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Eko Tourist Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

1 4 - Eko Tourist Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

Eko Tourist Beach Resort [ETBR] is a government-owned beach resort located in the Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos.

The resort is however managed by a private company, KIK & KEM Investment Limited.

The peace and tranquillity available at ETBR are amazing. In fact, this is one of the major reasons behind its popularity.

Years ago,

You’ll see foreign visitors paying this resort visits, during their stay in Lagos.


As of the time of writing this content, Eko Tourist is in a state far below the excellent state it used to be, in the past.

In short,

Unless you have a strong urge to visit ETBR, you probably shouldn’t bother coming down here for now.


The above paragraphs give a summary of what ETBR is, as of the January of 2021.

But if you’ll like to know more about the place, then you can read on.

2 4 - Eko Tourist Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]


Fun activities and facilities

Ping pong table

During your stay at ETBR, there a number of activities and facilities you can use for the sake of fun.

And one of the facilities available is a ping pong table.

With this ping pong table, you and someone else can engage in the table tennis game.

And as regards whether this activity attracts an additional fee, the answer is “No”.


Beach soccer

Beach soccer is of course one of the activities available at ETBR, although, these days, the resort may not have its own ball.

But you can still play beach soccer if you don’t mind bringing your own ball from home.

These days,

ETBR doesn’t get a lot of visitors, so there is no assurance that you’ll find other visitors who’ll be interested in playing the game with you.


I must warn you that, if you’ll really like to engage in this activity, you should consider coming with the people to play with.

As regards the cost,

Beach soccer is also a free activity.


Horse ride

For anyone who wishes to ride on a horse, this won’t be a problem.


There are many horses to ride.

3 4 - Eko Tourist Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

This activity is safe and fun, so even if you haven’t tried it before, you shouldn’t be hesitant when it comes to trying it out.


Unlike the two activities mentioned above, riding a horse requires paying.

But the cost of a single ride is small enough for most people to consider at least 1 ride.



As expected,

Swimming is one of the activities at ETBR.

People are allowed to swim in the beach water.

But I must warn that, you have to be careful. The water does get turbulent all of a sudden.

So not only should people who don’t know how to swim just stay at the shoreline, also the people who can should avoid getting too deep into the water.

This activity is, of course, free at ETBR.


Boat riding

Boat riding is among those activities available at Eko Tourist, although of recent, you’ll hardly find any of the boats in good working conditions.

In other words,

During your visit, this activity may be available, but don’t put your mind too much in it.


Foods and drinks

Getting foods and drinks at Eko Tourist Beach Resort is of course possible.

The resort features about 4 different restaurants where you can find a wide variety of foods.

At these eateries,

You’ll find both local and international dishes.

4 4 - Eko Tourist Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

And in terms of cost, I find the foods reasonably-priced.

When it comes to hygiene, there is also nothing to worry about.

I’ve extensively tasted the foods of the restaurants, so I can confidently state that this isn’t a problem.

For those who wonder whether it’s allowed to bring food from outside, the answer is “Yes”.


Bringing foods and drinks from outside does not attract any corkage fee.


Other things worth mentioning

The security is great

The additional things discussed above are the second most important details about ETBR, but there are still more things worthwhile mentioning.

And one of these things in question has to do with the security of ETBR.

Eko Tourist Beach Resort is a well-protected resort.

Even since the time the resort started falling below its normal standard, the security aspect has remained excellent.

In fact,

I should add that, a police station is located within the premises of the resort, if that’s going to give you further assurance.


ETBR is a big place

When you hear people talking about Eko Tourist, you often hear them mention — how great its beach is; the way foreigners used to visit the place; etc.

One thing that’s also worthwhile mentioning, but I don’t often hear is, the size of ETBR.

ETBR is a big beach resort, at least when compared to most other beach resorts in Lagos.

And what this means is that, the people who’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors will enjoy this resort better.


The shore is dirty

Another thing worthwhile mentioning is that, the shore of the beach at ETBR is now often dirty.

In the past,

You’ll never see such a thing, but these days, hardly is there a day when you’ll find the shore in a good condition.

In short,

If you’ll visit Eko Tourist any time soon, don’t be surprised if you find its beach in a situation not suitable enough for you to play.



Eko Tourist Beach Resort has been a resort in the past.

And it still has the potential to rank as one of the best in Lagos.

But if you’ll like to say hello to the place, I’ll ask you to consider postponing your visit to some other time in the future.

The resort is currently undergoing some reconstruction.


They’ll be done with the reconstruction soon, and the resort will be back in its glorious days.

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