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Find Office Space In Mayfair With These Top Ten Tips

renting office space in mayfair


Find Office Space In Mayfair With These Top Ten Tips

The rich area of Mayfair is situated in the west end of London and it is characterized by its traditional building with impressive architecture and exclusive restaurants, hotels and retail establishments.

Mayfair has become home to a lot of corporate headquarters, law firms, hedge funds, embassies and businesses from the commercial property, oil and gas industries to finance sector.

Having an office space in Mayfair provides your business with an impressive postcode which impresses your clients and can bolster your reputation. Having office space Mayfair means you can enjoy excellent amenities, creatively designed buildings and have a location in one of the world’s commercial and cultural hubs.

… The serviced offices in Mayfair market is quite competitive.

The rates of offices to rent in Mayfair are higher than before and the place has become one of the costliest places in the world for office space.

The development of Bond Street Station can provide a great mean transport boost to the area. The station’s eastern ticket hall is in the Hanover square which also provides a new entrance to the station platform under the Mayfair at the corner of the Hanover Square. The most popular offices to rent in Mayfair include Hanover Square, Brook Street or Stratton Street. But, the neighbouring Piccadilly is also a great choice for businesses which want a more cost-effective space.

Do rate research

The serviced offices in Mayfair usually range from £900 to £1300 per des. Even though this can vary depending on your requirements and location. However, the costs are inclusive of all amenities, which can cover meeting rooms, internet, administrative support, car parking, IT, video conferencing, AV equipment, lounge and kitchen among others. If you properly do research about the cost of office spaces, then it can help you make a better decision.

Decide the size of office you need

There is a great range of flexible offices to rent in Mayfair. You need to know all your business requirements, so you can find an office space in Mayfair which can accommodate the majority of your inquiries.

Find a broker

Working with a commercial broker can be no risk and high reward. Since brokers know the market well and what you should expect in terms of cost, they know where you should start looking, they can do all the legwork for you, the negotiate well and can get amenities on your behalf. There are some salaried brokers while there are others who might rush you into a lease just for the sake of commissions.

Find offices to rent in Mayfair online

Since the internet has taken over everything the days are gone when you could just call an ad and find a perfect space. Now you need to use modern technology to get what you need. While it doesn’t hurt to call agents or brokers, you still need to use google to find serviced offices in Mayfair. There are a lot of great sites which can help you find the perfect office space.

Make an offer on available office space:

If you find an office space Mayfair, then doesn’t hesitate to put an offer. Placing an offer is a non-binding step in the lease process. If you wish, then you can withdraw your offer at any time without any penalties. Making such a low-risk move can yield high rewards. Furthermore, the more offers you put on available spaces the more chances you have of getting one even if it is not your first choice. One harsh reality of commercial real estate is that even a sure deal can fall through at last minute. In such a case, you must be prepared to move on to the next best available office space. If you want to have office space in Mayfair, then you need to put an effort in.

Organize your calendar

If you want an office in one of the best locations in the world then you should cut down on some of the more tedious scheduling so there is a time slot available for you to tour spaces.

Decide on Short vs. Long Term Office Space

An average lease in the Mayfair area can be of years which can be hard if your business is unsure of where it will be in the future. In such a situation, other workspaces options like shared space like coworking may be the smartest choice if you just want a few desks. Therefore, first, you need to make sure what kind of lease term you want for your office space.

Ask a Friend for Tips

If you know someone who has office space in Mayfair or perhaps have looked for office space in Mayfair, then you can ask them about their experience. You can get more tips from them. Knowing how they found their office space could help you know what you are doing differently and what you should and shouldn’t do.

Consult a Designer

once you decide which office space you want then it is up to you to transform the space into a functioning and beautiful space according to your needs. While leasing, be sure to negotiate the renovations terms. However, the offices in the Mayfair don’t need a designer as they are already designed for any business type and size.

Be Patient as Lease Signing Approaches

Unlike the lease for homes, the commercial leases can take some time for negotiation. There is not much for you to do to speed up this step. Ultimately you can let your broker steer the leasing procedure.

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