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Chaka Resort Lagos: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

0 1 - Chaka Resort Lagos: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Chaka Resort is a popular resort located at, 1 Chaka Road, Mosayo Beach, Off Lekki Free Trade Zone Way, Lekki, Lagos.

The resort is a really nice place, but the primary reason for its popularity is because it’s one of the best resorts close to popular places like Eleko Beach.

In other words,

When people desire to spend days at these popular places, Chaka is one of the most popular resorts they lodge.

Giving further details,

Chaka is made up of a total of 26 standard bedrooms.

It has every basic thing you’ll expect from a 3-star hotel.

In short,

If you’re considering staying at the place, I can assure you that, you’re very unlikely to regret it.

To give a good idea of what Chaka is like, I’ll be providing further useful information about the place.

So consider reading this content till the end.



The accommodations (suites) at Chaka Resort fall into three categories —

(i) The standard suites

(ii) The deluxe suites

(iii) The penthouse suites.


Standard suites

The standard suites are the most basic of all accommodations available at Chaka.

This type of accommodation is what you’ll expect from a typical 3-star hotel room — a queen-size bed, an en-suite bathroom, an air conditioning unit, and a TV.

1 1 - Chaka Resort Lagos: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

And under normal circumstances,

You should enjoy an uninterrupted power supply, for at least 18 hours per day.

If you’ll like to consider one of these types of rooms, N33,750 is what you’ll have to pay. This amount doesn’t include the cost of other things like feeding.


Deluxe suites

The deluxe suites available are the more impressive accommodations available at Chaka, after the standard suites. And the main difference between them is that the deluxe suites are bigger (more spacious).

2 1 - Chaka Resort Lagos: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

There are some other little differences, but the main difference is their sizes.

As for the price,

The cost per day is N45,000. And of course, the price doesn’t cover things like feeding.


Penthouse suites

The penthouse suites are the most impressive accommodations available at Chaka.

These suites feature the same things you’ll find in the deluxe suites.

But unlike the deluxe suites, a penthouse features additional things like — a dedicated sitting room, a bigger en-suite bathroom, a bigger TV, a dedicated laundry room, a nicer bed, and so on.

3 1 - Chaka Resort Lagos: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

I should add that,

This is also the only type of accommodation where you’ll find a Jacuzzi.

To spend a day (afternoon & night) in one of the penthouse suites, you’ll have to cough out N160,000.



Chaka has all the basic amenities you’ll expect from a good 3-star hotel.

But to be explicit,

The following are some things you’ll find at the place — a fitness center, garden, laundry facilities, luggage storage, parking space, restaurant, smoke-free environment, swimming pool, and Wi-Fi.


Giving further details about the Wi-Fi, the speed is okay.

And on many occasions,

I’ve done heavy downloads without issues.

In short,

The internet access provided at the hotel is standard.



Chaka has a restaurant,

From which you can buy a wide range of foods to eat.

They’re very hygienic at this restaurant, so I don’t think there will ever be a case of someone getting a stomach upset from eating foods from the restaurant.

As regards what type of food are available, let me say, basic foods like rice, barbecue, etc are things you should expect to find over there.


If you’re the kind who prefers quite unpopular foods like “shanghai noodles”, you may have to consider ordering from outside, because not only may your interest be unavailable, also, when they are available, they are unlikely to taste as good as they should.


Check-in & check-out time

As from 2 pm,

People can check into any of the suites available at Chaka.

The resort accepts cash payment only, and a means of identification will of course be required as well.


As for the check-out time,

Everyone is expected to be out by 12 pm of the next day, unless you paid to spend multiple days at your suite.



For anyone concerned about the security at Chaka, I can boldly say you have nothing to worry about.

The resort has well-trained security personnel who are not only well-trained but also carry out their duties as they should.

And never in the history of the resort, has there been any security problem.



There are many resorts in Lagos where you can enjoy very good services.

But one problem with most of them is that, they’re not consistent with their excellence.

In other words,

You may go there one day and experience a lot of annoying things.

So if you wonder where Chaka lies in terms of consistency, I’ll give the resort a 4/5 rating.

In other words,

For the most part of a year, they’re excellent, but on some days, they can be quite annoying.



I know of people who won’t use a resort unless they’re sure the staffs working there are well-trained and professional.

And if you’re one of such people, wondering how professional the staffs of Chaka are, I’ll say you have nothing to worry about.

A very large percentage of the people working there (including the manager) are quite impressive; in fact, personally, I will say I like them.



The booking of a suite can be done on-site, over the phone, and on the website.

And for those who’ll like to do their book over the phone, here’s the number to call — +234 810 804 9493.


Final words

Chaka is a pretty good resort to spend time at.

But if you’re going there to have fun, you shouldn’t expect anything good from that.

The place will be more ideal for someone who has some business doing around the area, and will like to stay at a resort within the area.

For instance,

If you’ll like to spend days at Eleko Beach, and will like to pass your nights close to the beach, then staying at Chaka will be a great idea.

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