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Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

00 1 - Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Estate [LLGCE], which I prefer to call just “Lakowe”, is a 308-hectares estate located at “KM 40, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lakowe, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos”.

Unlike most estates,

LLGCE has an interesting countryside-style design, but that’s not all.

What makes it even more interesting are the features and activities available within the estate. Among many other things, LLGCE features a standard 18-holes par-72 championship golf course [designed by Robert O’Friel], artificial lakes, and many facilities that make it possible to enjoy a lot of great activities at the estate.

In short,

If you’re not just interested in an estate but also interested in a place within where you can always have a lot of great fun, then LLGCE is currently one of your best options in Lagos.

I should add that,

There’s also room for those who only want to stay there for short periods, instead of buying a home there.


The paragraphs above give an overview of LLGCE, but there’s a lot more I can tell you.

I can further provide you with details about the homesthe facilities, and the activities available at the estate.

So stick with me till the end of this content.

01 1 - Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]



As regards the homes present at LLGCE, the people living at the estate are divided into four sub-communities — the Enclavethe Covethe Plots, and the Village.

And when trying to get home at the place, you’ll have to choose which of the sub-communities you’ll like to join.


The Enclave sub-community

The Enclave sub-community is the first sub-community to be created at LLGCE.

02 1 - Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

This sub-community is made up of a total of 206 homes.

The homes come in different designs.

And here,

You can get a home that is a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom flat.

Each home at the Enclave comes well-furnished with all the things you’ll expect to see in a typical nicely built home in Lagos.

Being elaborate,

There are luxurious furnishing, water supply, paved roads, sewage treatment plants, 24/7 power supply, etc.


What I haven’t been able to confirm is whether the power supply is truly 24/7 or just a marketing word here.


The Cove sub-community

The Cove sub-community is the second sub-community that was created at Lakowe.

03 1 - Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

This sub-community features a total of 136 homes.

At Cove,

You can get a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom home.


I should just simply state that Cove is more like another Enclave.

So almost everything that applies to the Enclave sub-community also applies to Cove.


The Plots sub-community

While there are people who will be okay with designs of the readily-built homes at the Enclave and at the Cove, there are people who won’t be.

And for such people,

It’s possible to instead get a parcel of land at LLGCE, on which you can then build a house that has a design you’re more pleased with. Lakowe has a bunch of more interesting designs.

04 1 - Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

So you can select one of these more interesting designs, and they will have your house built for you, based on that.


The people whose homes are not any of the readily-built homes are those that make up the Plots sub-community.


The Village sub-community

While the homes at Lakowe are generally very nice homes. It’s possible to get something that’s even more luxurious.

And the sub-community called “Village” is where these more luxurious homes are located.

05 1 - Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

The number of homes in the Village sub-community is 18, and each of these homes come with its own — dedicated gym, mini clubhouse, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, and walkways.

As of the time of writing this content, all the 18 homes in this sub-community have been sold out, and there are no plans to add new homes to the sub-community.


Another sub-community like the Village may get created, for those who’ll also like to own luxurious homes within the estate.


Features and activities


Lakowe features a golf course. And this is arguably one of the most interesting things about the place.

The estate features a standard 18-holes par-72 championship golf course.

06 1 - Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

The course was designed by a renowned South African golf course architect, Robert O’Friel.

If you’re a big fan of the sport, I can assure you that you’ll be impressed with the course.



While people have already started living in their homes at Lakowe, the construction of the whole estate is yet to be completed.

But one of the things that’s in the plan of the estate, is a badminton court.

The badminton court is yet to be available, but when it is ready, it will be available to the members of all the four sub-communities, the people who come to stay at the estate for short periods, and some other outsiders.


Basketball court

A basketball court is also not present at Lakowe, as of the last time I visited the estate. But this is one of the things we expect at the estate.

And just like in the case of Golf and Badminton, expect the basketball court to be a standard one.


Bird watching

While there are a lot of places to watch birds in Lagos, going to these places to watch these lovely creatures can be very inconvenient, for so many reasons.

But with the availability of bird watching at Lakowe, I’m happy to mention that you can now watch bird, without having to experience many sorts of inconvenience.


Note that, bird watching at LLGCE is a paid activity.

To watch birds at any the designated spots created for bird watching, you’ll have to pay a sum of N50,000 for every group of 1 — 20 people.


Bonfire experience

A bonfire experience is another thing you will find at Lakowe.

And not only is this activity ordinarily fun, but it is also even more enjoyable at Lakowe, because of the environment.

A bonfire experience is a paid activity. Per night, you’ll be required to pay a sum of N600,000. And the number of people allowed to partake in this activity is 1 — 60.



If you’re a great lover of cycling, I’m also pleased to announce that, this is one of the activities you can engage in at Lakowe.

The only thing is that, this activity is restricted to some areas, so do not think you’ll be able to cycle just anywhere in the estate.


Exercise studio

An exercise studio is one of the things in the plan of Lakowe Estate, but it’s also one of those facilities that are yet to be constructed.

When the studio becomes available, it’ll be open to all the residents of the four communities, short-term residents, and some outsiders.

Using the exercise studio is of course going to be a paid activity.



A lot of people don’t realize it, but fishing is a very enjoyable activity.

06 2 - Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

And interestingly,

This is one of the activities available at LLGCE.

So if you get a home at Lakowe, be assured that fishing is a thing you’ll be able to engage in easily.

Fishing is of course a paid activity, but I can’t provide you with the accurate details of the pricing.


Garment care

Lakowe wasn’t just designed to be a nice place to live, it was also designed to make it possible for people to not have to leave the estate for months, if you want.

So if you’re the kind who makes use of dry cleaning services, you won’t have to drive outside the estate, as Garment care, a dry cleaning service provider is available within the estate.


Golf academy

A golf course isn’t the only golf-related facility available at Lakowe. The estate also features a golf academy, especially for those new to the game.

07 1 - Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

The golf academy is a standard one managed by professional golfers.

This academy is not only open to residents of the estate, outsiders can also enroll at the academy.

For more information about the academy, consider contacting the estate with the contact details provided towards the end of this content.

I should probably explicitly state that the academy also has room for — the people who are already playing the game and just want to improve their golfing skills, females, children, and golf technology lessons.


In-room spa service

If a resident of Lakowe will like in-room spa service, this won’t be a problem, as this is one of the things offered at the estate.

This service is available on all days of the week, but note that, the service is subject to availability.

As regards the service availability hours, I can’t provide an accurate answer, but I’m aware that it’s not a 24/7 service.



If you’re a big lover of music, especially ladies, I’m glad to mention that, karaoke is one of the things available at LLGCE.

I personally haven’t tried out the activity, at LLGCE, but just looking at the karaoke setup, I’m sure the activity, at Lakowe, won’t be anything short of fun.

Karaoke is of course a paid activity. It costs N180,000.


Lavender Lakowe

If you’re a big user of fragrances, you must have known by now that, there are a limited number of fragrance stores in Lagos that you can use the word “excellent” for.

There are often one issue or the other with most of the Lagos fragrance stores.

But thanks to the existence of “Lavender Lakowe”, when you move over to LLGCE, you won’t have to start looking for a new good fragrance store close to you, since a good one is already within the estate.


Movie under the stars

Watching a movie under the stars can be very fun. And if you’ll like to try it out at Lakowe, this won’t be a problem.

The estate has room for under-the-star movies, but be prepared to pay N180,000, with 1 — 60 being the number of people who can participate per session.

“Movie under the stars” is not restricted to just the estate residents, short-term residents and people from outside may also come here to enjoy the activity.


Pedal boating

Pedal boating is a great water sport, even though it is not very popular in Nigeria.

This activity involves moving a boat over a body of water. But unlike most other watercrafts, which make use of paddle or engine, a pedal boat is propelled by the movement of a bicycle-like pedal, with the help your legs.

Or simply put,

Pedal boating is like riding a bicycle on water.

Pedal boating is of course a paid activity.


Ping pong table

A ping pong table is also one of the items you’ll find at Lakowe. So if you’ll like to play table tennis, this won’t be a problem.



Lakowe Estate features a restaurant.

08 1 - Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

So if on any day you feel like eating outside, you won’t have to go a long distance, before getting something to eat.

The restaurant is up to the expected standard, and there is a wide range of thoughtful dishes available there.

As regards food hygiene, this is nothing to worry about.


Sip and paint

Sip and paint is not a very popular activity in Nigeria.

But if the activity is something you’re interested in, finding it at Lakowe will be no problem.

09 1 - Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]


I must mention that the sip and paint facility at Lakowe is subject to availability.


Spa and wellness centre

Spa and wellness services are also available to the residents who are interested in this type of service but don’t like the idea of an in-room service.

And if you’re one of such people, know that, Lakowe has a spa and wellness centre where you can instead visit, to enjoy the some of these services.



As of the time of writing this content, squash is not one of the sports available Lakowe.

But this is one of the sports present in the plan of the estate.

So it’s only a matter of time before the sport becomes available.


State-of-the-art gym

Just like in the case of the squash court, a gym isn’t currently available, but it is one of the facilities featured in the plan of the estate.

So expect a standard gym where residents of Lakowe can engage in gymnastic activities to become available.

The gym will also be open to people from outside.


Swimming pool

While there are some homes at Lakowe which have their own swimming pool, there is also a general swimming pool where residents of the estate can all come to swim.

The pool is standard and well-maintained, so you should like it.

Swimming lessons are also given there, so if you’re new to swimming, this should be no problem.


Team building/bonding

While LLGCE is a residential place, it is also a place people can come to, for team building.

The environment of the estate and the things present within it, make it a great location for this.

09 2 - Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

So if you won’t mind paying N120,000, Lakowe is a place you can consider when thinking about team building.



As you may expect,

Tennis is also among the things that are in the plan of Lakowe, although as of the last time I was at the estate, the court is yet to be constructed.


Very soon, the court should be ready for both residents [permanent and short-term] and visitors.


The clubhouse

“The clubhouse”, just as the name implies, is a clubhouse.

It is located in the centre of the estate.


While this clubhouse is also open at night, this doesn’t mean you can compare it to the likes of Moist Beach Club.

The clubhouse is rather an average clubhouse where you can enjoy a wide range of foods and drinks and engage in a number of clubbing activities.


Vedione pharmacy

As hinted earlier,

One of the goals of the designers of Lakowe, is to make the estate a small world.

And one of the ways they try to ensure that you may never have to go out of the place for months, is by providing a pharmacy within the estate.

At this pharmacy,

You’ll find all the things you’ll expect from a standard pharmacy.


Vedione supermarket

There’s also a supermarket at Lakowe estate.

It cannot be compared to the biggest supermarkets we have in Lagos, but it has enough items to make sure it’s possible to not have to get out of the estates for months.

Wine bar

If you’re the kind of person who also likes to visit wine bars, getting a home at Lakowe can help ensure that you never have to go far, before finding a good wine bar.

Unless you’re someone who has an extraordinary love for wines and has tasted wines from all corners of the world, the wine bar at Lakowe should be okay for you.


Temporary-stay home

As stated above,

While Lakowe is primarily an estate, it’s also a place open to people interested in getaways.

It is possible to spend days or even months at the estate, without having to own a home there.

10 2 - Lakowe Lakes Golf ; Country Estate: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

And to do that,

Just rent any of the short-stay apartments or cottages available at the place.

The following are the pricing of the short-stay accommodations you can get at Lakowe —


Accommodation typeWeekday rate [Sun — Thr], per NightWeekday rate [Fri — Sat], per Night
11-bedroom apartmentN71,000N95,000
22-bedroom apartmentN106,000N130,000
33-bedroom apartmentN142,000N166,000
44-bedroom apartmentN177,500N201,500
5Studio cottageN86,000N110,000
61-bedroom cottageN92,000N116,000
72-bedroom cottageN160,000N184,000


As regards the features you can expect, expect all the features you’ll get from a standard 4-star hotel — AC, room service, intercom Wi-Fi, mini-bar, etc.


Corporate event

Lakowe is furthermore a place where you can host corporate events.

The estate has a good number of facilities meant for corporate events.

The estate is ready to host any type of corporate event, as long as the number of people who’ll be attending won’t be higher than 150.


Contact details

Lakowe is located at “KM 40, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lakowe, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos”.

And for further information you may consider visiting its official website or the other website its owner [MixtaAfrica] dedicated to the estate.

You can speak with someone at Lakowe with any of the following — +234-906-282-9062 and

They respond to emails in a timely manner, so feel free to send emails.


Closing words

If you’re a golf lover or someone who loves to engage in a lot of fun activities, Lakowe is a great estate to consider buying a home in.

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