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Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

0 12 - Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Kamp Ikaare [KI], which is often misspelled as “Kamp Ikare”, a beach resort located on the Ikaare Village Island, Badagry, Lagos.

The resort isn’t that special, it’s just a place I’ll recommend when you’re interested in a resort where you are guaranteed not to experience issues.



Kamp Ikaare is a place designed to be occupied by up to 30 people.

The resort is made up of two sections.

1 14 - Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

The first section,

Which is also the main section, is made up of a general beach house, a general swimming pool, and 6 duplex chalets.

2 14 - Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

The chalets are places where individuals can spend time alone, but when you feel like having fun with the rest of your group, the general beach house is where you can all come together to have fun.

Talking about the rooms in the chalets, the rooms are just basic rooms. They are far from luxurious, but you’re guaranteed to find them in good conditions.

3 11 - Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

The general swimming,

As the name implies, is a swimming pool meant for everyone in the section [the first section].

4 4 - Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

The pool is the typical kind you’ll find in Lagos resorts, in terms of standard.

And as regards hygiene, I can assure you that there’s nothing to worry about, as the pool is well-maintained.

As for the second section, the section features another general beach house, another general swimming pool, and 2 other duplex chalets.

5 1 - Kamp Ikaare Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

The general beach house, the swimming pool, and the duplex chalets are all similar to those of the first section.

In other words,

The major difference between the first section and the second section is the number of duplex chalets in them.


Foods and drinks

KI is not a resort featuring a restaurant.

The resort is the kind where you’re expected to make arrangements for your foods and drinks by yourself.

You can either bring foods from outside, or you can prepare them in the kitchen at the resort.

For those who’ll like to prepare their foods themselves but don’t have someone to do it, the resort has staffs who can help with this.

I should also explicitly add that for those who’ll be bringing foods and drinks from outside, there’s no need to pay any corkage fee.



Kamp Ikaare was not designed with the intention of being a place to come have fun.


It was designed to be a place where you’ll come to relax.

And as a result,

The only fun activity at KI is swimming.

If you’ll like to engage in other sports like football, horse riding, quad bike riding, etc, nothing stops you from doing so, it’s just that you’ll have to make arrangements for those things  yourself.



The management of KI hasn’t been very open about the pricing of the resort.


From the little experiences I’ve had with them, I can say, prepare to spend between N400,000 and N800,000 per day.

Note that,

Renting the resort is an exclusive thing; this means that when you rent it, you’ll have the whole resort to yourself, for that day(s).


You should further be aware that, to make any inquiry, you’ll first have to pay a sum of N30,000. This N30,000 is non-refundable.

It doesn’t matter if you end up renting the resort or not, the N30,000 won’t be refunded.

But if you end up renting the resort, N30,000 will be deducted from the total amount the resort should ordinarily cost.



If you’ll like to talk to someone at KI, consider visiting the place at “Ikaare Village Island, Badagry, Lagos”.


If you’ll like a phone call, consider calling the number +234-810-000-0467.

Kamp Ikaare has no official online presence, so there are no things like —a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a website, etc at the moment of writing this article.


Things to note

Getting there requires taking a boat

There are a number of things you should also know about KI, and one of these things is that getting to the place requires taking a boat.


For those afraid about traveling on water, I can assure you there’s nothing to worry about.

There are safety measures in place to ensure your safety.

And even if there’s any problem, there are protocols to further ensure that there’s never a loss of life.


The mobile networks there are poor

Another thing you should know about Kamp Ikaare is that the mobile network signals over there are poor.

This means that,

If it’s very important for people to be able to reach you [over the phone] all through your stay, then you may want to consider another resort.



Kamp Ikaare is absolutely a great place to go enjoy some peace and tranquillity.


If you’ll prefer a place where you can also catch some fun, during your stay, there are better places like Sencillo and Jubilee Chalets.

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