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9 Top Cinemas in Lagos to Hangout This Holiday


Top 9 Cinemas in Lagos to Hangout This Easter

Watching movies is a great way to relax, unwind with loved ones, family members and friends.

Visiting a cinema is a great choice you will make this Christmas season.

The long-anticipated Christmas break is just a few days from now. It gives you the opportunity to go for some relaxation and unwinding from your work schedule.

……. It is very crucial for you to provide yourself with some sweet treat once in a while.

The holiday season affords you such opportunity and going to the cinemas where you can watch movies and eat popcorn is a great way to relax.

To help you get the best of relaxation this festive season, we have compiled the top 9 cinemas in Lagos where you can relax with your friends and families.

  1. Ozone Cinema

You can find the Ozone Cinema in the digital technology nerve of Lagos state, Yaba.

It is widely reputed as the pioneer cinema in the mainland part of Lagos state.

It is a giant four screen cinema that offers you with the latest of exciting movies and box office offers. If you are looking for a choice place to hang out this festive season around the mainland, Ozone Cinema will be your best shot.

It’s a fun place you can’t afford not to take your family and loved ones to hang out this season.

Your large family will have an experience of a lifetime as there are great and exciting spots located in the Ozone cinema centre. One thing your kids will love with Ozone cinemas is the showing of the latest animated movies. Also, a child with a high taste for socialization will find the Ozone cinema a fun place as he /she can easily join other kids in playing slides.

  1. Maryland Genesis Cinema


The Maryland Genesis Cinema is the reigning and most trending cinema in Lagos state presently. It is situated in Anthony Village at Maryland Mall. The cinema has a large and convenient space for customers to park.

Genesis cinema is a sister company of the Genesis Group, a Nigeria based conglomerate launched with the main focus on hospitality and entertainment with a different interest in a  cinema, family entertainment centers and industrial care among others. Genesis Cinema is notable for showing mainly 3D movies.

is installed with high-tech sound quality, reclining VIP leather seat with spacious legroom, with trained attendants, you can experience more soul food with cinema.

They give a variety of excellent appetizers, classic meals and delectable desserts which are not mainly found on the main snack fields. You will get a serving of special cocktails and a large range of drinks filled with alcohol there.

Looking for a place where u can hang out with your new date, then you should head over to the Maryland Genesis Cinema in Maryland Mall.

  1. Surulere Film House Cinema

Surulere Film House Cinema is situated in the both Leisure park of National Stadium and Adeniran  Ogunsanya Mall Surulere Lagos.

It has large viewing screens which are placed into the two malls.

The operating style and cinema design of Film House largely incorporates appreciating multifarious types including games arcade, food concession, digital cinema, kid’s club, ice cream and toys shop.

Having stadium-like seating, 8 screens, offer late night shows, 3D digital movie viewing, soul food with wheelchair accessibility for the disabled are some of the main point features of the Film House in Surulere.

Driven primarily by a strong well-trained management team, innovative marketing activities and impressive guests’ service, its standards will make you want to come to the cinema and hang out there as often as possible.

  1. Lekki Film House IMAX Cinema

The Lekki Film House Cinema is situated at The Rock Drive in Lekki Phase 1 on Lagos Island. Due to where it is located on the high-brow area of Lagos, the services rendered there are of top-level. They have their screens erected in the Signature lounge and also the cube as well as the terrace bar. 3D digital displays are the norms here. For a small extra amount, you get to keep your 3D glass.

  1. Ikeja Silver bird Cinema

Ikeja Silver bird Cinema is situated inside Ikeja City Mall in Ikeja Lagos.

…….. It is the most well-known cinema in Lagos .

It has a reputation of dishing out a great measure of fun as a sister company under the conglomerate of the silver bird group.

It shows a lot of box office movies. The main classes for the box office movies shown in the cinema are in the following categories: action, adventure, animation, comedy, biography, crime, drama, family, horror, mystery, Sci-fi and thrillers along with Hollywood movies also. The parking space is very large enough to contain its customers.

This coming Easter holiday will see a great influx of people hanging out at this cinema. If you stay around Ikeja, you will not want to miss out on the fun and excitement derivable at this cinema.

You can join us with your loved ones and friends for the sweet and exciting fun at the cinema.

  1. Genesis Deluxe Cinema

Genesis Deluxe Cinema is found on the first floor of the Palms Shopping Mall at Lekki Lagos.

The cinema is a cool one to hang out as it boasts of 15 large flat screens with large surround speakers. It has the capacity to cater for the fun needs of  over 2000 visitors as it is has over 2000 seats.

Genesis Deluxe Cinema is the first cinema in West Africa to have shown a 3D movie (Green Hornet).

If quality filming experience is what you are looking for this Easter holiday, then go nowhere else than the Genesis Deluxe Cinema. Get yourself to the Genesis Deluxe Cinema and catch some fun of a lifetime.

  1. Silverbird Galleria Cinema

The Silverbird Galleria Cinema is more like the sister company of the Silverbird cinema situated at Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island Lagos. Latest box office movies along with Hollywood movies are shown in this cinema.

The types of movies shown here are action, adventure, animation, comedy, biography, crime, drama, family, horror, mystery, Sci-fi and thrillers.

  1. Festival Mall Silverbird Cinema

The Festival Mall Silverbird Cinema is situated at Amuwo Odofin, Festac, festival Mall (Golden Tulip Hotel Compound) Lagos.

Although it is located on the mainland, the cinema is an exquisite one as it shares location the main luxury buildings in the area.

  1. IMAX Filmhouse Cinema

The Imax Filmhous cinema is a place to be this festive.

…..You will have the best amazement of a cinema.

It gives you the option of virtual reality with an impressive performance you will live to remember for a long period f time. If you are looking for an exciting and unique fun place to be, the Imax Film house Cinema is your best shot.

It boasts of the largest resolution you can ever see in any cinema in Nigeria. Its location is in a serene and cozy environment – Lekki in Lagos. It also prides itself as the best in the delivery of superb hospitality among all other cinemas in Lagos. You can never get a shortage of fun in the Imax Film house cinema.

It’s a place this Christmas season. Go and See for yourself.

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