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Household Technologies That Transform The Home

household technologies for home

The development of wireless technology and automated security features has afforded the homeowner the ability to secure their home like never before. The peace of mind achievable in the modern day with an up-to-date security system is invaluable. Fortunately, the degree of choice and flexibility of packages is better than ever before.

You may be looking to purchase an all-inclusive home security package or just one or two useful products; it really is down to the homeowner’s specific needs as to what package is best. Here, we are going to take a look at some specific home security products which could be used individually or as part of a larger, interconnected system.


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1. Video doorbell

The doorbell is a simple invention; after all, it is mostly deployed to replace the more primitive door-knocking method. However, home innovation has come a long way, transforming a simple invention into a product which offers fantastic security, removing the guessing game of who is behind the door.

The Google Nest Hello video doorbell is one of the most popular options in this field. The Hello doorbell allows you to stream HD video of your doorstep 24/7 to your smartphone or tablet. Two-way communication allows you to interact with visitors, but if you’re after some privacy, you can turn off sound from your Nest app and still receive notifications of visitors. What’s more, you can also choose from a variety of pre-recorded responses to send to a visitor if you don’t wish to speak directly.

The Hello doorbell is a particularly versatile option as it is not only compatible with Google Home devices, but also with Amazon Alexa.

2. Smart locks

Ever lost your keys? Ever had to wait around all day for a package to arrive? Ever had the nervous headache of having to leave keys under the dustbin for a friend? In addition to being a sturdy security feature, smart locks truly bring the ultimate convenience to you and your family’s lives.

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With smart locks, the power is in your hands. Receive notifications when visitors or delivery people arrive, and with one tap open front doors and garage doors from anywhere with your device. It’s just as easy to lock up again afterwards, meaning no more house arrest for you while waiting for your package!

The Vivint smart lock is a popular component of their wider home security package, and offers the fantastic feature of being able to assign up to 30 unique access codes. This not only means that each of your close ones has their own code which grants them access, but it is no bother if anyone in the household forgets their keys either.

3. Carbon monoxide detectors

It is important not to overlook more traditional forms of security which protect the lives of you and your loved ones. Thankfully, smart technology has also helped to develop products such as carbon monoxide detectors. Receive mobile alerts immediately if your carbon monoxide levels are too high, and your app can automatically send emergency services to your home.

Transform your home into a hub of modernity and innovation, while keeping you and your family safe with these household technologies.

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