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Buy Land for Investment: Top Reasons by Millionaires

Buy Land for Investment

I have often encouraged people to invest in lands.

But a lot of time, when I give this advice, one of the most common responses I get is:

Why should I buy land for investment?

At first, the question always sounds surprising to me:

I would wonder,

Why wouldn’t anyone want to invest in land.

But after taking time to understand the people who make this statement, I came to realize most people have little or no knowledge about the land business.

In other words, they can’t see what I’m seeing. So it’s natural for them to ask such a question.

But since I understand why people should invest in the land business and there are a lot of people who don’t know this, I felt it would be a good idea to write on this. I would be discussing some very important reasons why you should buy lands for investment.

However, not only would I be explaining why you should buy lands for investment, but I’d also be providing other important information like: the cost of buying certain lands and the best places to buy pieces of land.

So, here are four reasons to buy land for investment

Understanding it requires little resource, making it easy to get into the business

To succeed in any form of investment, it’s important to have some understanding of the business. And when it comes to the land business, it is quite easy to understand because minimal resources are required.

Understanding the land business requires little or no money. And within 12 weeks, you can gain a pretty solid understanding of the business.

In other words, it’s pretty easy to get into the business, unlike many other forms of investments that takes lots of years to understand the concept of the business.


Requires relatively low investment, to make a reasonable profit

Another reason why you should consider investing in land, is that it requires low capital. For many other investments, making a reasonable profit requires a lot of money.

But when it comes to the land business, an investment of N750,000 can fetch you N15,000,000 — this is not an exaggeration.

Requires little management

I know of a lot of people who have chosen not to invest in things because they’d not only have to invest, but also have to manage their investments in one way or the other. And if you’re one of such people, you should understand that the land business is not that kind of the business.

In the land business,

Once you make your investment, there’s hardly any management work you’d have to do. Rather than doing management work, what you’d have to do is to simply wait for your investment to grow.

And once your investment has grown to a satisfactory level, you can decide to cash out. That’s all.

Guaranteed ROI

When it comes to the land business, you’re quite guaranteed Return on Investment.

In other words, if guaranteed ROI is one of the most important things to you, when investing, then you should really give the land business some serious consideration.

This, however, doesn’t mean it’s impossible to lose in the land business.

You can actually also lose in this business if you invest carelessly. But if you study the business really well, then losing your money would be the last thing you’d have to worry about.

Best places to buy Land for Investment

Now that I have provided four good reasons why you should buy land for investment, you may wonder what some of the best places to buy lands are. Well, just as I have stated, I’d also be providing info about that, and here they are:

Gracias Pearl Estate

gracias pearl
Gracias pearl (1)
gracias pearl
gracias pearlGracias pearl (1)gracias pearl

For anyone who intends buying a piece of land anytime soon.

Gracias Pearl Estate is one of the best places to buy land. This estate is located in Lagos. But not only is it located in the fastest-growing state in Nigeria, it also happens to be located in a fastest-growing area in the state.

Gracias Pearl Estate is located in Ibeju Lekki.

Ibeju Lekki is not the busiest place in Lagos, at the moment. But by the next 5 to 10 years, the economic activities of the area is expected to have grown to an unbelievable volume.

By 2050, this area is expected to account for over 50 per cent of Lagos State’s GDP.

However, as of the time of writing this content, the area is still under development. Lands in the area are currently selling at relatively low prices.

To own a 600 sqm piece of land at Gracias Pearl Estate, you’re going to need a total of N1.40 million.

This price includes; survey, development fee, and Deed of Sales/Assignment.

And for people who’d prefer a 3-month instalment payment, you’d have to pay a total of N1.45 million. If you’d further prefer a 6-month instalment payment, you’d need up to pay a total of N1.50 million.

You should, however, note that the current state of this estate is “Excision in Process”.

In other words, before buying a piece of land from this estate, you should understand the meaning of that.

LandWey Investment Urban Prime 3

2020-04-23 07_32_31-(103) Urban Prime Three Estate Abraham Adesanya Ajah - YouTube
Urban prime 3 (2)
Urban prime 3 (6)
2020-04-23 07_32_31-(103) Urban Prime Three Estate Abraham Adesanya Ajah - YouTubeUrban prime 3 (2)Urban prime 3 (6)

LandWey Investment Urban Prime 3 is another great estate to buy a land from.

Just like Gracias Pearl Estate, it is located in Lagos, but not Ibeju Lekki. However, pieces of land in the LandWey Investment Urban Prime 3 are more expensive, but ROI is guaranteed for lands in this estate.

As of the time of writing this content, buying a 400 sqm piece of land costs about N14.10 million. And the pieces of land you’d buy from this estate are not the kind you’d have problems with.

Plots of lands bought in this estate are all backed by Governor’s consents.

As for 600 sqm pieces of land, you’d need N23.50 million.

You wouldn’t have to pay extra for Deed of Assignment, survey, and development fee.

If you’d like to check out the estate yourself, it is located in Abraham Adesanya Area of Lagos. The estate is quite popular, so you should have no problem locating it.

Closing: TL;DR

The land business is hands-down of the best right now. It is very lucrative, has little risk, and has little requirements.

In other words, it isn’t a thing you should overlook.

Don’t allow your lack of knowledge about the business to discourage you. All you have to do is to spend some weeks reading about the business.

Once you start reading more about the business, you’d start to get a good grasp of how lucrative it is.


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