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14 Important Sales Tips for Real Estate Agents

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14 Important Sales Tips for Real Estate Agents

Every real estate agent dreams to get to the top of the ladder in the real estate market…..

Every hardworking real estate aims at making big profits from deals in the real estate industry.

……It is a lofty goal.

But it is not easy to accomplish as it will demand a lot from such real estate agent as they have hurdles to cross.

There are challenges to face in the way of real estate agents who want to make it to the top. As a result of this fact, many real estates agents engage the service of mentors who will guide them in making the right decisions and in the attainment of their goal of making massive sales in real estate business.

Having a role mentor is a good thing to do, but it is not the ultimate. To make more sales as a real agent, there are some other principles you must follow.

Many things foster your target of being successful in real estate business……

To help you get to the ladder of the real estate market, I will be sharing some valid tips that will see you scaling up in sales in your business.

I want you to feed on these tips and apply them in your real estate business.

Produce value

produce - 14 Important Sales Tips for Real Estate AgentsNothing drives a business like value creation. Real estate business is not an exception. If you want to make more sales in your real estate agency business, be a value-driven person.

Focus your services to be value-driven…….

The question you should always ask yourself is: “What value is my business giving to clients and prospects?” When you concentrate all your efforts on creating values for others, you position yourself for massive sales as they will want to push business deals to you as a result of what they will get in return.

When there is value creation, there is trust generation…..

The more trust clients and prospects have in you, the more your chances of striking massive deals and sales with them.

…..Trust is your singular best ingredient for increased sales in your business.

As such, it should be your most treasured asset as it will door wide doors of opportunities for you. It will deepen your relationship with clients and prospects, thereby translating to more sales.

Be honest and diligent

A time-tested secret to success is to be diligent and honest.

Honesty and diligence will open many doors of sales in your real estate business. Depict honesty in your dealings with clients and prospects.

Be sincere with them.

Let them know your limitations in answers to questions sometimes…..

Don’t play smart with them as your reputation is at stake when you give those misleading answers and advice to questions.

You should not indulge in lies in an attempt to win sales deal from clients/prospects.  Work with the highest level of honesty, and you become a magnet for sales.

Don’t be in a hurry to sell.

No hurry buddie - 14 Important Sales Tips for Real Estate AgentsMany real estate agents make this costly mistake…..

They are always in a rush to make sales. Your primary duty when you interface with prospects and clients is not to sell to them but to educate them. Coach and orientate your clients or prospects on possible deals.

It’s the understanding they get as a result of your teaching that will enable them to make the right decision towards sales by themselves.

Supply them with useful information, tips, advice, and education.

Help them in maintaining the aim of their consultation with you. Don’t ever cheat them or force them into sales hurriedly as they might revolt when they sense such action.

It is a great thing to do when you want to pull in massive sales from clients and prospects as you place a premium on their needs above yours.



Be human

What most real estate agents learn in sales training is on motivating the clients and prospects to do to their bidding. Most of them don’t have considerations for the other party – the prospects and clients.

They intend to get the clients in signing the deal. It should not be as closing a sale is like a relationship.

……You need to put the other person in consideration.

You are in the business of real estate consultancy to meet the need s of prospects. As such, you should be human in your dealings with them. Don’t be carried away to make sales quickly.

……With the mentality and motive to help clients and prospects, you are building trust that will eventually lead to sales.

Provide multiple choices

To get more sales in your real estate business, be a real estate agent that provides trusted advises.

…….When you interface with prospective clients, guide them towards making the best decision by giving them many options to choose from and finally settle for the one most appropriate to them.

It is better they make choices themselves than when you put pressure on them to see reason with you.

Doing this will build up a long-term business relationship with your clients and prospects, thereby increasing the chances of more sales from them.

Careless about challenges

Challenges are always there on your way to making sales for yourself in your real estate business.

…..But do not let challenges hinder you from achieving your sales goals.

You are to confront your challenges boldly. Deal with them by caring less about them. Have an “I don’t care” attitude about them and move on to achieve success in your real estate business.

Work towards creating equity

Rental payment does not guarantee equity…

It is the ownership of properties that guarantee that.  With equity in landed properties in real estate, you can easily secure a loan to venture or expand into other businesses.

A tip that will help you in sales as a real estate agent is to create equity in property ownership and use the proceeds to divert into other endeavors.

Be always ready to offer help

Real estate business is about providing help to individuals.

As a real estate agent, your primary role is to provide help in meeting the needs of clients and individuals. When you have the willingness to help, you increase your chances of securing more sales and deals.

Don’t be a selfish real estate agent. Strive towards helping individuals with expert advice, tip, information, and education. Doing this will put you on the frontline of prospective deals as you will be the first in the minds of such individuals to go when they need the service of a professional real estate agent. You can only build a reputation for the good things you do. Choose to offer help today to persons, and you will soon climb the ladder of success in sales.

Get obsessed

A popular saying by Grant CardoneBe Obsessed with Success”  It’s your duty – As a real estate agent, become denominated with meeting the needs of your clients or prospects.

Be motivated to give them the best of professional services that they won’t find elsewhere…..

Provide them with top-notch products and services that will keep them coming to you with repeat offers. Most real estate agents lack this quality of obsession. Hence, they get little sales in their businesses.

When you are obsessed with solving clients’ and prospects’ problems, you will increase sales as they will see you as a worthy companion.

Action produces results

The actions you take determine the measure of sales and success you make in your real estate business…

Be actively engaged in activities like networking, follow up, events participation and meetings as they will help to generate more sales for you. Do not neglect activities that are directly related to your field of real estate business as you can derive many profits from them.

Be a solution provider

There are challenges in the real estate needs of your clients and prospects…..

Hence, their desires to meet with you. You are to provide direct solutions to their challenges. Do not be distracted in meeting the needs of your clients and prospects as they are where your sales and success will emanate.

Be in constant communication and contact

Nobody will know you exist as a business until you make them know.

….You are the primary contact for your business.

You are the billboard in human form they get to see.

To let prospects know about you, be in constant communication with them. A sales tip you should adopt today is increasing your communication with clients/prospects and creating public awareness about your brand.

Become a good listener

The act of good listening will drive sales for you and increase the chances of success in your real estate business. Unfortunately, most real estate agents lack in this basic skill.

When you actively listen to clients/products, it is a picture that you are caring and interested in meeting their needs. Become a good listener today, and you will attract more sales to yourself.

Be proactive

Do not always wait for clients/prospects to come to you…….

Go out there to where they are and seek to know the challenges they are facing. Provide them with the best solutions. With this, you have given a deep impression that you are a professional that is always ready to see them happy. It will help foster a good prolonged relationship with them.

They will build an increased level of trust in you, and you will end up securing great deals from them.

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