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Hiring the Service of Real Estate Companies in Nigeria ?

One of the major decisions that you need to make if you have a house to let in Lagos or land for sale in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria is whether or not to make use of a real estate company (or agent). A real estate agent can cost about 7 to 10% of your total rental income weekly. This is one of the factors that often give rise to the question used as the topic of this article.


Hiring the Service of Real Estate Companies in Nigeria


However, the service rendered by a good real estate agent worth more than the fee. Renting a land or house in Lagos requires a high level of commitment and most property owners do have tight schedules and thus, have no time to put in. Real estate agents can handle all the hassles associate with your renting and selling your property, thereby making life easier for you.


You need to ensure that you find someone that will help protect your investment. You also need to compare the qualifications of the person and ensure that you hire the service of an agent that specializes in property management.

Highlighted below are reasons why you should hire the service of real estate companies.


  • They help in working with rentals in your rental property

If you have houses to let in Lagos, it’s possible you don’t have a clear picture of the amount of work that will be involved. There are top real estate companies in Nigeria and they can help you find the right renters that will keep you away from periods of vacancy and income loss. They will make use of the needed marketing methods to ensure that your property is easily noticed by potential clients.


Apart from showing your property to prospective tenants, the real estate companies in Nigeria can help in screening tenants to ensure that you choose reliable ones. They can also provide you with access to tenancy databases. Real estate agents make regular inspections to ensure that the tenants are keeping your property in good condition. They also act as bridge between you, the property owner, and the tenant.


Real estate agents can be easily called on if there are any repairs or complaints on your property. They help both parties to relate with each other by resolving all forms of misunderstanding.


  • They help in managing paperwork and all responsibilities

If you have houses for sale in Lagos or land for sale in Lagos, lots of paperwork will be involved in managing these properties. These include legal agreements and contracts for repairs and maintenance amongst others. Hiring the service of real estate companies in Nigeria will help keep the paperwork organized, thereby ensuring that nothing goes out of hand. Top real estate companies in Nigeria will also update you with the recent zoning regulations, federal and state laws, property values as well as landlord rights. They’ll also update you with the market conditions so that you can make the best decision as touching your investment.



As a property owner, the service of a real estate agent or company should not be overlooked due to the reasons cited in this article. In what ways have you made use of the service of real estate companies in Nigeria? We’ll love to hear from you through the comment section below.

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