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HOV Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

0 - HOV Beach Resort:  [ Pictures & Honest Review]

HOV Beach Resort is one of the top beach houses (resorts) on Ilashe Beach (Island).

The resort features a total of 5 buildings, which together provide 4 activity rooms and 6 bedrooms.

This resort may not be as popular as some other beach houses on the island (Ilashe), but having been to so many resorts on the island, I’ll confidently say, the place is better than some more popular resorts on the island.


The fact that popular celebrities like Davido and Naira Marley have been to the place, is an addition to back up this claim.

1 - HOV Beach Resort:  [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t to mean the place is luxurious. In fact, I’ll ask you not to use the word “luxurious” for it, if you’ve seen truly luxury. But at the same time, I believe it’s a place you’ll find quite impressive.


Giving details about the building (structures) at the resort, the 5 buildings on the resort are pole barn structures, each divide into two floors.

2 - HOV Beach Resort:  [ Pictures & Honest Review]

For the building at the centre,

It’s top and ground floor are both used mainly as activity rooms.

As for the two-building on the left and right sides of the centre building, their top floors are used as bedrooms, while their ground floors are also activity rooms.

But while the centre building and the ones directly on its sides feature activity rooms, the ones on the far sides have their top and ground floors to be bedrooms; or in more straightforward terms, the buildings on the left and right sides of the resort, feature no activity room.


Are there hidden problems with the resort?

If you’re not renting one of the most expensive beach houses on the island, there’s a great chance you’ll find hidden problems with the house you’re renting.

For instance,

At Casa Ilashe, water supply outage is often experienced (although I don’t know if a good solution has been proffered to this problem as of now); and if you’re one of those who has experienced such a problem, during your visit to Casa, you may experience such problems with HOV as well.


Based on my experiences at the place, and those of friends and families, I’ll say, HOV has no hidden issue. So, this means the resort is one of those few beach houses you can easily rent, without ever having to complain about one thing or the other.

3 - HOV Beach Resort:  [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Entertainment facilities and activities

Quad bike riding

The beach houses at Ilashe Beach are not like the resorts in other places in Lagos; if you’ve visited or read about the place, you should already know this.

But even though you’ll be the one expected to plan your fun activities by yourself, HOV offers some fun activities like quad bike riding.


If you’ll like to make use of their quad bikes, you’ll have to pay some additional amount of money.


Swimming pool

A swimming pool is a thing expected from a beach resort, regardless of whether it’s at Ilashe Beach or not; HOV doesn’t disappoint in this aspect.

The resort has a quite big swimming pool.

The swimming pool is not that superb, but I consider it manageable, regardless of your standard.

As regards whether you’ll have to pay extra, to use the swimming pool, the answer is “No”. Whatever amount you pay already includes the cost of using the swimming pool.


Horse riding

Horse riding isn’t a thing you’ll find at many beach houses at Ilashe, but when it comes to HOV, you’ll have no problem finding it.

And as you may have thought, riding on the horses available however requires paying extra.


Frequently-asked questions

How much does renting HOV cost?

Like many beaches,

HOV is not very open about how much it really costs to rent the resort.


One thing I can tell you is, it costs about the same price as Casa Ilashe, even though Casa has more rooms than HOV.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed at HOV Beach Resort; the management of the resort seems very strict about this policy.

In short,

If being able to bring along your pet along is very important to you, you may want to consider some other places.


Contact Details

A representative of HOV can be reached out to, via the following phone number — +234 818 424 4444.

The resort also claims to have a website, but the time since I’ve known their website’s address, I’ve never seen the website ( live; so even though they claim to have a website, I don’t think they’re serious about it.


The resort’s management happens to be quite active on Instagram, so you may consider checking out their Instagram profile, for more info.


Final words

HOV is a really nice place. And if you can afford it, I’ll consider it a better place to visit than almost all beaches in Lekki.


If you are yet to read about Ilashe Beach (Island), you should really take some time to read about it.

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