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Effective Ways to Clean Home Dirts in Different Situations

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Effective Ways to Clean Home Dirts in Different Situations –


Cleaning is one of the basic activities in our day-to-day lives. We have so many reasons why cleaning is so important — we can go ahead discussing them, but that isn’t the purpose of this article.

When it comes to cleaning, a significant amount of people think cleaning all about removing stains from the surface of objects. Is that what cleaning should really mean? Of course not. Proper cleaning should be seen as the complete removal of dirt from the surface of an object. It should also be seen as the restoring of an object to its natural sparkling appearance.

At times, when objects get dirty or get stained, it is quite difficult to restore the objects back to their sparkling appearance, using regular soap and water. For instance, if a water closet is being washed with regular soap and water, a time will come when the closet’s sparkling appearance gets masked by tough dirt.

In such a situation, how do you regain the sparkling appearance of the closet? The answer is simple: washing the closet appropriately.

So how do you wash appropriately? That isn’t yours to answer, it is ours to answer. In this article, I’ll discuss effective ways to wash objects, in different situations.

  1. Greasy Stovetop

The cleaning of stovetop is one of the types of cleaning encountered in a household. A person who has tried cleaning a stovetop will attest to how challenging this cleaning can be.

There are two ways to clean a stovetop, but each type of cleaning depends on the situation at hand.

To clean a stovetop that has just been stained, the cleaner first has to prepare soapy water. After preparing soapy water, a microfibre cloth should be soaked in the water, then used to wipe off the food or grease off the stovetop.

Afterwards, a cloth drenched in clean water should be used to finish the cleaning.

In a situation where the food or grease has been on the stovetop for a while, and it has probably dried on it, a more effective technique will be needed to clean the stovetop.

To clean a stovetop in such a situation, hot soapy water will be required.

The reason for using hot water is to weaken the adhesion of the dirty to the stovetop. A good washing soap should be diluted in an appropriate volume/quantity of hot water. Afterwards, a sponge has to be dipped in the water, allowing it to soak in it.

When the soap has soaked enough, it should be brought out of the soapy water and squeezed on the stovetop.

The soapy water should be allowed to remain on the stovetop for some minutes, to weaken the adhesion of the dirty to the stove. Following this, the stovetop should be scrubbed with effort. Once the cleaner feels the stovetop has been sufficiently scrubbed, they should use a cloth drenched in clean water to finish the cleaning.


  1. Water Closet

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Washing a water closet sparkling clean can be challenging for someone who doesn’t have the technique we’re about to share. To wash a closet sparkling clean, vinegar has to be poured into the closet. You should allow it to sit in it for at least one hour. Afterwards, the closet can be washed the regular way.


  1. Streaky Window


Washing a window sparkling clean is also difficult. However, a cleaner can save themselves a lot of stress if they adopt this simple and easy technique. A microfibre cloth, vinegar and clean water will be required for this. A cleaning solution has to be created with the water and the vinegar, then a cloth alongside the cleaning solution can be used to clean the window.


  1. Dirty Dishwasher


Have you ever tried cleaning a dishwasher. Well there are times when dishwashers require cleaning, but people clean them using ineffective techniques. The following an excellent way to clean dishwashers. Place a cup of white vinegar on the top rack. Ensure that the cup is dishwasher-safe. Turn on this dishwasher and allow it to operate. Afterwards, wipe down the walls of the dishwasher with baking soda paste. Employing this technique will not only make the dishwasher sparkling clean, but it will also make the dishwasher odor free.


  1. Remove Spill from Rug


When a substance gets spilled on a rug, the first instinct is wiping the substance off the surface of the rug. A lot of people go with this instinct, but little do they know that wiping dirt off the surface of rugs is a very poor way to clean them. To clean a rug after spilling of a substance, a cloth has to be used to blot the substance that got spilled. Afterwards, a mixture of water and vinegar should be poured on the spot where the substance got spilled. A cloth should be furthermore used to blot the spot dry.

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