friendly and mobile friendly.

But if you cannot lay your hands on them, get the services of a professional website developer to do it for you.

  1. Employ consistency of information

The information about your real estate business online is very important as it can determine a whole lot.

If details about your real estate business prospective clients get online lack a touch of consistency, it will affect your online business profile. It is very important that information about your real estate business on your website and other websites are consistent.

The inconsistency of information about your business can lead to confusion in the minds of prospective clients.

It can lead to miscommunication and lack of trust between you and your clients or prospects……

I am sure you don’t want conflict in information about your real estate business to have negative effects on it. It is, therefore, essential you diligently check up on information about your business online and ensure they are the same without misleading clients.

The contact numbers you put on your website should be functional as clients might feel disappointed when they cannot reach you with the published numbers. The same thing applies to other information about your business online. It will build integrity and help boost your online profile.

To ensure consistency in information about your business online and the proper management of your online business profile, adhere to these tips:

(i) Search for your business online: It is to make sure that information about you and your business are correct. Make sure your business name, email addresses, phone numbers, address and all other information on your official website and all other websites are the same.

There should be no difference in the information as published on other websites where prospects can find details about you. When you do this, you help to increase the online profile of your real estate business as prospects will trust you with the willingness to deal with you.

(ii) Check up on your reviews

……With an online business, presence comes the feature of reviews.

Individuals can leave reviews about your business after successfully or unsuccessfully concluding deals with you. Negative reviews can hamper the growth of your online profile.

Some prospects decide to research you by picking up on reviews about your business before transacting business deals with you. Make sure all reviews about your business are positive.

In cases where you have negative reviews, ensure you resolve issues amicably with aggrieved clients. It is a good tip to ask for reviews from satisfied clients. You can ask them to leave a review about your services on Facebook or Google. It will go a long way to boost your online profile.

(iii) Sign up for Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business

Create accounts on yellow pages, yelp, facebook, and Google. Put accurate details about your real estate business such as your address. Also, use a profile picture as it will distinguish you and increase your online business profile.


  1. Be social media friendly

Everybody seems to be on social media…

Your clients and prospects are on social media waiting to connect with you.  Why won’t you be there? If you are not on any social media network, you create more harm than good for your business as a real estate agent.

In a bid to increase your online profile, social media are indispensable tools you should use.

Get accounts about your real estate business on all available social media networks.

You will grow in your online profile within a short time. Actively engage with trends and happenings on twitter, facebook, Instagram and snap chat.


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