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Company: Briskview Park

Value Provided: SEO, Site Optimizaton.

Summary of the Task

Brand refreshes are more than simply a new logo and color palette. Refreshing a brand entails a complete overhaul of the company’s marketing approach, from the keywords targeted to the messaging to the manner in which the company interacts with its consumers. If you’re launching a new website, you should expect a large decline in organic traffic while Google updates its index.

Briskview Park was well aware of these challenges when they approached Realestateko in 2020 for assistance with their rebranding. However, they wished to make the most of this chance in order to generate upward momentum for their company’s development. It was necessary to work with a digital marketing agency in order to do this. Their prospects of success will be greatly enhanced by this.

They made the right choice. Briskview Park’s organic sessions increased by over 33% as a result of Realestateko’s assistance. Find out how we did this and more in the next sections.

Our Strategy

We noticed a significant potential in Willow Properties’ SEO because of their renewed commitment to a stronger online presence. It was a primary goal of ours to bring a larger audience to their website.

Keyword Audit

It was clear that Briskview Park’s organic approach needed a complete makeover. Previously, we were solely responsible for conducting all of the research. It was a different strategy this time around, though.

We collaborated with Briskview Park’s experience in the real estate business to come up with fresh keywords to target. As a result, we had a better grasp of their service terms and could apply the keywords appropriately.

Pillar Pages with Enhanced SEO

With those keywords in hand, we used them to create and optimize pillar pages. However, this time we collaborated with the client’s team, conducting the research and drafting the plan, while they authored the actual content.

As a result, we were able to take use of the expertise of both Realestateko and our in-house specialists at Canopy Briskview Park to produce an SEO-friendly blueprint. After analyzing their previous material, our team discovered methods to include our new set of keywords into it.

Site Optimization

It’s okay to stick to the fundamentals every now and then. When Briskview Park’s new website went live, we implemented the following basic best practices for web development to help them regain lost traffic:

  • Optimization of the website’s speed
  • Creating internal links
    enhancing already-existing content
  • Incorporation of metadata

This campaign’s most notable accomplishments were securing keyword ranks for their new targeting approach and restoring some of the traffic that was lost following their site relocation

The Result

This campaign’s most notable accomplishments were securing keyword rankings for their new targeting strategy and regaining some of the traffic that was lost after their site migration.

Our efforts in the second quarter of 2021 increased Briskview Park’s site visits by 33% compared to the first quarter of the year. In the meantime, we were able to lower the bounce rate by 28% for the client.

In terms of keywords, Briskview Park achieved an impressive 450% increase in first-page rankings for the new keywords we were looking for. Briskview Park’s total ranking keywords increased by 458 percent as a result of our efforts.

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We had a great time working with Briskview Park since we were able to combine our expertise with theirs. The same service may be provided for your business if it seems like something you’d be interested in. Get in touch with us right now to begin.

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