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Laguna Beach: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

0 3 - Laguna Beach: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

Laguna Beach [LB] is a new beach located on Okun-Ajah Road, Eti-Osa, Lekki, Lagos.

The beach opened its doors in November of the year 2019.

And it is one of those beaches worthwhile considering, as it scores quite impressively in all the aspects that matter.

Laguna is neat and the only issue you may have with it is its size.

If you’ll like more details about this beach, then read this content till the end.


Entrance fee and other fees

Getting into Laguna Beach is free; it seems this is a promotional strategy, so don’t expect the free entry to last forever.

And yes,

The N0 entrance fee applies to both kids and adults.


The free entrance fee doesn’t apply on Saturdays, Sundays, and special days. On these days, an entrance fee of N1,000 will be required per person.

As regards whether the beach has a parking area, the answer is “Yes”. But not just that, you also don’t need to pay any parking fee, to have your car parked.


Fun activities and facilities

Swimming is the only fun activity readily available at Laguna.

People are allowed to play in the beach water, which is quite clean.

But if you’re too scared to do so, there’s also a swimming pool in which you can instead swim in.

1 6 - Laguna Beach: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

The pool is not that big, because of the size of the whole beach, but you can still have a great deal of fun in it.

As regards hygiene the pool, there’s nothing to worry about.

Swimming is a free activity, so you don’t have to bother yourself about money.

As regards other activities,

At the moment, you won’t find things like horse riding, quad bike riding, etc.

They may be available in the future, but right now, you won’t find them.


If you don’t mind bringing a ball along, it’s possible to enjoy the beach soccer game at the place.


Foods and drinks

Laguna Beach features a restaurant and a bar.

At the restaurant and the bar, you can get many types of food and drink.

And the following should give an idea of what types of food and drink you can get and how much they’ll cost you.



1 Asun Nigerian peppered meat with a lot of flavour specially prepared N1,500
2 Beef stick N1,000
3 Boli N500
4 Chicken & chips Grilled or fried chicken served with chips, ketchup, and mayonnaise N2,500
5 Chicken wings 5 pieces of chicken wing; well-seasoned, served with sauce N1,500
6 Chips N500
7 Gizdodo A well-seasoned appetizer made of a combo of plantain and peppered gizzard in sauce N2,000
8 Grilled fish Your choice of grilled fish or turkey accompanied with chips and salad N3,500
9 Laguna meet balls N1,500
10 Laguna noodles Specially peppered noodles with a touch of Laguna secrets N2,000
11 Mosa N500
12 Rice N1,000
13 Shredded beef sauce & Rice Specially made shredded beef sauce accompanied by Basmati rice N2,500



Alcoholic drink Orijin N500
Smirnoff black N500
Smirnoff ice N500
Snapp N500
Star radler N500
Beer Budweiser N700
Goldberg N500
Guinness N500
Heineken N700
Star N500
Champagne / S. wine Martini N7,500
Moet brut N27,000
Moet rose N32,000
Veuve cliquot N28,000
Veuve du Varney N4,000
Cocktail Laguna special N2,500
Long island N2,500
Margarita N2,000
Mojito N2,000
Pina collada N2,000
Sex on da Beach N2,000
Tequila Sunrise N1,500
Cream Amarula N6,500
Baileys N8,000
Energy drink Monster N300
Power house N400
Red bull N400
Juice Apple, Cranberry, Orange, Pineapple, etc N1,000
Ice tea juice N1,000
Mocktail Chapman N1,000
Coconut cocktail N1,500
Laguna lemon ice tea N1,000
Milkshake N1,500
Tropical cocktail N2,000
Soft drink Coke, Fanta, Sprite, etc N300
Malt N400
Schweppes N400
Water N200
Spirit & whiskey Black label N13,500
Campari N6,500
Hennessy VS N15,000
Hennessy VSOP N25,000
Jack Daniels N15,000
Jameson N10,000
Remy Martins N25,000
Tequila vodka Absolut vodka N7,000
Olmeca Tequila N8,500
Perfect vodka N4,500
Sky vodka N11,000
Smirnoff X1 N3,000
Wine B & G N3,000
Carlo Rossi N3,000
Espana N2,500
Line N2,500
Origin Bitters N3,000


As regards food hygiene,

I can also assure you that, there’s nothing to worry about.

They are very hygienic at LB, so this isn’t one of those places where you’ll get a stomach upset from eating their food.

In the past,

Foods and drinks from outside used to be allowed, but right now, they aren’t allowed.

Even if you’re willing to pay a corkage fee, they won’t be allowed.


Opening days and hours

Just like most other beaches in Lagos, Laguna is ordinarily open on all the days of the year.

So being a busy person shouldn’t stop you from having at least one day to visit the place.

As regards the opening hours, the beach is open between the hours of 9 am and 11 pm.

2 6 - Laguna Beach: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

It’ll have been better if the beach can be open overnight, but we can only hope for this in the future.


Additional info

The staffs are highly professional

There are further information pieces worthwhile providing about Laguna.

And one of these information pieces is that, the staffs at the beach are highly professional.

Not only are they polite, they are also very helpful.

In fact,

Only a few people who have been there won’t remember Frank who goes extra miles to ensure that you have a great time at the beach.


I just hope things don’t go bad after a few years of operation, because “going from good to bad” is a thing that’s very common in Lagos.


Laguna features good restrooms

Another thing worthwhile mentioning about Laguna is that the beach features a good restroom.

3 6 - Laguna Beach: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

During a visit to a beach, you may need to use a restroom, but this is often a problem is most beaches we have.


When it comes to LB, you won’t have any issue with this, as there are good restrooms available at the beach.

This also means that,

If you’ll like to change your clothes and re-freshen yourself after having fun, it won’t be a problem.

As regards whether you’ll have to pay to use the restroom, the answer is “No”.


The cabanas are only 8 in number

Cabanas are of course available at Laguna Beach.

But the issue is that, only 8 of them are available, as of the last time I was at the place.

4 5 - Laguna Beach: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

In other words,

If you’ll like to make use of one during your visit, you should consider making a reservation before the day you’ll be at the beach.

The cost of a single cabana is N10,000. You may see some sources claiming it to be N5,000 per cabana; this is actually the old price.


Laguna is close to Atican

Laguna Beach is located in the same area as Atican Beach. This makes it easy to plan a visit that will involve visiting the two different beaches on the same day.

If you’re yet to learn about Atican, consider reading our content on it.


Contact details

As of the time of writing this content, Laguna Beach has no official website.

To reach them,

You’ll have to place a call to any of these two numbers — “+234 703 073 9817” and “+234 814 605 2984”.

The beach also has an email address —

They respond to emails,

But I believe they can work better on their response time.



Laguna Beach is not the best beach I’ve seen in Lagos, but it is a place worthwhile considering.

In fact,

I’ll consider it before many very popular beaches in Lagos.

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