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5 Tips to Make Electronic Shockproof for Kids

shockproof for kids

Kids are the joy of the house, they make your home always feel well lit up.

However, their curiosity in wanting to know all about that is in the house sometimes ends, causing more harm than good. It is especially when they get close to electrical appliances. These appliances pose a danger to the life of your child and in some cases, could even lead to death. Nevertheless, while it is not possible to do away with electrical appliances in the house, it is possible to shockproof them for the sake of your kid’s safety.

Read on to see some five tips that you can use to ensure that your kids are safe even when you have electrical appliances in your house.


1. Keep cords out of the reach of children

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Though kids are curious and want to know all that is happening around them, there is one advantage that you can limit their curiosity; they are not tall enough. For this reason, to ensure that they are safe, make sure that all the cords in your house are out of their reach.

Avoid having wires and other appliances hanging.

It could be dangerous for the kids as they can decide to pull and play with them or trip over them. Therefore, ensure that you tape all cords away at a point where your child cannot reach them. Additionally, ensure that you place all appliances high enough where your child cannot reach.


2. Cover all open sockets in the house

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When your kids see you using appliances, they will want to imitate you.

For this reason, they can try inserting fingers and metal objects in the open sockets, which can be fatal. Therefore, ensure that you cover all open sockets, especially those that are low enough at a place where the child can reach them.

You can consider using switchboards with shutter caps of the size that can easily fit in the open socket. In case none of these sockets is viable, you can use any masking tape and use it to cover the open socket. However, use the masking tape option as a permanent solution since your child can pull it off. Other ways through which you can cover open switches in the house are such as:
● Install safe shutter sockets
● Use duct tape
● Use masking tape


3. Use correctly insulated wires for your appliances

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Exposed wires are hazardous not to kids alone but adults too.

In any incident someone accidentally comes to contact with any naked live power cord, the outcome can be fatal. Thus, it is essential to take keen notice and care of any uninsulated wire around the house and during buying cords for use at home. There are multiple types of insulation options on the market. The most used type of insulation type or material used is PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), which is affordable; it is not flammable.

You also have other choices in the form of other nylon, chlorinated polyethene.


4. Baby proofing the apartment with the baby’s point of view

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When baby-proofing the condo, it is essential to consider what the child may be thinking.

Put yourself in the shoes of the child and think of some of the potential places that you would love to explore. In this case, look for any loose wires in the house where the child can reach and those that the child will be most interested in. Ensure that there is no water anywhere near the electrical appliances as this will be hazardous when they come into contact with each other.

Additionally, use a three-pronged plug to help deviate excess electrical shock on the ground. In case you have any frayed or damaged cords in the house, it is advisable to throw them away as this will cause havoc to your baby.


5. Install circuit breakers in the house

Electricity can cause multiple faults during a large surge of current flow, electrical shock through one’s body when in contact with the ground and cause injury or death.

Circuit brakes are a good way of preventing such surges from damage or causing harm.

They automatically cut off any current from flowing into the house in cases when the current exceeds the normal voltage. Circuit breakers come with a range of voltage regulation, thus install the best possible type suited for your home needs. You can choose from MCCBs, ELCBs, MCBs, RCCBs to more shock resistant.
As an innovative house owner, you probably have many electrical appliances in your house.

Ensuring that you continue using the appliances when you have kids in your house without causing any havoc is not a piece of cake. Luckily, by shock proofing the place, it is possible to continue using the appliances with the kids around and sustain safety.

Use the tips above to help you make your house electronic childproof.


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