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How Many Cubic Yards in a Dump Truck? – ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW !

truck - How Many Cubic Yards in a Dump Truck? - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW !


You know it has become a tense issue for anyone considering to build a house even to do some little concrete works in their home. One of the factors one consider is how many trucks of gravels do we need and how do we even measure each of the units of gravel that is loaded in the trunk.

I must tell you if not be careful enough you might end up stocking your money on just stones and gravels without knowing the specific amount you will need for your project.


Some truck of gravels after being loaded, you may discover it is full of dirt and much other debris that may reduce the quantity of the gravels you find in the specify cubic you requested for. We will give you every needed information to guide, how to calculate if what supplied is up to what’s requested for, also you will be enlightened with the following as they are often asked.

  • How many cubic yards in a dump truck?
  • How many cubic yards of gravel in a dump truck?
  • How many cubic yards of dirt in a dump truck?
  • How many cubic yards fit in a dump truck?

You will have in-depth knowledge about all these related questions after you are done reading this piece…


Many people have asked the same question repeatedly on how to measure the number of cubics you can find in a dump of truck

…. You will have it shortly as we proceed here with the write-up, as things got inflated and commodities are on the rise on daily basis, the need to be very careful on the amount and quantity things of things needed are very crucial and paramount.


For people who needed just some quantity of stones or gravel to make either their culvert, pillars, and many others, it is necessary they get acquitted with the actual amount of gravels you see in just a load of a truck.

It is quite easy to know by size if you are to use only a smaller quantity of these commodities.

….. But it gets tougher when you are large scale request. To get started ;

  • What is a cubic yard?

First thing first, the question we need to attend to is what a cubic Yard is?

The simple answer to this is, it just means anything that has a yard as its width which is 3 inches and also a yard by height and even a yard by length, it is referred to as a cubic yard. Also, you will have 27 cubic feet in just one yard. Now how does this relate to measuring your gravels and stones? We need to remind you that the measurement of any gravel stands to increase when it is wet and filled with moisture but light when it is dry,


there is every tendency you have more dirt in a damp and dump gravels than a dry gravels that is deposited or being sold to you.

  • How much does a cubic yard weigh ?

Another question that get asked often, what is the weight in a measurement of a cubic yard ?  it all depends on the material that stands to be measure or pressure in a cubic yard. Here are the samples and what will guide you in your measurement of any materials.

  • For Gravels, Stones, Sand: in just a cubic yard, you should have not less than 3,000 pounds, this also is mostly influenced by the number of dirt presence and moisture presents at the point of measurement.
  • For soil: a soil will weigh not less than 2,200 pounds for just a cubic yard and also it is all dependent on the amount of water or moisture that is present in this soil you want to measure.
  • For Mulch: here you should have not less than a thousand (1000) pounds in just a cubic yard. Also, it is dependent if such is dry or wet.


  • How many wheelbarrows Can You load From a cubic yard?

Also, with measurement using a wheelbarrow,…

It can aid your analysis and confirmation if you have not been cheated, you should have about 9 loads in a medium seize wheelbarrow as you know there are various sizes of wheelbarrow and the medium size wheelbarrow is just 3 cubic foot, so in this wheelbarrow we should have at least full 9 loads which will aggregate to just a cubic yard.

  • Can I Drive a cubic yard in my pickup trailer or truck?

The answer for this is, of course, yes, but it is always advisable you should not load your vehicle with the amount that will be just too much for such car to move or have difficulty in driving at the average pace. But you can find the full hauling capacity of your vehicle in the manual that comes along with the car.

  • How many cubic yards of gravel in a dump truck?

For your truck here are the possible cubic you can find in the load and also the capacity vehicles have to transport your gravel.

For Dump Truck: you should find not less than five cubic yards in the small dump truck that is usually used, and for the big dump truck you should get not less than ten cubic yards even more. For Full-Size pickup truck: you should be able to get at least one cubic yards of either stone or gravel, and also for the soil carrying capacity of this vehicle, the vehicle should be able to handle not less than two cubic yards, and for mulch, it is about 2 to 3 cubic yards

  • Small Pickups and Trailers: Can usually treat one

Trucks: with a small dump truck you should be able to get a minimum of 5 cubic yards, and a larger one takes about ten cubic yards or more.

The above given and practical measurement should be able to guide you even if you are about to handle a large project, you do not need any special skills to be able to handle this.

Conclusion On How Many Cubic Yards In A Dump Truck

That is all you need on how to handle the number of cubic yard you could get in just a dump truck. Also, we have given you all the necessary information to measure stones or sand has been delivered in regards to the exact quantity you requested. We do love your feedback or contribution in the comment box.

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