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Company: DNJ Properties

Value Provided: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing Automation.

Summary of the Task

A company’s digital marketing initiatives might become compulsive to improve. In order to gain even greater success with your marketing efforts, you must not only focus on one tactic, such as search engine optimization (SEO).

The first time DNJ Properties approached Realestateko in 2021, they were only interested in improving their search engine optimization (SEO). Because of this, they soon raised their budget to incorporate social media, email, and marketing automation into their overall strategy as our partnership developed. We were able to raise their website traffic by more than 323 percent thanks to our holistic marketing strategy.

You may understand how we made this happen for DNJ Properties by reading our case study and getting in touch with us.

Our Strategy

We knew DNJ Properties needed a new aesthetic. Social media channels have to be redesigned and rich content resources created for specific marketing campaigns. We used a variety of methods to reach this goal.

SEO Improvements

The keywords DNJ Properties intended to rank for were extremely competitive after completing considerable research. They were, in reality, unable to compete on a national level because they were so overcrowded. However, what about on a regional scale? Those were distinct circumstances. We discovered localized versions of the keywords we were looking for and utilized them to improve both current and new web pages.

Lead Generation

Additionally, we looked at content from a lead generation standpoint. Qualified prospects are more likely to hand up their email address when presented with gated content than when presented with a standard form, making it an excellent strategy for generating new leads that turn into sales.

We hoped to make use of this concept in the construction of our material. We realized that only if we could deliver something genuinely distinctive and beneficial would we be able to get them to reveal their email address. As a result, we collaborated with DNJ Properties to uncover evergreen themes that were extremely relevant to their target demographic. DNJ Properties was able to employ those pieces of material over and time again because of their extensive shelf lives.

Distribution of Content

When the new material was completed (and the old was optimized), it was time to get it out there. As a result, we were certain that our SEO efforts would help disseminate the information naturally on Google. Organic social media and email marketing campaigns were used to effectively develop the DNJ Properties brand. A list of DNJ Properties’ potential clients was targeted with highly relevant material and alerts to the company’s forthcoming events as a result of this.

Within the first four months of their new site’s introduction, these initiatives resulted in a 323 percent increase in site traffic.

The Result

One was improved campaign connectivity, and the other was a more comprehensive website. SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, and Marketing Automation have all been integrated into a single plan for DNJ Properties via our multi-service approach.

This massive output of homepage, blog and gated material allowed us to transform DNJ Properties’ marketing campaign into what it is today.

Those outcomes are impressive, but how accurate are they? What were the results of a comprehensive strategy?

Improved site pages and content resulted in a slew of other advantages for DNJ Properties. A 128% rise in social followers and a 323% increase in social impressions were achieved after three months of marketing on social media.

In just four months, we were able to gain 4,624 new Google positions, many of which were for local phrases.

Make a Difference in Your Marketing Plans

DNJ Properties had the benefit of a full-service marketing approach, which is the greatest method to get immediate and long-term results. Reach out to Realestateko now to discover more about how our all-encompassing marketing strategy may benefit your business’ bottom line.

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