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La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

0 7 - La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

La Campagne Tropicana [LCT] is a beach resort located in “Ikegun, Ibeju-Lekki Area, Off Lekki/Epe Expressway, Lagos, Nigeria”.

The resort, of course, features a beach and it also has a lot of cool activities, but those aren’t the most iconic things about the place.

The iconic thing about La Campagne Tropicana is its design.

This resort was designed around showing off the African culture.

1 9 - La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]




I’ve already stated where La Campagne Tropicana is located.

But the reason why I’m talking about location again is that there’s something else worthwhile saying about its location.

And this other thing worthwhile saying is that, the place where this resort is located is very far, especially if you’re coming from Lagos Mainland.

The place is so far that I’m yet to come across someone who doesn’t have something to say about it.

So before making up your mind to pay the resort a visit, be sure you don’t mind the distance.



There are many types of accommodation available at La Campagne Tropicana.

You can get something of about N60,000 per night or something more expensive, depending on what you prefer.

The following will give further details about these accommodation types —


2 9 - La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


 Accommodation type namePrice [per night]Details





N60,000 per night


This accommodation is a duplex chalet. It was built with mud, in a nice way, just like the other accommodations.


This chalet features a king-size bed [upstairs] and a standard size bed [downstairs]. It also features a balcony. where you can enjoy a view of the ocean as well as get some cool breeze at night.


There is, of course, a bathroom featured in this apartment.


As regards the appliances featured, expect to find things like — AC unit, TV set, and refrigerator.


These apartments are meant to be occupied by 2 people, at most.





Executive Kodi




This accommodation is also a duplex chalet, but a bit bigger than the Kodi accommodation.


This chalet features a sitting room [downstairs] and two king-size beds [upstairs]. It, of course, also has its own balcony and bathroom.


As regards the appliances featured, expect to also find things like — AC unit, TV set, and refrigerator.


The Executive Kodi apartments are meant to be occupied by 2 people, at most.









The Oso accommodation is a bungalow apartment meant for the people who are coming as a family. The apartment features two king-size beds, which are expected to take at most 2 adults and 2 kids.


In this type of accommodation, you’ll also find things like — AC unit, TV set, and refrigerator. I should further add that the TVs in these rooms are larger.


And, of course, these apartments have got their individual en-suite bathrooms.





Oba Ilerigi 1




There 3 different types of accommodation at LCT, sharing the name “Oba Ilerigi”. And in this content, I will be distinguishing them with the numbers 1, 2, and 3.


The simplest Oba Ilerigi which I’ll distinguish with the figure “1” (i.e. Oba Ilerigi 1), is a 1-room apartment. This apartment is also a treehouse. It features one bed and, of course, a bathroom.


You’ll also find the following things in it — AC unit, TV set, and refrigerator.


As regards what sets it apart from the other accommodations mentioned so far, this apartment features a private swimming pool.


The Oba Ilerigi 1 apartments are meant to be occupied by 2 adults, at most.





Oba Ilerigi 2




These apartments are very similar to the Oba Ilerigi 1 apartments. The significant difference between them is that the Oba Ilerigi 2 apartments are more luxurious.





Oba Ilerigi 3




The Oba Ilerigi 3 accommodations are also tree houses. But unlike its 2 other counterparts which feature just one room, this accommodation type features a sitting room, three bedrooms, and a swimming pool. And of course, there are also bathrooms in these apartments.


The additional things you’ll find in an Oba Ilerigi 3 treehouse are — AC units, TV sets, and refrigerator.


As regards how many people are meant to occupy these apartments, a maximum of 4 adults and 2 kids are meant to occupy a single Oba Ilerigi 3 apartment.









The Obieze accommodation is a type of accommodation similar to the Oba Ilerigi 3. These apartments feature the same set of things the Oba Ilerigi 3 apartments have. But unlike the later, Obieze apartments don’t have private swimming pools.


And yes, the price of this accommodation is N150,000. I know you may wonder that, “Why is the Oba Ilerigi 3 N100,000 more expensive, since swimming pool is the major difference?”.


Well, unfortunately, I can’t provide a very good answer to that, but one thing I can say is that, the fact that the Oba Ilerigi 3 is a treehouse [compared to Obieze which is just a bungalow], is probably one of the reasons behind this huge price difference.





Amosan 1




The Amosan 1 accommodation is another bungalow apartment. It features a living room, three bedrooms, and a sit-out area.


However, unlike the Obieze, this apartment is more spacious and a bit more luxurious.


As regards how many people they are meant for, a single Amosan 1 accommodation is meant for a maximum of 6 adults.


And of course, you’ll find the following in it — AC unit, TV set, and refrigerator.





Amosan 2




The Amosan 2 is the biggest, the most spacious, and the most luxurious accommodation type available at La Campagne Tropicana.


An accommodation of this type comes with two sitting rooms, 1 dining area, four bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool, and an inbuilt bar. And they of course also have a sit-out area where you can enjoy nature.


There are absolutely things like — AC unit, TV set, and refrigerator. But that’s still not all, these apartments also come with visitor’s toilets.


As regards how many people are meant to occupy an Amosan 2 apartment, not more than 8 adults are to occupy a single Amosan 2 accommodation.



Getting in

La Campagne Tropicana is a place meant for both people who want to have fun just during the day and those who further intend to spend their night there as well.

For those who will only be spending just the day, the gate fee is required.

For a kid, N1,500 is what is required; for a teenager, N3,000 is what is required; and for an adult, N5,000 is what is required.

For those who intend passing the night as well, you won’t be required to pay any entrance fee.


Activities and facilities

Retreat on the lagoon

There are a lot of activities and facilities you can engage in, for fun, while at La Campagne Tropicana.

And of these things is a retreat on the Lagos lagoon.

This retreat will involve cruising from Raddisson Blu hotel [in Victoria Island] to LCT [in Ibeju-Lekki].

The boat you’ll board will have facilities like — flip charts, projectors, screens, Wi-Fi, and writing materials.

As regards the cost,

Below should give you an idea about how much the activity will cost you —

  • Group of 02 — 10 people: N820,000
  • Group of 11 — 15 people: N1,037,000
  • Group of 16 — 25 people: N1,712,500

Be aware that the prices above cover breakfast and lunch. But I’ll suggest that you should also ask them about what type of food will be served, to know if you’ll be okay with the dishes or whether you’ll have to make some additional plans as well.


Dinning on water

This activity,

As the name implies, involves having breakfast, lunch, or dinner on water.

3 8 - La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

When you pay for this activity, you’ll be given a boat, someone to drive it, and someone to handle the preparation of your food.

There are two packages available — the romantic package and the group package.

The romantic package is for couples and will cost N70,000 per meal, including the cost of the food that will be served.

As for the group package, it allows up to 5 people and the cost is N127,000.


Swimming lesson

If you’ll love to swim but don’t know how to, you can take advantage of your visit to LCT, and learn how to.

La Campagne Tropicana offers swimming lessons for people who don’t know how to swim.

This lesson costs N8,000 for every 1-hour swimming lesson.


Water volleyball

LCT also offers the water volleyball game.

The game is not a very popular one among resorts in Lagos, but it is very interesting.

4 2 - La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

If you know how to swim and haven’t ever played this game before, it is one of those I’ll strongly ask you to consider.

As regards the cost,

Playing water volleyball is free.

So even if you don’t have a lot of cash to spend, you should still be able to engage in this activity.


Snooker board

Lovers of snooker,

I’m also glad to mention that this is one of the games available at the resort.

La Campagne has a good billiard board and there is a very good chance you’ll find people who’ll be interested in playing the game with you.


One thing I don’t know is if it costs some money to play the game, but when I played it, I wasn’t asked to pay to anyone.


Bicycle riding

La Campagne isn’t a place for only adults. The place is meant for people of all ages.

So if you’ll be bringing a kid along, they won’t have a problem having fun as well, as bicycles are available for children to ride.

Oh yes,

It is said that adults can also enjoy this activity, but I don’t think it’s appropriate.

As regards the cost,

I know this is a paid activity, but I haven’t been able to find out the exact amount.


Beach soccer

Beach soccer is a very interesting game, especially for football lovers.

And if you’re the kind who likes it, enjoying it at LCT won’t be a problem.

The resort has a facility for this, so the beach soccer I’m talking about is the standard beach soccer.


I must mention that, you may have to bring along your ball, as you may be unable to get one from the resort, due to unavailability.

This game is free,

So there’s no need to worry about paying.


Canoe cruise

Canoe cruise is another interesting game available at La Campagne.

This activity isn’t one of the most interesting, but it will be a great option for someone interested in a water game but can’t afford the expensive cost of other water games.

As regards the cost,

All you need is N1,000 for a 10-minute cruise.


Table tennis

If you’re a lover of table tennis, know that a ping pong table is one of those things you’ll find at LCT.

The game is free, so you won’t have to worry about paying.


I must mention that this isn’t one of the most played games at the place, so if you really want to play it during your visit, you should consider bringing along a playing partner.


Ololufe park

If you’re coming with your partner, the Ololufe park [lovers park] is one of the places you should consider visiting.

5 - La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

This facility,

As the name implies, is a park meant for lovers, but in an African style.

Spending the evening with your partner here, is one of the best ways I think lovers can spend their time.


Horse riding

Horse riding is a thing you’ll find at La Campagne.

There are a lot of horses available, so engaging in this activity should be no problem.

But as you will expect, this isn’t for free.


Sea scooter

The sea scooter game is not a very popular one, at least among resorts in Lagos.

But believe me when I say this is one of the most interesting water games you can possibly find.

6 - La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


The activity involves holding a particular type of machine with one or two hands.

When you turn the machine on, it starts to move; and since your hands are also locked on it, the scooter ends up pulling you about, in whatever direction you point it to.

This activity is of course not free.

For a 5 minutes ride, expect to pay N5,000; for a 10-minute ride, expect to pay N8,000, and for a 30 minutes ride, expect to pay N25,000.


Boat cruise

The boat cruise is similar to the canoe cruise.

But compared to the canoe cruise, more people can participate at a time, and also you get the chance to cruise even faster.

To enjoy this activity,

You’ll have to pay.

And the following provides the information you’ll need about the pricing —


DurationPrice per personMinimum number of person’s required
110 minutesN2,00010
230 minutesN5,00010
360 minutesN8,00010



Snorkeling is an activity I’ve loved since the minute I learnt about it.

But I never thought enjoying the game was possible here in Lagos until the first day I went to La Campagne.

7 - La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

So if you’re also the kind who loves the sport but has never engaged in it before, know that this is one of those things you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy at LCT.

As you must expect,

Snorkeling is a paid activity.

The cost is between N8,000 and N10,000 per 30-minute ride.

The exact amount you’ll have to pay will depend on what set of equipment you request.



If Basketball is a game you love, playing it at La Campagne should be no problem.

The resort has a basketball court, although it is far from being in the best condition.

But if you don’t mind the defects in the court, you should have a good time playing the game.



Swimming is of course one of the activities available at LCT.

La Campagne features a general swimming pool which is so long that people at the resort do refer to it as the longest pool in the world.

So not only is swimming available at the resort, expect the swimming experience to be more fun because of the size of the pool.

Swimming is a free activity.



Kayaking is also an activity available at LCT.

This sport may not seem like fun, but if you engage in it at a perfect moment, you’ll come to appreciate and probably even become a big lover of the activity.


The sport is of course a paid one.

To rent a single kid kayak, you’ll need N500, and to rent a single adult kayak, you’ll need N1,000.


I should mention that each sport session lasts for 10 minutes.

So if after 10 minutes, you’ll still like to engage in the game, you’ll have to pay again.



Beach football isn’t the only type of football available at La Campagne, standard football is also available.

But when I say standard football, I’m not saying an 11-a-side pitch is available.

By “standard”,

I mean there is a manageable football pitch where you can play the FIFA kind of football.



Here comes another activity available to you, during your visit to La Campagne.

For those who don’t know what this is, it basically involves attaching a tube to a boat, you’ll then sit in the tube, while the boat drags it about, in water.

8 - La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


While I consider it a game you should try, I won’t recommend it for people who don’t know how to swim.

The following provides the details you’ll need about the cost —


Pulling objectDurationCost
1Canoe10 minutesN2,000
2Speed boat10 minutesN5,000
3Canoe30 minutesN5,000
4Speed boat30 minutesN13,000



There are a good number of jetskis available for those who may be interested.

The activity is very interesting, and if you can afford the costs below, you should consider it —

  • 5 minutes ride: N5,000;
  • 10 minutes ride: N8,000;
  • 30 minutes ride: N25,000; and
  • 60 minutes ride: N46,000.



Bicycle riding isn’t the only activity/facility provided specifically for children, swings are also among the things provided for them.

So if you’re coming with a kid, be assured they will also have a great time.



La Campagne features a standard gym.

So if you’re the kind who gyms, then it is one of the activities you may consider during your stay.

The facility opens quite early in the morning, so if you’ll prefer engaging in gym activities in the morning, this should be no problem.



La Campagne is claimed to be protected by armed policemen, security personnel from a private security company, and local security men.


I’ve been able to confirm the presence of only security personnel from the private security company.



At La Campagne Tropicana,

There is a wide range of African dishes you can get. But not just that, the foods are also very delicious. And I’ll give them a 5-star rating in this aspect.


I must mention that things are quite expensive at the place.

So when coming to this place, be prepared to spend some serious amount of money if you’ll like to eat satisfactorily.

As regards whether you are allowed the bring food in, it depends.

If you are coming for a visit during the day, you are allowed to bring foods in, only if you’re also willing to pay a corkage fee. And the corkage fee is N1,000 per adult.


If you’ll be passing the night at the resort, you won’t be allowed to bring in food at all, even if you’re willing to pay a corkage fee.


How okay things are

If you’ve been to a lot of places in Lagos, one thing you must have learnt is that not all places are as great as they seem online.

And if you wonder where La Campagne stands in this aspect, let me say, “the management of the resort can perform much better”. I’ll be backing up this claim with some facts —


Many activities and facilities are not available most of the time

While there are a lot of great activities and facilities available at La Campagne, don’t expect all those activities to be available during your visit.

At times,

Some equipment and gears won’t be in good working conditions; at times, there won’t be people to attend to you; at times, some facilities will be unkempt; and so on.


There are a good number of very unprofessional staffs

At La Campagne you’ll find some staffs who will be very helpful, thoughtful, polite, and very professional.

But at the same time, you’ll find some who will be very unprofessional.

There are many of these unprofessional staffs at the place, and you’re bound to meet some of them during your visit.

2 18 - La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


The accommodations aren’t always in good conditions

If you plan to pass a night at La Campagne, an unpleasant surprise you may also experience is, being given accommodation that isn’t in a good condition.

On several occasions,

I and friends have been offered subpar accommodations, so I’m sure this isn’t just a one-time thing we were just unfortunate to experience during our own visit.

For instance,

You may be given an apartment with serious cracks on the walls; you may be given a room that was poorly cleaned; you may be given a room having faulty appliances [AC, TV, etc]; and so on.

3 14 - La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


The swimming pools aren’t always in good conditions

Another unpleasant thing you’re likely to experience is, the meeting of the swimming pools in poor conditions.

At times,

These pools can be so dirty that you can’t swim in them.

4 7 - La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]


What the place is ideal for

Under normal circumstances,

I’ll have said La Campagne is an ideal place —

  1. People who want to have a great getaway;
  2. People who want to experience nature;
  3. People who want to show off the African culture to their foreign friend; and
  4. People who are passionate about African culture and want to connect with it.

9 - La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Further things to know

Conference facilities are available

One of the things I feel you should also be aware of is that La Campagne has conference facilities capable of occupying as many as 500 people.

There are both indoor and outdoor versions.

And I think these facilities will be very thoughtful places to host things related to the African culture.


Due to how poorly managed the resort is, I probably won’t recommend using the conference rooms, at least not until things change for the better.


Only phone cameras are allowed

If you are the kind who takes pictures with professional cameras, when visiting places, know that the use of these cameras is strongly frowned upon at La Campagne.

If you’ll like to take pictures, you can use your phone, and you won’t have to pay.


If you’ll like to do a pre-wedding photoshoot, you may be allowed to take professional pictures, if you’re also willing to pay a fee of N50,000. This fee will give entry access to you, your partner, and two other people, making 4 people in total.

For further details, I was told you’ll have to send an email to the following address —


Cooking is not allowed

If you plan to spend a night at La Campagne, be aware that cooking is not allowed.

It doesn’t matter whether you paid for the most expensive accommodation, you won’t be allowed to cook.

All foods you’re going to eat are expected to be bought at the restaurant on the premises.

So before deciding to spend a night here, also take this into consideration.


Pets are not allowed

Pets are not allowed at La Campagne, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

It doesn’t matter whether the pet is small or harmless, bringing in a pet can result in the management asking you to leave the resort.


Additional things the writer has to say

A better name could have been used

I don’t know about you, but personally, a think a better name could have been used for this resort, instead of the name “La Campagne”.

There’s nothing wrong with the “La Campagne” name itself, but considering the fact that this resort is designed around showing off the African culture, it will have made more sense to use an African name, not a French name.


Reservation and contact details

Reservations can be made both on-site and on the resort’s website.

As regards contact details,

You can find this resort in “Ikegun, Ibeju-Lekki Area, Off Lekki/Epe Expressway, Lagos, Nigeria”.

And to give them a call, you can do so to any of these two numbers — +234-708-529-2796 and +234-805-222-5226.



La Campagne Tropicana has been a great resort in the past, and I also believe it has the potential to rank as one of the top resorts in Nigeria, once again.

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