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Home Owner Association Management vs. Property Management

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Home Owner Association (HOA) management responsibilities are built to care for common areas in the community. Communities can be subdivisions, apartment complexes, or townhome complexes that may have common areas together.

Homeowners associations can manage such areas.

The goals of HOA and POA (Property Owners Association) are similar.

The organizations are set up for the further success of the community and ensure that rules and restrictions are followed by the property owners in the community. HOA is usually set up for a developed neighborhood while POA helps in developing the neighborhood and even continues to provide assistance and support following the development.

Both HOA and POA consist of property owners in the community who elect a board to oversee various collective duties and responsibilities such as dues, improvement, and maintenance.

HOA board members are not property managers.

They overlook and manage the work that needs to be done in the community. In certain cases, they will also work together with the property manager to identify the common areas and also regarding the maintenance status of such public areas.

You can find various HOA Management Companies in Texas. You may also come across many companies that claim to be the best Property Management in Texas. But while hiring an HOA management company it’s important you know all the company well in advance. They need to be reputed and experienced in their field of work. One such company that offers HOA management services is Worthross.

They not only have experience and expertise but have also proven their mantle in the communities they have managed.


Duties of an HOA Management Company

  •         Each member in the community is responsible for their own property but when it comes to common areas and corporate-owned properties, the matter is quite different. Homeowners usually pay dues to the homeowner association with the idea of improving and maintaining the common areas like clubhouses, swimming pools, etc. These are considered as the property of the community and fall under the responsibility of the HOA board.
  •         The HOA management company ensures that the community is well-cared for and maintained depending on the guidelines to ensure a safe and comfortable living experience for the community members. In most cases, the HOA members are the same as community members which would make it difficult to take action or to ask to comply with the common rules. An experienced management team can:


o   Collect the dues from homeowners and manage the pending dues

o   Hire staff and service providers to take care of common areas

o   Manage insurance for the common areas

o   Take care of the common areas in the neighbourhood such as playgrounds, swimming pools, clubhouses and so on

o   Handle work order request for repair and maintenance of common areas

o   Manage the HOA board if it is a requirement or a necessity

o   Manage budgeting, financial reporting, and other bookkeeping and accounting related services


Duties of a POA Management Company

  •         POA company helps in managing the property owned by a corporate entity or a private individual who plans to rent or lease the property. A professional team that handles property management would respond properly to the repair requests.
  •         The main task of a property manager is to take care of the property. The responsibilities they handle can vary. Professionals that belong to property management teams can take the stress off the real estate investor. They can cater to urgent repairs, provide maintenance and ensure that the property is in good care.
  •         A property manager may not or may work with the homeowners association. They may represent several or just one owner in the community. Property managers are also hired by the HOA to help them manage the corporately owned area and to provide homeowners support.


Difference Between POA and HOA

Different groups would definitely have different aims and goals. HOA and POA are groups of owners that have a board to manage the rules and regulations of the community. They are also entrusted to care for the community.

A property management company doesn’t have a lot of power in the case of a larger community unless they are hired by e the HOA or POA. However,

They can still enforce the rules of a larger community via individual properties for which they would be handling the responsibility.

A homeowners association management company can support both the homeowners association as well as the property owners association and work with the property management company to make sure that the community gets the best care and assistance in all aspects.  This can make everyone’s life much easier.

Why Hire a Homeowner Association Management Company?


A Homeowner Association (HOA) can be in charge of managing the common areas in a community, the annual, weekly, and monthly budget, operations, etc. while balancing the needs and requirements of the residents who belong to the community.

Homeowner association management can become easier if you hire a company like Worthross which is one of the companies that offers the best property management in Texas.

Their HOA management skills and services can ensure that your neighborhood and community are well cared for and in safe hands. An ideal HOA management company should offer complete transparency in the activities they carry.

Worthross performs each and every task under complete transparency by giving priority to community goals.

The services offered by Worthross can be the same as best.


They ensure that the quality of your life is not affected, but improved. The services offered by these professionals will help your community thrive, grow and develop.

They even take care of risk management and risk reduction!

What’s more, they can also handle the challenges related to payroll that can benefit the administration.

There is no need of worrying about recruiting, compliance, performance reviews, and all other aspects of personnel management. They offer comprehensive benefits to the people in the community as well.

The services they offer can take the weight off from the shoulders of board members as they can handle almost all the matters be it administrative, financial, or developmental.

A properly run HOA also appeals to potential homebuyers, just in case they are looking to settle down in a property that comes under your association.


HOAs busy themselves by presenting secure and appealing options for the residents in the community.

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