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10+ Experts Share Secret of running Successful Real Estate Business.

We have asked over 10 different  successful international Real Estate business owners for their thoughts on what works in the Real Estate industry – They gave their expert opinions below :

Some went into depth, some share ideas, some gave a quick answer but all in all, what is being shared by them on this page is something you would want to take to heart when you are considering how to handle your Real estate business.

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What’s The Secret to your successful Real Estate Business?

1.Dixie Lee

Dixie Lee 194x300 - 10+ Experts Share Secret of running Successful Real Estate Business.

Website: Webuyhousesinconnecticut

Bio – I’m a real estate investor in Connecticut. We are the owners of WeBuyHousesInConnecticut

Answer :

Running a real estate business is very competitive.

Making deals is what it is all about. To make deals you need to be in front of people that are looking for your services and you need to be able to convince, once they have found you, you are the one to solve their problem.

In order to accomplish this, one needs to be credible and have a solid online presence.

Therefore the most invaluable secret to running a successful real estate business is SEO and credibility. Solid SEO gets you in front of people that are doing searches online.

Credibility convinces people that you are legit able capable and willing to solve their specific problems.

Learning SEO yourself and applying it the right way will give you an advantage because no SEO company will take SEO more seriously than you will for your own company. To increase your credibility score one can use testimonials to let potential clients see that you have helped people successfully.

Adding a phone number, adding an address, adding an email address, adding video testimonials, adding pictures of people associated with your company meeting clients are among the few methods to increase your credibility score.

…..Do those two things and you have a very solid start to be very successful in the real estate business.

2.Levar Haffoney

Levar Haffoney - 10+ Experts Share Secret of running Successful Real Estate Business.


Website: Fayohne

Bio – Levar Haffoney provides integrated accounting, tax, and wealth management solutions to help entrepreneurs operate and expand their businesses.


Real estate entrepreneurs should set measurable goals, implement monthly financial reporting, and maximize the use of tax credits and deductions.

3.Chantay Bridges






Bio – Chantay Bridges is a seasoned professional who utilizes her gifts and abilities in outreach to her community and world around her. Being a philanthropist with a strong business acumen, has allowed Chantay to reach new heights in business services. Chantay Bridges is experienced and has worked with numerous high profile clientele, celebrities, political and chief executive officers. She is a recipient of numerous awards and accolades, a Christian and highly sought after by media outlets for interviews and features.

Answer :


If you are interested in longevity in this business then you need to consider more that just they are licensed.

Having agents with a license will give you a full house, having Realtors that have strong moral character and expertise will keep you out of court Just because they come through the door doesn’t mean they are a fit.


Normal never gets notice. Make sure your real estate business stands out…

That they never forget your name, your work or what you did for them.

….. Never operate like the norm.

If everyone else is offering to tell me what your home is worth reports, then you offer to pay for appraisals and home warranties. Be different, be exceptional, be the best!


Realtors regularly are asked, is it a buyers or seller’s market? Regardless, always service both. Keep your doors open despite what the market is doing, how, when or where. You do your job and do it well.


You want to differentiate yourself. In order to stand out, your business has to be different. You cannot do, say or even market like what your competitors are doing. If they were handing out fliers, you create postcards. When they cold call or door knock, your company can focus on selling their neighbors house.

….Do things no one in my industry is doing.

It will not only get you noticed, it will get you the deal again and again. Your company will rarely have to do a listing presentation, they will be hired before you ever walk in the door.


You must be seen everywhere. Make it your purpose to not only show up but to do more than the average real estate business is doing. In addition to selling houses, write and publish books on the topic.

Provide workshops, seminars and coaching for those in your community.

Your brand should be a conduit to the people. You help the big and the small, the tiny budgets and the multi million dollar ones.

Your brand should go to the next level, your awesome service speaking before you ever open your mouth.


4.Meghan Chomut 

Meghan Chomut realestateko


Website: Meghanchomut


Bio – Meghan Chomut is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and helps families + income property owners get closer to debt freedom sooner, get their savings plans property setup + make sure they aren’t paying more tax than they should.


If passive means little effort or no input…

To get started in income properties you have to save for the downpayment or find ways to get financing without it. Both those routes require hard work, education and determination. And while you are just getting started you will most likely make a couple mistakes.

It’s all part of the process, which can be expensive, time-consuming or both…..

Even if you hire out for the ins and outs of running the business ( management, finding tenants, bookkeeping, etc.) you still have to find those people.

Work close enough with them until you trust them and ensure that your investments are wise financial choices and the numbers are making sense for you and your family.


5.Don Wede

Don wede Realestateko

Website: Heartlandbuyshouses

Twitter: Twitter@HLFunding

Bio – Don Wede is the President of Heartland Funding Inc. the company that buys the homes.

Answer : 

My secret is heavy Digital marketing……

Having a powerful website that drives motivated sellers to us. We are doing this with massive SEO of our website.

We are not using PPC, but have an active Facebook retargeting program for all people who land on our website. So the secret is massive internet presence of our website.

The beauty of the internet is it never sleeps its out there all the time.


6.Shawn Breyer

Shawn Breyer realestateko

Website: Eastatlhomebuyers


Bio – Shawn Breyer is the owner of

Answer :

A lot of people get into real estate for the money…

It’s a very transactional business. If you want to set yourself apart from every other person flipping houses, renting properties, or buying properties, you should focus on the people first.

People need to get out of their houses or get into a new one for specific reasons. They are trying to solve problems. If you ignore the real estate and focus on caring about the people, listening to them, and figuring out how to solve their problems, you’ll be much more successful.


7.Michael Kelczewski

Michael Kelczewski realesttaeko

Website 1: Michaelkelczewski

Website 2: Makrealtygroup

Bio – I am a Realtor with Brandywine Fine Properties Sotheby’s International Realty. I am licensed in three states Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, with New Jersey licensing immanent. I have been practicing real estate for 5 year

Answer : 

Cash flow, the crux of any enterprise requires constant adjustments…

Business cycles, lost clients, collapsed deals create pitfalls. I advise caution when projecting revenue.

Marketing listings and maintaining staffing/resources necessitates keen financial diligence. My model utilizes multiple revenue streams to provide resources during trying periods.

8. Kris Lippi

Kris Lippi realestateko


Website: Getlistedrealty

Bio – I’m the owner and Real Estate Broker and Owner of Get LISTED Realty in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island.

Answer :

The best secret to running a real estate business that is working a lot for me is to invest heavily in your online presence.

This includes your website, social profiles and online reviews…

The internet is not changing real estate, it already has! Not having your online presence represents your brand and your value proposition will cause your real estate business to suffer.

Take time to create amazing content that your ideal client will be searching for and promote it online and through your social channels.

When people in your area looking for real estate services that you provide, they will get to know you online and then reach out to you because they feel comfortable with you before even speaking to you!


9. Kenneth Er 

Kenneth Er realestateko

Website: Youreastbayhome

Bio – Kenneth is an Oakland native and five year veteran of the real estate industry. He got his start flipping houses and has experience with an investment, wealth management, and insurance claims negotiation. Kenneth has been recognized as a top producer since receiving his license.

Answer :

The secret of running a real estate business is to constantly be improving and working harder and smarter
than everyone else.

This means developing systems for everything to create efficiency and continually deliver a high level of service. When I first started out, it was a lot of just learning the business: writing contracts, real estate transactions, buyer and seller sides, marketing, etc.

As my business grew, I needed to grow to keep up. This meant new lead generation platforms, database management, time management, marketing. Now, my 5th year in business, I have a full-time assistant, realtor partner, and looking to add on another buyers agent/partner.

I have two virtual assistants and systems/apps for everything.

There is no way you can keep up with the number of injuries we generate from online, open houses, sphere of influence, referrals, past clients, neighbors, etc etc.

My CRM is the heart of it all and I run two of them. Chime and Contactually.

New lead comes into 3 places

1. Into the CRM
2. Forwarded to our ISA that calls/texts/emails
3. Into our listing alert program
4. Into my MailChimp mailing list

Depending on the outcome of the ISA, it gets routed to an agent that follows up and gets more details on their search to buy or process to sell.

Once were in contract, we have a comprehensive checklist of task from the moment the contract is accepted to closing and beyond.

It’s much more detailed than this but you can see the general idea. Its always being tweaked if we find something better more efficient. In the growth of my business, I can attribute a lot of success to three things:

1) Systems

2) Coaching – I hire a real estate coach

3) Constantly learning and improving.

I started my career doing 4.8m in sales. Year 2 did $9m, year 3, just under $10, year 4 – $30m in sales. Now in year five, I have a constant, healthy pipeline of business and starting to transition into a listing agent/team leader role.

10. John Crossman

John Crossman realestateko

Website: Crossmanco


Bio – John Crossman is CEO of

Answer :

I don’t have any secrets about running a real estate company. It really comes down to serving the clients, serving the staff, and staying true to your values.

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