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La Manga Resort (Luxury Beach Villas): [ Pictures & Honest Review]

00 - La Manga Resort (Luxury Beach Villas):  [ Pictures & Honest Review]

La Manga Resort – Which is often called “La Manga” and “La Manga Luxury Beach Villas”, is one of the beach houses at Ilashe Island (Ilashe Beach).

When the resort started operating, it was amazing – Makes a major reason behind its popularity.


As at the December of 2020, it has some serious issues.


Giving details about La Manga and the things within it, the resort features three nice villas of the same type.

Each of these villas has an activity room and four bedrooms. One of these rooms in question is a master bedroom.

And unlike the standard rooms, which have just basic things like an en-suite bathroom and wardrobe, the master bedroom further has things like a sitting room and lounge.

02 - La Manga Resort (Luxury Beach Villas):  [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Each villa has a well-furnished kitchen.

And while you’re allowed to make arrangements of foods and drinks by yourself, you can also use the services of the chefs at the place, or you can pay them to handle it for you.


Fun facilities and activities

Quad Bike Riding

There are a lot of fun activities offered at La Manga; one of these activities is quad bike riding.

If you’ve ever been to a beach before, you should know what this is and how fun it can be.


Just as you may have already assumed, engaging in quad bike riding is a thing you’ll have to pay some additional amount for.


Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball is another fun activity you can engage in.

I personally love this game and so do so many other people.

In other words,

Since La Manga is one of the few Ilashe Beach resorts offering the game, this may be a good reason to choose it over its competition.


Unlike quad bike riding, beach volleyball won’t cost you any additional money.


Beach Soccer

Beach soccer is also one of the very interesting activities you’ll find at La Manga.


One thing you should note is that, if you don’t come as a group, you may have a hard time finding people who’ll join you in this game.

So if you’ll really like to play this game during your visit to La Manga, consider coming as a group or during festive periods.



Swimming is, of course, one of the activities available at La Manga.

The resort features three big swimming pools, with each one assigned to one of the three villas.


While I consider the swimming pools standard enough, I’ll ask you to inspect the water before jumping into it.

My reason for saying this is that on many occasions [when it isn’t during festive periods], I’ve seen foams in the pools, a sign that they aren’t well maintained.


Mini golf

Golf lovers,

I’m happy to mention that La Manga has some mini golf courses.

04 - La Manga Resort (Luxury Beach Villas):  [ Pictures & Honest Review]

The golf courses are among the things you’ll automatically have access to, when you pay; so, you won’t have to pay any additional money, to use them.



The amount of money you’ll have to pay isn’t fixed. Rather, the amount will depend on —

(i) Number of people visiting the resort

(ii) Reason for your visitation – Leisure, Wedding

(iii) Time of the year you’re visiting the place – December, New year etc.

(iv) how much time you’ll be spending.

The following are the packages offered at the resort.


The Day Visit Package

The Day Visit Package is the package meant for those who plan to visit the resort during the day.

And by “day”, the hours between 10 am and 6 pm are what I mean.


If you’ll like this plan, you are expected to either come — (i) with your spouse, or (ii) as a group of at least 10 people.

For people coming with their partner, you’ll be expected to pay a sum of N300,000.

You’re free to bring along your own foods and drinks, but the N300,000 already covers the food and drinks you’ll need.

I’ll also like to add that this N300,000 also covers your transportation between the jetty and the resort (to and fro).

I should further explicitly state that, you’ll be allowed to use the facilities of the resort.

So not only will you get a seat and be able to take pictures, but you’ll also be allowed to swim, stay in the rooms, play beach soccer, see the length and breadth of the resort, etc.

As for the people coming as a group of at least 10 people, N60,000 per person is what you’ll have to pay.

In other words,

If you’re 10 in number, you’ll be expected to pay N600,000, but if you’re 15 in number, you’ll be expected to pay N900,000.

This, of course, covers foods, drinks, and your transportation between the jetty and the resort (to and fro).

And just like couples, you’ll all be allowed to use the resort’s facilities.

If you’re not up to 10 in number, I have currently don’t have credible information about whether you’ll be allowed in or how much you’ll be asked to pay.

But if I’m to say what I’ve heard, you’ll be required to pay at least N600,000 (the cost of at least 10 people).

I should add that, if there are more than 50 of you coming, the resort’s management will be willing to give a discount.

While some people coming as a group will be okay with “the foods, drinks, and transportation arrangements” offered, there are some who won’t.

In other words,

If you feel you can cut down the cost of these things, by making the arrangements yourself, or if you feel you’ll like to plan your own foods, drinks, etc by yourself, there is room for such.

And for such people, this is the reduced cost of gaining entry into La Manga —


  • 01 — 10 people: N350,000;
  • 11 — 20 people: N500,000;
  • 21 — 30 people: N600,000;
  • 31 — 40 people: N700,000; and
  • 41 — 50 people: N800,000.

The Overnight Stay Package

The Overnight Stay Package,

As the name implies, is for those who’ll like to spend the day as well as the night at the resort.

And just like the package above, the Overnight Stay Package requires that you come as either —

(i) a couple, or (ii) as a group of 10.

If you come as a couple, N350,000 per night is what you’ll have to pay. This fee, of course, includes food, drinks, and transportation (to and fro.)


As for people coming as a group of 10, you’ll be paying N800,000.

This fee also includes the cost of food, drinks, and transportation (to and fro).

I should explicitly add that you can’t be more than 10 people coming as a group, even if you can pay more.

If you’ll like to be more than 10, then you’ll have to consider buying another package, which means the rest of you will be in another villa (which won’t also take more than 10 people).

In short,

The Overnight Stay Package for a group allows at most 10 people per villa.


For a group that prefers making the arrangements for their foods, drinks, and transportation, by themselves, N600,000 is what will have to be paid.

This further means that, if you’re 20 in number (and of course renting 2 villas), you’ll be paying N1.2 million.


The Beach Club Package

While there are people who’ll like to have fun at the villas of La Manga, there are those who simply want to have fun at the beach in front of the resort’s premises.

And the Beach Club Package is what’s meant for this type of people.

This package costs N10,000 per person per day. And of course, This doesn’t take care of things like foods, drinks, and transportation.


This package doesn’t give access to the resort’s facilities (like swimming pool, golf courses, etc).

And for each person,

There will be an umbrella.

06 - La Manga Resort (Luxury Beach Villas):  [ Pictures & Honest Review]


If you’ll prefer cabanas to umbrellas, then N15,000 per person per day, is what you’ll have to pay.

The beach in front of the resort’s premises isn’t the only place you can have fun, you can also have fun within the actual premises.

08 - La Manga Resort (Luxury Beach Villas):  [ Pictures & Honest Review]


If you’ll prefer being within the premises, N20,000 per person per day is what you’ll have to pay.


Cabanas are what you’ll be given, not umbrellas.

I should add that,

Being within the premises further means you’ll have access to some of the resort’s facilities.


The Wedding Ceremony Package

The Wedding Ceremony Package,

As the name implies, is for the people who’ll love to host weddings at the resort.

10 - La Manga Resort (Luxury Beach Villas):  [ Pictures & Honest Review]

The following gives an idea of how much you’ll have to pay, depending on the number of people expected at the wedding —


  • 1 — 50 people: N3.5 million;
  • 51 — 100 people: N5.0 million; and
  • 101 people and above: Contact them for the price.


Be aware that,

The prices mentioned above cover things like foods, drinks, and transportation (to and fro).

But I don’t think everyone will be okay with the standard of the foods, drinks, and transportation that will be provided.

In other words,

Even though the resort offers to handle these things, I’ll ask you not to think you won’t have to spend any additional money on these things.


La Manga isn’t meant for only those who wish to get married at the place and go somewhere else for the honeymoon.

If you’ll like to get married there and also spend the night there, it’s possible; and the prices for such will be as follows —


  • 1 — 50 people: N5.0 million;
  • 51 — 100 people: N8.0 million; and
  • 101 people and above: Contact them for the price.


The Photo and Video Shoot Package

While pictures are allowed to be taken on your visit, taking pictures and videos for professional or commercial purposes, require paying.

For photoshoots,

You’ll have to pay N250,000 per day, and for video shoots, you’ll have to pay N500,000 per day; if you wonder if these prices take care of things like refreshments and transportation, the answer is “No”.


Things to note

It’s better to go during festive periods

While La Manga is a nice place to visit, people don’t often go there until it’s festive and special periods. And as a result of this, many things there, are usually not in proper conditions.

For instance,

I’ve come across situations where I was given rooms that are quite unfit.

Not that the floors were dirty, but things like the cotton were dirty like they hadn’t been washed for months.

The bed frames of my beds also had some dirt on them, like they’ve been abandoned for months and hadn’t been cleaned properly.

Screenshot from 2021 01 20 22 13 56 - La Manga Resort (Luxury Beach Villas):  [ Pictures & Honest Review] Screenshot from 2021 01 20 22 15 24 - La Manga Resort (Luxury Beach Villas):  [ Pictures & Honest Review]


Not as great as it used to be

When La Manga was just constructed, everything you see in the pictures on the website, was very true.

The place was very appealing, which is even the reason behind its popularity.

12 - La Manga Resort (Luxury Beach Villas):  [ Pictures & Honest Review]

But like many things in Nigeria, the resort suffered from poor maintenance, and the quality of many things fell.

For instance,

If you go there today, chances are that the beach in front of the resort may be somewhat dirty, a thing you’ll never see shortly after the beach was just constructed.

In short,

My point is, when going to the place, expect to be impressed, but not as impressed as the pictures online may make it seem.


Frequently-Asked Questions

Are horses available?

La Manga doesn’t provide horses.

And since the time I’ve been visiting the place, I’ve never seen a single horse around the area.

I’ve seen horses at other resorts like HOV, but when it comes to La Manga, I don’t think you should expect such.


If you’re very determined to ride a horse, you can walk around to find third-parties who have horses.


2. Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed at La Manga.

And by pets,

I’m not just talking about dogs, I’m talking about all pets in general.


Contact details

As stated above,

La Manga is located at Ilashe Island.

You can reach them over the following phone number — +234-703-724-7212.

And while the resort also has an email address (, I won’t recommend using that, if it’s urgent.

For further information, visit their official website —


Final words

La Manga isn’t a place I will recommend to someone who visits places once in a while.

The consistency of the resort is not that high, so I won’t like you risking having a bad time on that single getaway you’ll have in a long while.

But if you’re the kind who plans to visit or has visited at least 8 places for the year, I’ll say, you may consider La Manga.


For anyone who wonders whether the resort is a great place to have a wedding, I’ll say “Yes”.

But if you will host a wedding there, ensure the management does everything to make sure the place in very good condition.


Ensure the boats which will be provided are in very good conditions.


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