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Everything You Need To Know About Concrete Honeycombing

honeycomb in concrete - Everything You Need To Know About Concrete Honeycombing

Honeycombing of concrete refers to hollow spaces or voids that are formed in concrete due to lack of proper filling of concrete. Honeycomb is easily detectable and is usually found in beams and columns. It resembles a honeybee nest and can be treated with a little care. 


One must not take this lightly. It is a serious issue and needs to be addressed right away, as it weakens the strength of the structure of the building. 


Can it be damaging for my home?

Honeycombing is usually found on the exterior of any building. But, if it is left untreated for a long time, the moisture caused due to it, can penetrate into all the exposed areas. This can then lead to bigger problems that cause structural dilemmas. It is similar to concrete cancer which can, in the long-term, be very damaging for your home. And the more the damage, the more costly it gets to repair the issue as well. However, treating it on time is crucial. 


What causes honeycombing of concrete?


Why does a honeycomb form in concrete? What are the reasons?


  • The concrete mix was stiff or it was already set before placing. 
  • Lack of proper workability of concrete. 
  • More than required reinforcement. 
  • Formwork is not watertight. 
  • Concrete was poured from a bigger height than required. 
  • Steel congestion isn’t allowing concrete to flow from all the corners. 
  • Large sized aggregates have been used. 


How to repair honeycomb concrete?

Now, the question arises as to how one can prevent them from happening? How to reduce the risk of honeycombing concrete? Is it possible? 


Here is a step to step guide, through which honeycomb concrete can be repaired. 


  1. Begin with removing the loose aggregates from the area that has been affected. You can use a chipping hammer or a wire brush for this purpose. 
  2. Once you have removed the particles, clean the surface properly, with the help of a brush. This will help you in removing finer particles. 
  3. Now clean the surface with water. 
  4. Allow the surface to dry and then apply glue on the area. 
  5. Mix together white cement and concrete grout. Add water gradually, according to the manufacturer’s requirements. 
  6. Once mixed properly, pour the mixture in the affected area. If the honeycomb is large, the mixture is poured after creating the pocket. 
  7. Let the mixture sit for 12 hours and then remove the framework. Cure it well and you have repaired the honeycomb concrete. 


Can I do it on my own?

Some people might be able to do it on their own if they have managed such tasks before.


it is best if a professional is handed over the task. There are several online experts that allow you to hire professionals, with just a click.


Get the honeycomb concrete treated on time, to stay safe from the long-term issues that can be highly damaging for the entire building. 

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