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Canva: The Secret Behind Nice-looking Real Estate Graphics that Converts !

canva - real estate graphics design

In an article, I recently published about tools to make you a smarter real estate agent

I presented many tools. And somewhere in the content, I mentioned the name Canva as a tool for creating cool graphics for real estate marketing. 

However, while I only mentioned the name of this tool a few times, the software is the kind that deserves more attention than I could give it in that content. So in this content, I’d be doing Canva justice, by providing you with more detailed information.

But first, let me give a brief introduction to Canva.

Canva is simply a tool for creating nice-looking and professional real estate graphics. While many smart real estate entities make use of it, it isn’t meant for only people in the real estate industry. 

In fact, 

it is a software used by entities in almost all industries, locally and internationally.

Yes, I know we already have a good number of graphics creation tools. What makes Canva stand out is its ease of use and accessibility. The software is the kind which doesn’t require you being an expert in graphics design. 

You may have zero knowledge of graphics creation and still create impressive graphics with the help of the tool. Another cool thing about this software is the fact that you don’t need a very powerful laptop to use it. 

Most graphics creation tools we have out there demand that you have a pretty powerful laptop, to use them. But with Canva, a small laptop which has a web browser is all you need. it’s possible to use your mobile phone if you don’t have access to a laptop.

The above are the basic things you should know about the software. There are however still a lot worthwhile to mention this software, and I’d spend the rest of this content discussing the other things worthwhile of mentioning about the software.


More on Canva for Real Estate Graphics;

A Tool for Professional Flyers and Postcards

real estate graphics created by

Canva software is a tool you could use to create all sorts of graphics. It can be used to create logos, icons, etc. But among the most useful things, you can use it for, as an entity in the real estate industry, are flyers and postcards.


When you need flyers and postcards, you probably outsource their design to someone, and very often you’d have limited say on how the flyers would look, since you aren’t the one designing them yourself. But now, with the help of Canva, that doesn’t have to be anymore. 

With the help of Canva, you can design these flyers and postcards yourself.

real estate graphics created by

The software is so easy to use that if you’ve never created graphics before, you should have little or no problem creating nice graphics with it.

Another great thing about this software is that since you’d now be the one designing your flyers and postcards, you’d have almost every day about how you want the flyers and postcards to look.

A Tool for Social Media Graphics

Social media marketing is a thing you’re likely involved in. And you must also be aware of the fact that people tend to engage more with content containing graphics, compared to contents containing only text. 

If you’ve always desired using graphics for your social marketing, but have always been held back by the cost of hiring someone to create these graphics for you, then you would appreciate Canva. 

The tool not only allows you to create graphics specifically meant for social marketing, creating them would cost you almost nothing.

A Tool for Infographics

Infographics can be very helpful in promoting businesses and publicizing information. But creating them requires advanced graphics creation skills. 


Thanks to the advent of Canva, getting hold of impressive infographics, for your business or organization, is much easier. With little or no prior knowledge of graphics design, you can now create impressive graphics that seem like them were created by a professional.

Lots of Free features

Canva is not the only tool that makes it quite easy to create impressive graphics.

We also have a good number of other tools that enable this. But the problem is, even though many of these tools have free features, most of their vital features are premium. In other words, most of the other tools out there offer a ridiculous set of free features. But with Canva, this is not the case. In the software, many of the vital features you’d need, to create your graphics, are free.

In short, you could benefit greatly from the software, without having to pay a dime.

Impressive pricing

One of the things that have always discouraged real estate entities from using graphics creation software, is their pricing. Some graphics creation software is so expensive that agents and small real estate businesses can’t afford them. But with Canva, this is not the case. 

With this software, about N4,000 is what you need to access its premium features, for a whole month. 

This is much better, compared to  N30,000 other tools would demand.

Lots of Templates

The time required to create good real estate graphics is also a thing that discourages people from creating these graphics themselves.

And if you’re one of such people, Canva has you covered, thanks to the thousands of templates available on the tool. With the Canva tool, you can simply pick up a template close to what you’d like to create, then modify it to suit your needs, within some minutes.

These templates would also be appreciated by people who don’t have the creativity to create cool graphics from scratch.


Canva is a truly impressive tool. 

This software is a thing I’ve personally used for a lot of real estate graphics. In other words, I’m not just making assumptions or writing topic I don’t know about. In short, if you haven’t started using it, you consider taking some time to look into it.

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