Top 3 Digital Marketing Agencies in Lagos, Nigeria

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Digital marketing agencies that work with companies have just one goal; to produce the highest quality results on a lean budget, without compromising the quality that their clients would get from a premium-level digital marketing company.

Digital marketing services that companies usually outsource include website design, online advertising, social media management, email marketing, SEO, and lots more. This can be confusing to businesses that are only interested in attracting more people to their site.


If you are looking for the best digital marketing agencies that you can outsource your digital marketing tasks to in Lagos, Nigeria, here is a list of the top 3 that you need to check out.


1. Realestateko

Realestateko is one of the fastest-growing real estate digital marketing agencies in Lagos, Nigeria (as reported by TechBullion).

The company helps real estate agents and developers to grow their online presence, increase leads, and boost sales by launching effective real estate digital marketing solutions.

At this present age,

Homebuyers and investors in the real estate market are interested in agencies that offer fast and customised services. People would be disappointed if they spent lots of time and money traveling to inspect properties that do not suit their taste.

Realestateko deploys the right digital marketing techniques to help real estate company owners avoid the stress associated with traditional real estate marketing.

The company also helps real estate agencies reach their ideal customers efficiently by accurately showcasing properties online while getting rid of operational costs, generating top-quality leads, and increasing return on investment (ROI).

The real estate digital marketing services that Realestateko offers include:


Realestateko is adept at promoting real estate agencies faster by helping them spend less time looking for leads and more time showing properties.

Instead of wasting time on traditional marketing methods, real estate companies can now hire Realestateko’s digital marketing services to generate qualified leads.


2. Amplify

Amplify is a digital company (a marketing agency) that bridges the gap between marketing and technology.

The company achieves this by offering services that help its clients reach their targeted audience.

The Amplify team comprises digital marketers, designers, technology enthusiasts, social community managers, and innovative change-makers that are utilizing technology to craft memorable digital experiences for brands throughout Africa.

3. Alternative Adverts Ltd.

Alternative Adverts Ltd. is a leading digital marketing agency in Nigeria (and Africa as a whole).

It is an online advertising company to reckon with in Nigeria.

The company’s ad server provides advertisers with a single marketing platform that they can use to reach their ideal audience within Nigeria, Africa, and throughout the world on thousands of relevant mobile and online platforms.

This is what makes them different from other digital marketing companies in Nigeria.


Wrapping Up

As a business owner, there are some factors that you need to consider before you outsource your advertising, marketing, or branding campaigns to a digital marketing agency.

You need to ensure that such a company is well equipped and adept at offering the services that you need help with (such as PPC and SEO).

The company must also be able to explain the areas that you are having trouble with in an easy-to-understand manner.

Also, you must ensure that they serve businesses in your niche (don’t hire a digital marketing company that serves fashion-related businesses for your real estate business).

This is because different businesses require different types of attention and also use different strategies to achieve their goals.

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