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Fair Acres Country Club: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

0 4 - Fair Acres Country Club: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Fair Acres [FA] is a country club [CC] spanning 14 acres of land.

The CC is quite a beautiful place, and if you’re a great lover of sports in general, you should like it.

To give you a good idea of what Fair Acres has to offer, I’ll be discussing the primary features of the club.


I’ll be providing other important information you may like to know.



Children’s indoor & outdoor play areas

Fair Acres isn’t meant for only adults.

In this establishment,

Kids were also taken into consideration.

And among the things it features for the sake of children, are indoor and outdoor play areas for children.

The outdoor play areas are located in safe places, so you won’t have to worry about any bad thing happening to your kids, when playing outside.


Showers and changing rooms

If you’ll be making good use of the facilities offered by Fair Acres, there is a great chance that you’ll always sweat.

And as a result,

You may need to shower and change your clothes when done.

So if you ever find yourself in such a situation, taking a shower and changing your clothes should be no problem, as showers and changing rooms are available.


Bicycle and scooter trail

If you’re the type who loves to ride bicycles or play with scooters, be aware that one of the things Fair Acres has to offer is very long trails for bicycles and scooters.

Being able to ride on a very long trail with many turns, is a very fun activity, and there aren’t many places in Lagos designed specifically for this kind of thing.

Open-ground for events

Fair Acres has got a pretty large open-ground you can use for events.

In other words,

If you’ll like to host a birthday, a cooperate event, a wedding, etc, this place is also something you can consider, even though it’s actually a country club.

1 4 - Fair Acres Country Club: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Weddings are usually held at Fair Acres

As regards the capacity,

The ground can take as much as 4,000 people.


5-a-side football pitch

A 5-a-side football pitch is one of the things available at Fair Access.

For those who don’t know what’s meant by this, this simply means a football pitch that conforms with one of the standard measurements recognized by the Football Association (FA).

And as regards the dimension, the lengths of 5-a-side football pitches are 36.5 metres, while their widths are 27.5 metres; this is of course much smaller than the 105 x 68.5 metres of the 11-a-side fields used in EPL matches; but how many of you will be playing on the field that will make you demand such a large field?


Lounge and bar area

Another thing featured at Fair Acres is a lounge and bar area.

The lounge and bar area is ideal for those who feel they should grab a drink and socialize a bit, after a strenuous sporting activity.


Nothing also stops you from coming all the way from your house, down to the lounge and bar area, just to socialize with friends and have fun.


Interactive fountain

An interactive fountain is one of the things you’ll find at Fair Acres country club.

There’s nothing special about an interactive fountain.

But I’m very sure you’ll appreciate the presence of this feature, as watching interactive fountains can be very fun.


One thing I must state is that, the fountain is not always operational, so don’t be disappointed if you get to the place someday, and you do not find it in operation.


Members VIP room

Fair Acres wasn’t created to serve as a hotel or a resort.

But when there is the need to, you can pass the night over there, in one of the VIP rooms at the place.

The club is an average one, as stated above, so the rooms in it are also just average rooms.

The rooms all feature all the things you’ll expect from a 3-star hotel room.

And on every occasion I’ve checked out the rooms, they were in good condition, ready for someone to lodge into them.


Paddleboat rides

Watching people having fun on paddleboats in movies, is a thing that often made me wonder, what’s the fun in this?

Just looking at people doing it, I couldn’t comprehend how much fun it could be, but on trying it out, on one of my visits to Fair Acres, I couldn’t help but engage in it for hours.

Not only is paddling itself fun, moving slowly on top of the water, while enjoying the breeze and chatting with friends, can be immense fun.


Beautiful garden

The premises of Fair Acres not only houses sporting facilities, but it also offers a garden for those who’ll just like to sit down (maybe with some other people) and enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of nature.

I have been to the garden many times, and it’s one of my favourite places at the club.

The garden isn’t the most beautiful in the world. But if you keep an open mind, you’ll enjoy the place.


Volleyball court

If you’re a lover of volleyball, playing the game at Fair Acres will be no problem.

The club features a volleyball court, although, the court is not in an excellent condition.

But if you don’t find the little defects the court has, you should have a fun time playing the game in the court.


Note that you’re very unlikely to find someone else to play the game with you.

So if you’ll like to play the game, you should consider coming with people who’ll also partake in the game.


Swimming pool

Fair Acres, of course, features a swimming pool, and it is not among the best I’ve seen in Lagos, but it’s manageable.

As regards how safe it is, when it comes to hygiene, I’ll say there is nothing to worry about. The pool is well-maintained, so this is not one of those that may give you skin infection.


I must strongly warn that if you’re not a good swimmer, you should probably avoid playing in the pool — the club claims to have a lifeguard, but I’ve never seen the person.


Artificial lake

There exists an artificial lake at Fair Acre, and it is one of the fun places to always check out whenever you visit the club.

Apart from it being fun watching it, you can have a wide range of water sports on the lake.


Squash court

A squash court is also one of the things you’ll find at this club.

And while this facility is not something I’ll consider excellent, you should still have a great time playing in it.

Just like in the case of volleyball, you most likely won’t find someone to play the game with you, unless you come with someone who’ll join you in the game.


Kids’ zipline

The indoor and outdoor playing areas are not the only things specially provided for the purpose of kids.

Another thing provided specifically for kids, is a zipline.

Playing on a zipline can be very fun, and I’m sure your kids will appreciate its presence.

2 4 - Fair Acres Country Club: [ Pictures & Honest Review]



Fair Acres also has a gym in it.

And if all you need are the basic equipment pieces, this should be no problem.

The gym opens in the morning, so using it early in the morning is very possible.

3 3 - Fair Acres Country Club: [ Pictures & Honest Review]



There are a limited number of places where you can go kayaking in Lagos.

And if you’re a lover of this sport, know that Fair Acres is one of the places where you can enjoy this activity.

There are a good number of kayaks there, so if you’re more than one, and will love to play with more than one of these watercrafts, it should be no problem.


Opening days and hours

Under normal circumstances,

Fair Acres is open all through a week (Sunday — Saturday). This also includes festive days and holidays.

In other words,

The place should be available for all the 365 (or 366 days) of a year.


One thing you should note is that you won’t just be allowed in at any time.

You are actually expected to make a booking, before coming.

And as for the opening hours, the club is usually open from 9 am to 6 pm.


If you’ll like to call them, to make a booking, this is also the period you should consider doing that.


Frequently-asked questions

Are parking spaces available?

Yes, there are parking spaces available at Fair Acres.

In fact,

The area is so big that it can take as much as 500 cars.

So even if you plan to host an event at the place, parking space is unlikely to be something you’ll have to worry about.


Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed at the club.


If you’ll be bringing along dangerous animals like dogs, you will be required to take every measure to ensure the safety of every other person at the place.

This means if you’ll have to use a muzzle for the dog, you shouldn’t hesitate to do so.


Packages and pricing

Fair Acres is a member-only club; this means that, unless you’re accepted into their circle, you won’t be allowed into the place freely.

To become a part of their circle — (i) select a suitable membership package; (ii) pay the registration fee; and (iii) pay the annual membership fee.

And the following provides further details about the membership packages available.


Package titleDescriptionRegistration feeAnnual membership fee
1The single child packageThis package is meant for kids between the ages of 2 and 17 years.


The package is a one-per-person package.

2The single adult packageThis package is meant for people who are 18 years and above.


The package is a one-per-person package.

3The family packageThis package is meant for people living together as a family. It may be a nuclear family or an extend family.


Only a maximum of 9 people are allowed per package; and not more than 5 people can be guests.

4The nanny packageThis package is meant for nannies taking care of children.N150,000


Contact info

Fair Acres is located at “Km 29, Lekki–Epe Express Way, Opp Mayfair Gardens, Lagos”.

And to speak with someone at the club, you can do so on phone — +234-817-600-3801 and +234-817-600-3803.

The club also responds to emails, so if you’ll like to send them a message, you can send it to their email address —


Final words

Fair Acres is a country club you can consider, if you are the type who greatly loves sporting activities.


Let me set some things straight.


Unlike some people make it seem, Fair Acres is not necessarily the right place to come, when you’re interested in sight-seeing or when you just want to hang out with friends.


The country club is not as beautiful as some people make it seems. The place is okay and fun, but if you come with the intention of seeing a paradise, you may be very disappointed.

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