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6 Best Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO in 2022

seo in 2021


You may find end-of-the-year reviews obsolete for your business after some time.

But it is an excellent opportunity for you to improve your digital marketing campaigns.

You don’t need to worry if you don’t have big capital to increase your organic traffic. 

Invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve your online engagement metrics!


What is SEO?

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You would see many web pages ranked when searching for a term or keywords in a search engine like Google. These websites have all the relevant information based on what you try to look for. 

There is also a set of ads (Google Ads) that appear in natural or organic search. It refers to unpaid search results.

For your business to rank on the first page in Google search, it takes a lot of effort to do that! 

Thanks to SEO! This is how it works. 

If you want to move up in the search ranking, your content needs to be easily readable by Google. It has to have a good reputation and relevant content. SEO optimizes your website based on these factors. 

But despite its importance to digital marketing, it is often misused or unused. 

Now that you know its importance to your marketing strategies, it is the best time for you to start. Launch your campaigns and invest in SEO wisely this 2021!

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should use SEO:


Organic traffic is the primary source of website visits worldwide. 

There is a big difference when you compare paid traffic (Google Ads) to organic searches.

On average,

Organic traffic of all websites worldwide reached 51%. While paid traffic has only 10%, 34% from other website visits, and 5% of the social network. 

Take, for example, how enterprises value BrightEdge. It is a global leader in content performance. It enables marketers to drive traffic to their websites. 

If you are new to SEO, organic search is more than fifty percent of the website traffic. 


Organic traffic is 20 times higher in Google search.

Invest in SEO 2021

As per MOZ and Jumpshot, an all-in-one SEO toolset, the user is 20 times more likely to search in the Google engine.

Surprisingly, they click more on the organic result than the pay-per-click Google Ads. 

Meaning, the more the users click your link, the higher you get traffic to your website using SEO!

The PPC (pay-per-click) results of your ad campaign will improve.

If you purchase PPC ads for your campaign and optimize it with SEO, it gives you a better chance to rank in search engines. 

When you have PPC ads for the same keywords you use in SEO, it makes you a better candidate for bidding in PPC campaigns. It allows your ad to appear near the top page when your potential buyer search for the keyword. 

That is how SEO helps your PPC campaign to gain better results!

SEO improves customer retention. 

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Any users who come across your website and see your PPC ads could be by chance or confusion. 

But when you optimize your campaign with SEO, the better chance it can lead to sales conversion.

This is because your campaign drives their engagement and moves the business. They find what they are looking for in searching the keywords and find your link on top searches.

SEO organic traffic can convert more loyal users or customers for your business!


Other areas significantly affect using SEO. Here are some: 

  • The codes will be more verbose. In a programming language, the lengthier the codes are, the better it is to understand. One of the most essential SEO assessments is to determine what HTTP status codes exist on a website. With the right SEO techniques, Google can read your source code. Your campaign ads can be searchable.
  • Your ad campaigns can have a solid SEO base in which contents are relevant and useful for the users. 
  • Your content in social media may or may not affect your web page position in the search engine. But the social profiles can also influence the content of your site results. If your social accounts ranked in search engines, the more you would drive traffic to your site. 
  • You can correct some technical or SEO issues on your site that may be useful for ranking in the long term.
  • According to BrightEdge, on average, 40% of your website revenue can be from SEO traffic. It sounds profitable for your business! 


If you want to invest in SEO in 2021, here are some of the things you need to consider: 

  • Do you have a specialization in SEO?
  • Can you invest in hiring experts in SEO?
  • Do you have time to learn how to do SEO?
  • Does your company has the resources to adapt to SEO?

If you want to pursue SEO,

Here is a simplified step-by-step process for you to take. 

Invest in SEO 2021

  1. You can take an SEO course from AuthorityLabs that would help you learn basic SEO. One thing you need to know is how to choose the right keywords. There is good Keyword Research available or hire professionals to do it for you.
  2. If you have some knowledge about codings, you can optimize the site codes from the keywords. If you have no technical skills, you can hire webmasters to improve your site codes.
  3. Improve your content using the SEO criteria. You have to consider the website contents that would be accessible to Google or other search engine users. 
  4. You need to get good backlinks. It is essential that you need useful information in your content from other sites. This is one of the most critical factors in SEO positioning. Your backlinks must be of acceptable quality with the necessary details. They are the leading consult link building companies that can help you to get good backlinks. 


As much as you would like to put your investment in SEO,

Here are the 3 DONT’S that you need to remember:

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  1. The result may not take overnight. Before investing in SEO, you need to understand that it takes months to see the desired results. It may vary from 3-12 months. So it is a really long-term plan for your business. 
  2. If your potential clients do not use a search engine like Google, SEO may not help your ad campaign. You can carry out Keyword Research to see the figures. You can see if the potential customers are searching for that particular product/service on the Google platform. 
  3. If your budget cannot sustain SEO in the long run, there is no continuity on your desired result. You can save first before investing in SEO. Or make a minimal investment just to improve your site. But do not expect that your site can have a good positioning in the ranking. 

Start investing in SEO and see how your business progress in 2021!

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