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10 Most Effective Real Estate Marketing Tips Other Real Estate Agent Won’t Tell You

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Real estate is a thorny bed only a few can lay on!

Well, as cheesy as it may sound, it is true! Gazillions of realtors gush through the markets every year, closing deal after deal and still looking for new ones!

However, for a homeowner, things get pretty challenging when they decide to sell their property singlehandedly. Now, this is bound to be the case because firstly, homeowners generally have zero experience of selling a house and secondly, they don’t know the market that well!

So, they usually end up in frustration, wasting a lot of their time and money and getting nothing in return. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

If you’re just planning to sell your house on your own and don’t want to wind up empty-handed, you have reached the right help at the right time. Here, we will discuss the 10 most effective real estate marketing tips to sell your house fast and effectively! So, let’s have a look:

Hire an Expert

Yes, that is entirely opposite of what you have in your mind right now! However, we want you to clear your head and think straight! Ask yourself – do I have time to handle the home selling process all alone? Do I have the budget to carry out the process? Am I sure I will close the deal right after the first few visitors?

Well, it is very uncertain and if you’re not sure that you will be able to dedicate the required time, money, and efforts then hiring an expert right, in the beginning, will be the best call!

You can go for a real estate agent. However, if you don’t want to pay hefty commissions and fees, real estate cash buyers can be another perfect option.

Do Some Window-Dressing

With the internet becoming a huge part of life, people now seek perfection in everything! Sad but true, this fact can impact your home selling process!

Now, this is because with the images of perfect-looking houses on social media networks like Pinterest and Instagram, the expectations of visitors or potential buyers might be a bit high. After all, everyone has an image of a dream house in mind!

So, if they reach your house and find it dingy and cluttered, they are going to back out, right away! To avoid that, make your house look clean, de-cluttered, and spic and span. Get with some window-dressing by working on first impressions and curb appeal of the house and always be prepared for the visitors to come.

Use Word of Mouth

You never know, someone from your social circle might be looking for a new house. You wouldn’t know if you don’t talk to them about it! Cash in on your free marketing network and tell people your house is on sale.

It is one of the best ways of finding the right buyer for your house!

Register with Free or Paid Property Listings

There are a number of options for listing your property online and offline. Explore the options for your location. The most prominent ones like Jiji come in very handy!

Make a list of such options and list your property on them. Free or paid, choose the property listings as per your suitability and location.

Use Ads

Offline and online ads are one of the best ways of reaching to people who are looking for a house in your location. You can either choose offline methods like newspapers, magazines, hoardings, fliers, etc. or you can pick online ads like Google Ads, social media ads, etc.

Just make sure you have the budget for the ads and you stick with it!

Use The Power of Social Media

Social media is not just for fun anymore, it has grown tremendously beyond that! Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are the best way to grow your network by meeting new people online!

Share about your house on your social media handles so that you can reach your network and that of people in your network.

Use High-Quality Images

Whether you choose the listings, ads, or social media postings, there is a need of making your marketing efforts visually appealing. The best way to do this is by using high-quality images of your property.

You can use your own camera and shoot some good photos of the house or you can also hire a professional photographer to get the work done for you. High-quality images are the best way to grow people’s interest in your ads or listings.

You can also use free stock images of your location, city, or neighborhood to make your ads more appealing.

Be Open and Available for Contact and Visits

After you’ve put it out there that your house is on sale, you need to be open to people’s response. Make sure that you give correct contact information in your ads or listings. Also, be responsive towards the calls or messages you receive about your property.

If someone asks to pay a visit to the house, you must always be open for the same. This will be your chance to convince them into buying the house.

Locate Yourself on Maps

Make sure it is not tough for your potential buyers to reach the house. If you have scheduled a visit, your buyers must be able to track the house down using online maps.

For this, you should check whether your address is showing on the maps or not. If not, you can do it on your own. The address and location must be correctly entered into the maps for accurate navigation!

The other benefit of locating your house on the maps is that even if the buyers are not visiting, they can open the maps and locate the house. This gives them a visual idea of where the house is located and tells them what amenities surround the house.

Provide Perks

Offers, discount, sale, these words don’t go with real estate marketing. So, what can you do to lure your buyers? Well, you can offer perks. This can be done by providing additional facilities with the house like extra pantry storage, complimentary fixtures, etc.

Offer them something new and exciting that your competitors might not offer. Or maybe give them a small discount on the price. This will really help you convince the right buyers to seal the deal!

So, with all these tips, you can really jazz up your real estate marketing game. There are buyers looking for a house like yours, you just have to get into their radar using the right tactics!

Again, if nothing works and you find it too hard to carry out the entire home selling process on your own, you can hire real estate agents. For the easiest option, choose to sell the house to real estate cash buyers and receive fast cash for homes.

The choice is yours! Good luck!

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