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Ibeno Beach: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

1 16 - Ibeno Beach: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

Ibeno Beach [IB] is an open public beach located in the Ibeno Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

As of the time of writing this content [December 2020], the beach holds the title of “the longest beach in west Africa”; it spans a distance of about 30 km.

If you are at a place close to Ibeno, then visiting the place shouldn’t be a bad idea.

But if you’re someone close to Lagos, don’t bother coming this far, as the beaches in Lagos will be more fun.


This content isn’t meant to give an idea of what Ibeno is about.

I also intend providing the other information you may like to know. And all you need is to stick with me till the end of this content.



Beach soccer

There are a number of activities available at Ibeno.

And one of these activities is beach soccer.

Because IB is a wide place, beach soccer is even more fun.

I should add that,

There can be multiple soccer games going on at the same time.


Note that, if you’ll like to engage in this activity, you’ll have to bring your own ball along.

As regards the cost,

Beach soccer is a free activity, so don’t bother about money.


Canoe cruise

Canoe cruise is another activity you’ll find at Ibeno Beach.

2 16 - Ibeno Beach: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

This activity involves cruising on the beach water, as a group.

And as you’ll expect,

This activity is a paid one, but inexpensive.

Note: If you don’t know how to swim, I won’t recommend engaging in this activity.



Swimming is of course one of the activities you can engage in.

The beach water is not in the best condition possible, but I feel it’s safe enough to swim in.


I must warn that if you’re not good at swimming, avoid going deep into the water, as it can be very dangerous.

Swimming is also a free activity.



Volleyball is another activity available at the beach.

3 12 - Ibeno Beach: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

On the beach you’ll find an area dedicated to the playing of this game.

And ball is usually available for this game.

But unlike beach soccer and swimming, this activity requires paying.


More to know

You’ll find fresh aquatic foods at the place

I don’t know about you, but personally, I love eating fresh aquatic foods.

And if you’re just like me, I’m happy to mention that this is one of the things you’ll find at Ibeno.

There are these local fishermen who capture these aquatic animals, cook them [by boiling, frying, etc], then sell them to the visitors at the beach.

The best part is,

These things are usually very affordable, compared to most beaches in Lagos.


The beach is not always tidy

While I won’t use the word “dirty” for Ibeno Beach, I won’t also use the phrase “always tidy” for it.

On most occasions,

The beach is in good condition, but there are times when you’ll find a lot of dirt on it.


Restaurants are available

As you will expect,

There are restaurants present on Ibeno Beach.

At these restaurants,

You’ll find a good number of local dishes at reasonable prices.

Their foods are okay when it comes to tastes, but when it comes to hygiene, I won’t vouch for the restaurants.


Questions you may have

Can I put on revealing outfits [e.g. bikinis]?

Yes, you can put on revealing outfits. In fact, people do it, so feel free to do so as well.


This doesn’t mean you should go extreme.


Are cabanas, chairs, and tables available?

Yes, these are all available at Ibeno.


To use them, you’ll have to pay; I don’t expect this to come as a surprise.


Are accommodations available?

If you’ll like to spend days at a place close to IB and wonder whether there are accommodations available on the beach, the answer is “No”.


There are some hotels close to the place. So you can lodge at any of the hotels, and just drive down to IB when you feel like having fun at the beach.


Is an entrance fee required?

Ibeno Beach is a government-owned property and it is an open beach.

Playing there doesn’t require paying any money, regardless of how many you are.

But as stated above,

Foods, drinks, and some activities will cost you some money.


Are quad bikes available?

Quad bikes are things you may expect to find, if you’ve been to a lot of beaches in Lagos. But unfortunately, you won’t find such at Ibeno.

Not only have I never spotted a single one on this beach, I was also able to confirm this with people living in the area.


Is horse riding available?

There are claims that horse riding is available at IB, but during my visits to the place, I’ve never seen a single horse.

So even if it’s available, I won’t suggest expecting it, as it’s unlikely to be available during your visit.


Opening hours

Ibeno Beach is a place that’s ordinarily open on all the 365 [or 366 days] of a year.

And as regards opening hours, the beach is open 24 hours per day.

But while it’s possible to walk to IB on any day and at any time, I won’t ever recommend passing the night on the beach.

There is no proper security at IB, and I don’t think you’ll like to put your life at risk.



Just like I stated in my introduction if your place is within the Eastern or the Southern part of this country, visiting Ibeno may be worth it.

But if you’re from other parts of Nigeria and the popularity of Ibeno is making you wonder whether you should visit the place, I’ll ask you not to bother; truly, the beach is the longest in West Africa, but this feature is yet to be leveraged in a way that will make it worthwhile travelling down to the place.

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