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GO Classic : Tips for setting up ladies apartment in the University

Tips for setting up ladies apartment in the University

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In my last post I gave out 6 tips on renting a hostel apartment in the university. This article is an extension of that post and though I will be focusing on ladies apartment in the university, I shall dish out some basic tips to help you get the perfect room setting for your rented apartment.

As an undergraduate in the university I visited a couple of ladies apartment. And while the settings and arrangement of some where a complete disaster, some other knew a thing or two on how to arrange their rooms to give it that perfect feel that mesmerizes any visitor.

Most guys in the university are generally less concerned about the settings of their apartment. But for a lady, your room should be your one sacred sanctuary that give out hints of your personality, lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

As a lady in the university it is very important that your room is arranged in the best settings that will be both comfortable and fun to live in. And since you would be staying at that apartment for a couple of years, you might just as well make it a comfy and delightful stay.

There are key elements of a ladies apartments that must be considered to give the room the perfect setting and right emotional feel, they include: your bed, furniture, lights, walls, and selected colors. Now let’s get to the tips for setting up your apartment.




google is your friend




Thanks to the evolution of technology you can get answers to almost anything on the internet. There are countless ideas of styles and settings for ladies room on the internet. If you are indecisive on how to arrange your apartment you could simply look up pictures of interior designs and settings of a ladies room to give you a clue on how to set up your own room.


pink wall ladies


Most ladies prefer bright colors on their wall-pink, yellow, purple, and violet being the favorite of most. However, you are not obliged to go by any common color, choose your favorite colors when it comes to wall paintings. Keep in mind that you would be the one staying in the room so, when choosing colors for your wall don’t let peer pressure and other factors influence your decision on wall color.



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A little creativity in your choice and position of lights will give your room that cozy feel you would always love. When choosing lights for your room get a little creative, deviate from the conventional white light and invest in some cool colored light. Furthermore placing lights at the center of the ceiling is getting really out of fashion. Installing the colored light at the sides or corners of your world would give your room that interesting fairy tale look that every lady dreams about.




Theme and wall paper would help spice up your room. Some common practices is to cut off photos of your favorite musicians, actors and actresses from magazines and placing them on strategic areas on your wall. However take caution while doing this so that you do not over clog your wall with this photos. You could also put up personal photos that bring back pleasant memories.




Your room would not be complete without putting in some furniture and bed accessories. The most basic furniture are a cupboard with enough drawers and space to store up your ‘girl stuff,’ a table and chair for reading, closet or hanger for cloths, wall mirror etc. invest in bed sheets or duvet and pillows that complements the general color and theme of your room.

Discovering the best arrangement for room could be challenging, however you do not have do everything in one day. You could always make gradual changes as time goes on until you finally get the setting that inspires and suit your lifestyle

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