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Inagbe Grand Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

1 6 - Inagbe Grand Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Inagbe Grand Resort (IGR) is a resort located in Lagos, on a beach.


The resort can be found on the Snake Island, Opposite Niger Dock, Amuwo-Odofin LGA, Lagos.

This property is owned by the present Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi.

And the resort features 6 different types of accommodation.

For those who wonder who this place is meant for, Inagbe is open to all kinds of people.


The resort provides activities and facilities you can engage in, to make your stay at the place even more fun.

2 6 - Inagbe Grand Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


What makes the place special?

When Inagbe Grand Resort was just built, the resort was an icon.

The place was very beautiful and fun spending time at — the rooms were in great conditions, the staffs were very professional, the foods were great, and the pools were fun playing in.


The beach in its front was very neat and appealing.

In short,

The fact that the resort scored excellently in all aspects made it a great place to go.

In fact,

Foreigners who come to Nigeria were regular visitors to the place.

If you know how cool Sencillo presently is, you can use that to picture how great Inagbe was.

But unfortunately,

While you may still come across people and pictures putting Inagbe in a very positive light, the resort isn’t the icon it used to be.


IGR is now a resort existing far below its potential.


For the sake of those who’ll still like to learn about Inagbe, I’ll be dishing out all useful information about the place.

I’ll be starting this by providing you with information about the accommodation types available at the resort.


Accommodation types

If you’ll like to pass your night at Inagbe Grand Resort, there are 6 types of accommodation, ranging from cheap to expensive.

The following will provide further details about them.


Standard bedroom

The standard bedrooms at IGR are nice bedrooms, the kind you’ll expect from a 4-star hotel.

They feature things like nice beds, tables and chairs, en suite bathrooms, air conditioning units, and other basic things.

These rooms are designed to be occupied by 2 people, but up to 4 people should be okay staying at these rooms.

As for the price,

They cost N45,000 per night.


Deluxe room

The deluxe rooms are similar to the standard rooms, although, they are slightly better than the latter, in terms of space and the items in them.

These deluxe rooms are also meant for 2 people, but as many as 5 people should be able to sleep in a deluxe room comfortably.

As for the price,

The cost of a deluxe room per night is N50,000.


Premium room

The premium rooms are similar to the deluxe rooms in terms of space, but these rooms look more luxurious.

For instance,

These rooms feature some colour LED lights that make them more pleasing.

If you’re a guy who plans to come with his lover, for romantic reasons, I think these rooms will be much better than a standard room or a deluxe room.

As for the price,

You’re going to have to pay N55,000 per night.


Executive premium room

The executive premium rooms are the most expensive rooms available at Inagbe.

These rooms are not just more spacious, also, they look more luxurious.

For instance,

The TVs in these rooms are much bigger.

While these accommodations also seem to be designed for just 2 persons per room, I believe 8 people should be able to sleep comfortably in a single executive premium room.

As for the price,

Be prepared to cough out N75,000 per night.


2-bedroom bungalow

There may come a situation when you’ll need 2 rooms close to eachother, so that every one of you lodging at the resort will be able to easily come together to interact.

And if you ever find yourself in such a situation, be aware that Inagbe Grand Resort has 2-bedroom bungalows available for people like you.

These bungalows feature 2 basic bedrooms, and it’s going to cost you N85,000 per night.


6-bedroom chalet

There may also come a time when you’ll need as many as 6 rooms.

Under such a circumstance,

Instead of getting 6 different rooms at different places in the resort, you can simply rent a 6-bedroom chalet available at the resort.

The bedrooms in the 6-bedroom chalets can be compared to the premium bedrooms, and it costs N300,000 per night, to stay at one of the chalets.


Available fun activities and facilities

Relaxing at the beach in front of the resort

During your stay at Inagbe Grand Resort, it is quite certain you’ll feel like relaxing.

And when you’re ready to do so, just know that there are many activities and facilities available for that purpose.

One of the fun activities you can engage in, is relaxing at the beach in front of the resort. I usually do this in the evening.

3 5 - Inagbe Grand Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Words can’t describe how much fun it can be.


Children playing area

As stated above,

Inagbe Grand Resort is a place for everyone.

So if you bring along kids who also feel like relaxing, there is a playground for them.

The playground is thoughtfully positioned in such a way that you can keep an eye on your kids, while also doing your own thing.


Based on my inspection, I’ll say the playground has nothing that may put kids in any danger.


Basketball court

Basketball is a game many people love.

But unfortunately,

Many resorts in Lagos seem to ignore this, when designing their resorts.

And as a result,

Lovers of this game hardly get to play it, during their getaways.


When it comes to IGR, playing this game won’t be a problem.

The resort features a good basketball court.

The court isn’t in the best condition possible, but you should have a great time playing in it.


Football pitch

While some people love basketball, we have those who prefer football.

And if the kind who prefers football, understand that Inagbe also has room for people like you.

The resort features a football pitch.

The pitch, of course, has grass on it, but it isn’t as big as the standard 11-a-side football pitches used in standard football games.


If you’ll love to play this game, I’ll advise that you come with your football boot; I’ve never played with bare legs on the pitch, so I can’t tell if there are sharp objects which may cause harm to your legs.


Tennis court

Tennis court is another facility provided by IGR.

I’m not a tennis fan, so I can’t really tell how okay the court is.

But from the looks of things, I also think the tennis court is in a manageable condition.

4 - Inagbe Grand Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Horse riding

Horse riding is one of the activities you can also engage in, at Inagbe Grand Resort.

There are a lot of horses in the area, so riding on horses should be the last thing you’ll have to worry about.


I must state that the condition of the horses these days is bad.

The horses look quite hungry and not very healthy.

In fact,

I felt pity for them and decided not to ride on them; although contrary to me thinking I was having mercy on them, a friend said riding them is rather what the poor horses would have preferred, as they themselves enjoy riding.



Inagbe Grand Resort also features a gym.

So if you’ll also like to use a gym, this should be no problem.


I must warn that the gym is in a poor state; some equipment pieces aren’t in working condition.

So expect only the basic equipment to be available.


Some ugly things you may experience

Earlier on,

I stated that I won’t ever recommend going to Inagbe Grand Resort at the present moment.

I also stated that,

My reason for saying so has to do with how poorly-managed the place presently is.

And to further give a good idea of what I mean, I’ll be informing you about some 11 ugly things you are likely to experience.


An environment polluted with horse poops

When you arrive at Inagbe Grand Resort, one of the things you’re very likely going to be welcomed with, is an environment polluted with horse poops.

The ground is usually littered with so much horse poop that you’ll be forced to be careful about your stepping.


The horse poops are often so many that you can perceive them in the air you’re breathing in.

1 18 - Inagbe Grand Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Lack of standard bathroom items

When lodging at a 4-star hotel, the provision of additional bathroom items like shampoo is a thing expected.


These things will be available to you on some occasions, but there are also going to be many occasions when these things won’t be available.

Let’s assume the accommodations at IGR are cheap, I wouldn’t have considered this a bad thing.

But for a place where the most basic room costs N45,000 per night, there is no excuse for the unavailability of these things on so many occasions.


Bad water [Muddy and smelling]

Another unpleasant thing about IGR is that the water running through their pipes can be sometimes muddy and smelling.


Broken air conditioning unit

While the room you’ll be assigned to may look nice, one thing you shouldn’t be surprised to find out is that the air conditioning unit of the room won’t be working.

4 8 - Inagbe Grand Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Delayed arrival of your boat

Inagbe Grand Resort,

As hinted above, is located on an Island.

In other words,

Getting to the place requires taking a (speed) boat from a jetty down to the island.

And while it’s possible to make a private arrangement for your own transportation, you can also pay IGR to make the arrangements for you.


If you ask IGR to make the arrangement for you, don’t be surprised if you get to the jetty at the agreed time but have to wait for an additional 45 minutes or even hours before the arrival of your boat.


Inoperative room service telephone

Another unpleasant thing you may experience during your visit to Inagbe Grand Resort is that the phone in your room may not be working.

This problem is a thing I and many friends have experienced on many occasions, so it’s kind of a normal thing at IGR.


Rudeness from staffs

While some staffs at IGR can be very helpful, there are some who can be very rude.

These rude staffs are in almost every part of the resort, so if you’ll be going to IGR, expect to experience some rudeness from the staffs.

5 3 - Inagbe Grand Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Serving of stale food

Serving of stale food is another unpleasant thing you’re likely to experience at the resort.

This has been experienced many times, so it’s not just a one-time thing.


Poor food hygiene

Here comes another unpleasant thing you may experience, “poor food hygiene”.


I’ve personally not experienced this, but I have 2 different friends who had serious stomach upset, after eating the foods served to them.


Power outage

Power outage is another thing you’re very likely to experience during your stay at Inagbe Grand Resort.

For some reason,

The backup generators used at the resorts get faulty frequently, and they haven’t seemed to figure out a permanent solution to the problem for years!

When it comes to this aspect, I think the management of the hotel has been spending to put an end to this problem, but still, this is a serious business, they should have procured a proper solution to the problem.

7 1 - Inagbe Grand Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Water outage

Due to the fact that power outage is often experienced at the IGR, you’ll most likely experience water outage, during your stay at the place.


Things to note

There’s a very poor network coverage

If you’ll still like to visit Inagbe Grand Resort, there are some things you should note.

One of these things is that there’s a very poor network coverage at the resort.

While some people may feel this is a bad thing, I won’t really consider it a bad thing because there’s little the hotel’s management can do about this.

But I just feel you should be aware of this, before deciding to go the place.


Wi-Fi is completely nonexistent

Another thing you should note is that Wi-Fi is not available at IGR.

In fact,

Don’t even expect a low-speed Wi-Fi, let alone a high-speed Wi-Fi.

Some people consider this a bad thing, while some consider it a good thing, since your visit to the place is suppose to be a getaway.

So I leave it to you to decide if this is a good or bad thing.

Things are quite expensive

I also believe it’s important making you aware Inagbe Grand Resort is quite an expensive place.

The foods and the drinks sold there are quite expensive.

In other words,

When coming, don’t plan like you’re coming to spend time at an affordable resort.


How to make a reservation

Let’s assume you’ll still like to visit IGR, a reservation can be made — (i) over the phone; (ii) with the help of a form on their official website; and (iii) on-site.

But if you ask me, I’ll ask you not to make any reservation over the phone or with the help of the form on their website.

I’ve never used any of these two methods, and with the way things are being done at the resort, I don’t trust them to make it possible for the first two methods to be devoid of problems.


Contact details

Inagbe is located on the Snake Island, Opposite Niger Dock, Amuwo-Odofin LGA, Lagos.

And if you’ll like to speak to someone, you can do so via any of the four numbers — +234-817-088-5223, +234-817-088-5231, +234-817-088-5261, and +234-817-088-5270.

The resort also has an email address (, but I won’t suggest wasting your time sending them an email; they don’t seem to check their mailbox.

As for the official website, it is available at


Final words

There is a very good chance that you’re reading about Inagbe because of the good stories you’ve heard about it.

But while the people who told you about it most likely didn’t lie to you, those people are either — (i) people who haven’t been there in a very long time; or (ii) people who were lucky to have a seamless experience during their visit.

In other words,

Inagbe is presently not as excellent as you may have heard, so it’s best to give the owner some time to fix the problems with it, before visiting.

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