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Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

1 7 - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Jubilee Chalets is a resort located in the Epe area of Lagos.

The resort is owned by the Lagos State Government but managed by a private company.

What makes Jubilee worthwhile of writing about is that, it’s one of those few resorts in Lagos almost completely devoid of flaws.

Or in other words,

It isn’t one of those resorts where you’ll experience things like — dirty rooms, power outage, water outage, provision of muddy and smelling water, rudeness from staffs, dirty environment, serving of stale food, etc.

2 7 - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

In short,

If you’ll like an excellent experience, Jubilee is one of the first places to consider.


With the place being priced within the range of what most people can afford, I don’t think money will be a reason to not consider it.


The statement above gives a summary of what Jubilee Chalets is about, but there is a lot more I can tell you.

I can provide you with the information you’ll need about the types of accommodation available at the place, features of the resort,  with so much other information you’ll find very helpful for your visitation.

So stick with me till the end of this content.

3 6 - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Accommodation types

The standard room

The standard room is the most basic of all accommodation types available at Jubilee.

These accommodations feature 1 living room and 1 bedroom, and they’re designed to be occupied by 2 people, at most.

a1 - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

And not only do these accommodations feature living rooms, but their living rooms are also further spacious.

a2 - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

As for the cost of per night, expect to pay N30,000.


The deluxe room

The deluxe rooms are very similar to the standard rooms. But unlike the standard rooms, they also feature kitchens.

b1 - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

In other words,

If you’ll like to do some cooking during your time at the resort, you have to consider this over a standard room.

b2 - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

These rooms are also meant to be occupied by at most 2 people.

And as for the cost, expect to pay N35,000 per night.

I should probably explicitly add that deluxe rooms feature cable TVs, just like the standard rooms.


The executive suite

The executive suites are more impressive than both the standard rooms and the deluxe rooms.

These suites each feature — a sitting room (with an anteroom), a dining room, 3 rooms (each with its own en suite bathroom), a fully-equipped kitchen, a laundry room, and a private parking space for up to 2 cars.

These accommodations are meant for families or a group of people who will like to stay together, during their time at Jubilee.

The sizes of the bedrooms in this suite are similar to the sizes of the standard and the deluxe rooms, but the living room of the executive suite is much bigger.

c1 - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

To stay at an executive suite for a night, expect to spend N150,000.

c2 - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]


The presidential suite

The presidential suite is the most impressive of all accommodations available at Jubilee.

These accommodations feature — 2 living room (with anteroom and guest toilet), a dining room, 3 bedrooms (each with its own en suite bathroom), a fully-equipped kitchen, a laundry room, and a private parking space for up to 2 cars.

But not only do these accommodations feature more rooms, the rooms in them are also significantly more luxurious.

d1 - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

The cost of staying in a presidential suite is N250,000 per night.

d2 - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

So unless you need a bigger space or you want to spend money on luxury, I will recommend staying in an executive suite.



Conference hall [Capacity: 700 people]

A conference hall is one of the things featured at Jubilee Charlet.

Jubilee was designed to be a place people can also come to for corporate reasons, so the designers of the resort felt it’ll be a good idea to include a conference hall in the design.

As hinted above,

The conference hall is big.

It’s capable of taking as many as 700 people comfortably.

Cnfr - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

And as regards the standard, it’s not the most impressive conference hall in Nigeria, but I’m sure everyone, regardless of your standard, will find it okay.


Note that getting accommodation at the resort doesn’t give you automatic access to the conference hall.

To use the conference hall, you’ll have to explicitly make a reservation for it, and this will of course require paying.

I should further add that, to use the conference hall, you also don’t need to get any accommodation at the resort.


Boardroom [Capacity: 30 people]

A conference hall isn’t the only facility available for corporate reasons. A boardroom is also one of the things available.

This board room is quite standard and can take up to 30 people.

BrdR - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

And just like the conference room, making using of the boardroom requires explicitly making a reservation for it.


24-hours power supply

24-hours of power supply is another feature at Jubilee Chalets.

During all the periods I’ve spent there, there was power supply, so I’m sure this feature isn’t a lie.


When I say the place has 24-hours of power supply, this doesn’t mean you’ll never experience a power outage at all.

There may actually be power outage, but when there is, it won’t take more than 8 minutes before power gets restored, that’s what is meant by 24 hours power supply.


Swimming pool

A swimming pool is also one of the things you’ll find at Jubilee.

The resort has a single general swimming pool.

Swmn - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

To use the pool,

You’ll have to leave your chalet and walk down to the place where the pool is located.

This pool is quite big and standard.

And as you’ll expect,

The pool is well-maintained; so you don’t have to worry about getting a skin infection from swimming in the pool.


Football pitch

It is certain that some of the people who’ll be visiting Jubilee will be people who play football.

And if you’re one of such people and will like to play the game, this should be no problem as the resort has a general football pitch.

The football pitch featured is a standard 5-a-side field.

It has grasses and every other important thing you’ll expect.


If you’re not interested in playing, but just prefer to watch, this should be no problem; the field has got bleachers on its two sides.

And if you wonder whether playing on the field requires paying, the answer is “No”.


Tennis court

There are people who will prefer tennis to football.

If you’re one of such people, Jubilee also has room for someone like you.

The resort features a standard tennis court.

This court is standard and well-maintained. So you should really have a good time playing in it.


I must state that if you don’t come with someone who also likes playing the game, you may not find someone to play it with you.

As regards whether it also costs some additional fee to use this court, the answer is “No”.



Jubilee Chalets, of course, features a restaurant.

The restaurant is a standard one, and it serves both local and continental dishes.

I have tasted a lot of foods at this restaurant, and I must say, they’re doing a really good job.

One of the things I appropriate the most is that, despite how good the foods are, they aren’t overpriced.

As regards hygiene,

I believe this is nothing to worry about.

The restaurant is very hygienic, and I’ve never heard a single person complain in relation to this.

So when you come to Jubilee, you should really consider tasting the foods sold at the restaurant.



Wi-Fi is also one of the things you’ll find at Jubilee Chalets.

Their Wi-Fi gives you high-speed internet access.

It’s unfortunate I never remember to measure the data transfer speed of their Wi-Fi, but one thing I can tell you is, I watched a lot of 1,080p YouTube videos, and there was absolutely no buffering.

As regards whether there’s a limit to how much data transfer you can use, I don’t know. I have never used their Wi-Fi heavily, so I can’t say much about this.



Another important thing you’ll find at Jubilee is a gym.

The resort features a general gym that opens very early in the morning.

The gym is quite standard, so expect to find all common gym equipment there.

GymX - Jubilee Chalets Epe,Lagos : [ Pictures & Honest Review]

I should add that,

The gym is quite spacious, so if you’re many, all of you going there at once should be no problem.


Things to note

Only card payments are allowed

Before going to Jubilee,

There are some things you should note.

And one of these things is that only card payments are allowed.

If you’ve been to a lot of places, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

In fact,

The moment you step into the resort is the moment you’ll start seeing signs carrying this information.

And as regards what type of cards are allowed, MasterCard, VISA, and Verve cards are all supported.

As for other card types (like AmericanExpress), I don’t know, because I’ve never used such a card at the place, but they should work as well.

For those who wonder whether bank transfers are allowed, the answer is “No”.


The resort is a bit far

If you’re coming from Mainland Lagos or most other popular places in Lagos, know that getting to Jubilee will take you some time.

Getting to the place usually takes me about an hour, from the 2nd Lekki Toll Gate.

Some people like this and some don’t.

But if you’re one of those who aren’t pleased with the distance, let me assure you that Jubilee is really worth it.


Things the resort is ideal for

I believe Jubilee Chalet will be great for many things. And some things I can boldly recommend the place for are —


Personal and group getaways

At times,

You (and probably a group of people) may feel like getting far away from the hectic life of Lagos.

Under such circumstance,

Jubilee Chalets is one of the best places you can come if you’re not interested in things like a party.

The resort is peaceful and very lovely, and I’m very sure you’ll have a lovely time.

And if some of you coming are boys, this also means you can make good use of the football pitch provided.


Since the accommodation and the foods at this place are reasonably-priced, I don’t think they will be too expensive for most people.


Professional camping

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen many cases where companies or government entities bring a set of people together and ask them to work on something.

For instance,

My company often hire developers and ask them to develop something for them.

If you work for a company or government entity who does things like this, Jubilee is one of the places you can camp your hires at.

Not only is it pocket friendly, your hires will also have a great time staying there.


Romantic getaways

Do you have a partner and feel you two should go somewhere quiet and fun, to spend time together? If “yes”, then Jubilee is another great place to consider.

I’ve seen many people do this, so I’m very sure you won’t regret going there for such.


I must warn that, if your point of having a getaway is for sightseeing, you should consider some other place (like a beach).


Cooperate events

Another thing I believe Jubilee will be ideal for is for corporate events.

I’m not only saying this because the resort features a conference hall and a boardroom, I’m also saying this because the resort was actually designed with this kind of thing in mind.

In other words,

You’ll have a better experience hosting corporate events at this place, compared to so many other places in Lagos.


Family holidays

If you plan to have a family holiday, Jubilee is also a thoughtful place to come.


I won’t recommend this place for just any type of family holiday.


I will only recommend it for those families interested in a peaceful experience.


Frequently-asked questions

1. Are parking spaces available?


Good parking spaces are available at Jubilee.

Jubilee Chalets is so spacious that even if you host a lot of people at the resort, parking space availability isn’t something you’ll have to worry about.

I can’t specifically state how many cars the resort will comfortably take, but I’m sure it’ll be close to 1,000, or even higher.


Final words

As long as you don’t go there for the wrong reason, Jubilee Chalets is a place you’ll enjoy.

Of all the people who have been there, I’m yet to find someone who has a negative feeling about the place.

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