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Casa Ilashe Lagos: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

1 2 - Casa Ilashe Lagos: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Casa Ilashe [CI], which is sometimes called “La Casa” and “La Casa Ilashe”, is a beach house on Ilashe Beach.

But not only is it located on Ilashe, it is also one of the most popular houses on the beach.

CI is a 12-bedroom building.

It has a spacious living room, a kitchen, and of course toilets and bathrooms.


The house has other facilities like —

I) Bar;

II) Beachfront bamboo canopies;

III) Beachfront swimming pool;

IV) Ocean-view bedrooms;

V) Barbecue facilities;

VI) Internet access; and

VII) Volleyball court.


Giving details about the rooms,

They’re not luxurious, at least if you’ve been to truly luxurious places.


They are things I’ll consider okay.

Each room has its own bathroom and toilet.

2 2 - Casa Ilashe Lagos: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

And while each room is designed to be occupied by, at most, 2 people, I think as much as up to 4 people can stay in a single one comfortably.


If more than 2 people will be staying in a room, you’ll have to make some additional sleeping arrangements, like what the other people will sleep on.

3 1 - Casa Ilashe Lagos: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Frequently-asked questions

Are pets allowed?

One of the top questions I get asked is, “Are pets allowed?”.

And if you wonder the same, the answer is “No”; it doesn’t matter if your pet is a harmless one (like a cat), the answer is still “No”.


While it’s possible to bring in pets without the knowledge of the house owner, I won’t ever recommend doing so.

In short,

If you have a pet, just forget about bring it to this place, or you can consider renting another house that allows such.

Things to note

Ensure something has been done about the water

The last time I was at Casa Ilashe, we experienced water outage.

It took a lot of calling and shouting before the water supply was restored.


Don’t get me wrong, my aim isn’t to discourage you from renting the place; the beach house actually has many other good sides that outweigh its bad sides.

So my point is,

Before making any payment, explicitly discuss water availability with the management of the house. Ensure they agree that they’ll do everything to prevent water outage.


Ensure all the lights are working


The last time I was in Casa Ilashe, it seems no one had used the house for months.

And when it got dark, we discovered some of the lights weren’t working.

As a result,

We couldn’t catch as much fun as we should have, on that night.

In short,

Before paying for the place, also ensure that all lights of the house are working.

And if not all lights are working, ensure the management is willing to fix them before your arrival.


Ensure the ACs are now working

While all rooms at Casa have their individual AC, most of the air conditioning units were not working. As a result, when there was “heat”, staying inside felt terrible.

And since I’ve come across many other people who have complained about this same problem, I’ll ask you to take this into serious consideration.

Ensure the ACs are now all working, before making any payment.

How to reserve the house

To reserve Casa Ilashe,

You can speak to a representative via any of the following phone numbers — +234 802 255 9602 and +234 703 188 2023.

As for their email,

It is “”, but I don’t think they communicate actively via email, so it’s better to give them a call.

For further information,

Consider checking out their website,

Reservation fee

The management of Casa isn’t transparent about the cost of reserving the house.


I can tell you that the following are some things that influence the cost of reservation —

I) No of hours (days) you’ll like to spend;

II) The no of rooms you’ll like to use;

III) The no of extra beds you’ll need;

IV) The no of adults you expect; and

V) The no of kids you expect.


From the couple of experiences I’ve had at Casa Ilashe, I’ll confidently recommend anyone the beach.


I’ll remind you once again that, before making any payment, ensure that you have a very serious talk with the management as regards the facilities at the house. Let them know you won’t be pleased if you have any problem with the lights, water, or anything.

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