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LandWey Investment Limited: [ A Detailed Company Profile ]

0 - LandWey Investment Limited: [ A Detailed Company Profile ]

This content is a profile of LandWey Investment Limited (LIL). It will provide key information about the company. You’ll be provided with;

  • What LandWey Investment Limited is;
  • What LandWey Investment Limited does;
  • The people behind LandWey Investment Limited;
  • Some current and past projects of LandWey Investment Limited; and
  • How LandWey Investment Limited can be better.


What is LandWey Investment Limited: A brief introduction

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LandWey Investment Limited is a real estate company headquartered in Lagos.

LandWey is one of the best in the industry.

The qualities of the products and the services it offers are characteristics only a handful of competitors can create. Also, when people have the choice of choosing between — “doing business with the company” and “doing business with a competitor”, people usually choose LandWey.

LandWey is big.

I mean that in terms of the monetary value of the company’s assets and the monetary value of its business transactions.

LandWey is a subsidiary of Oxygen Holdings. Oxygen Holdings is a bigger company that has subsidiaries in — agriculture, fintech, health, and real estate.

LandWey is its real estate subsidiary.


What does LandWey do?

LandWey Investment Limited is chiefly into the sales of homes. It develops estates, then sells the homes in them.

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The type of home LandWey chiefly sells is an apartment. You can get a 1, 2, 3, or 4-bedroom apartment.

The homes come with good land titles. Usually, with the Governor’s Consent title and the Certificate of Ownership title.

The locations of these estates are ideal. Usually located in calm and serene environments. The locations are also such that one easily access the busy parts of Lagos without stress.

There are furthermore close-by important places like schools, supermarkets, etc.

Many companies are into the same real estate branch as LandWey, but you’ll prefer doing business with the company.

One of the reasons why you’ll prefer doing business — it is eminently professional.

The staffs are — highly cordial; capable of answering a client’s questions excellently; capable of understanding what will truly be best for you; and know what thoughtful and helpful suggestions to make.

Another reason why you’ll prefer doing business with LandWey — it is transparent and fair in its dealing with customers. I never recommend lowering your guard when doing business with anyone, but it’s very unlikely you’ll get cheated the company.


Who are behind LandWey?

Founder and Chief Executive Officer — Olawale Ayilara

Olawale Ayilara is the key person behind LandWey Investment Limited. He is the Founder and the CEO of the company. He is also the CEO of the parent company (Oxygen Holdings).

Olawale has been starting and running businesses for over 10 years. He is good at the job.

Olawale holds assets of a combined value of $200 million

Olawale has received important awards like — the Forbes Africa 30 under 30 recognition, the Future Award Business Category Award (2019), and The Most Innovative Real Estate Leader Award (2017).

Olawale studied at prestigious institutions like — Harvard Business School, Metropolitan School of Business and Management, and Pan-Atlantic University.


Chief Account Officer — Olamide Opadiran

Olamide Opadiran is a bright accountant.

Olamide received her education at University of Ilorin. She was there between 2011 and 2105.

Olamide got into “G. O. Gbede and Co”, as her first job. She worked as an Audit and Tax associate.

Olamide was at “G. O. Gbede and Co” for four months.

Olamide amassed a great amount of knowledge during her time at “G. O. Gbede and Co” than her mates will ordinarily amass. She was exposed to a lot of challenges. Her mates would typically quit or move through the challenges lifelessly, but she ploughed through vigorously. That passionate grind is what made her gain much knowledge within that short period.

Olamide went ahead to gain more knowledge at Access Bank Plc.

Olamide spent 9 months at Access Bank.

LIL is where Olamide moved to after her time with Access Bank.


Chief Legal Officer — Sijibomi Agbadaola

Sijibomi Agbadaola is a great lawyer. He is highly intelligent, highly methodical, and highly risk-averse. There are so many impressive works he has pulled off that only a minority of his colleagues can.

Sijibomi received his education at University of Lagos.

Sijibomi graduated as an excellent student.

Sijibomi attended law school at Nigerian Law School.

Sijibomi performed excellently at law school.

Shortly after graduating, Sijibomi got a job at Entralog Group.

Sijibomi worked at Entralog Group for 2 years and 3 months.

During his time at Entralog Group, Sijibomi tasked with a lot of challenging tasks. The process of completing those tasks successfully brought him a great amount of knowledge.

During his time, Sijibomi carried out tasks like —

  • providing advice on legal implications of management decisions;
  • contract negotiation;
  • drafting and reviewing service level agreements and legal documents;
  • ensuring compliance with laws, regulations and company’s policies; and
  • monitoring the company’s litigation with the external solicitors.


Executive Director of Business Development — Adeshola Bello

Adeshola Bello is LIL’s Executive Director of Business Development.

Adeshola has a great understanding of running businesses in Nigeria. She has been building this understanding since 2001. Adeshola has been involved in the day-to-day activities of the following businesses —

  • The Limited;
  • Growth Strategy Associates;
  • Quest Auto Center;
  • Anchor Digital Media;
  • Anchor Telecoms Nigeria Limited;
  • Tiskies Global Nigeria Limited;
  • Freedom Foundation Nigeria;
  • Bellaship Consulting Services; and
  • Landwey Investment Limited.


Head of Client and Corporate Relations — Aderemi Oludare

Aderemi Oludare is LIL’s Head of Client and Corporate Relations.

Aderemi studied law in school, but her jobs have been about dealing with people. She has about 8 years of experience in doing that.

Aderemi worked as an Administrator and Human Resource Director at Covenant Light Church. She did so between 2013 and 2015.

Aderemi, during her time at Covenant Light Church, engaged in activities like —

  • Office Management;
  • Performance Management;
  • Report and Document preparation; and
  • Team-building and Supervision.

Aderemi worked at Whistles between 2016 and 2018. She worked as a Human Resources Administrative Officer.

Aderemi moved to LandWey in the February of 2018.


Some current and past projects

LandWey Investment Limited is the company behind the following projects —

  • Greenwich Estate;
  • North Ville Estate;
  • Southern Green Estate;
  • The Milton;
  • Urban Prime 1;
  • Urban Prime 2;
  • Urban Prime 3;
  • Urban Prime 4;
  • Walton Gate; and
  • Westwood Park Extension.

These estates are standard estates. They are located in ideal locations — where they are, schools, supermarkets, and other important places are close-by. The estates all come with the features you’ll expect — good power supply, perimeter fencing, paved roads, security, water supply, etc

If you’ll like a home based on your own design, this won’t be a problem, You can buy a bare piece of land within any of the estates, then build whatever home you like on it.


How LIL can be better

LandWey Investment Limited is truly a great real estate company.

I will confidently state that doing business with LIL is unlikely to end up a regret.


LIL’s website doesn’t do a good job of showing off the company’s greatness. The website is fanciful, but when it comes to user experience, it is poor. Let me elaborate.


LIL’s website is full of confusion

LIL’s website is full of confusion. A good example can be found on the company’s homepage.

4 1 - LandWey Investment Limited: [ A Detailed Company Profile ]

The title of that section reads “Investor’s Guide”. If you’re genuinely interested in doing business with the company, on seeing that, some particular questions will likely come up. The questions are “What type of investor is being referred to? Does this mean it’s possible to invest in the company? Or are they referring to the people who buy properties as forms of investment?”.

But unfortunately, the description which should have answered those questions doesn’t answer them.

The “FIND OUT MORE” page which is supposed to be an elaboration doesn’t also clarify them. It contains over 400 words, but it still doesn’t provide any clarification.

There are many more examples of how LIL’s website is confusing. But they can all be fixed by a good web development company.


2. LIL’s website can be stressful to use

LandWey’s website can be stressful to use. A good example can be found in the footer of the website.

The footer of the site features a text that reads — “LandWey, a member of Oxygen Holdings”. The point of putting that text there is to make people aware that LandWey is only a part of a bigger company. However, one consequence is quite certain, when people see that text, they’ll likely become interested in learning more about Oxygen Holdings.

But, instead of embedding a link, so that when clicked the user gets taken to Oxygen Holdings’ website, that wasn’t done.

As a result, if anyone wants to learn about Oxygen Holdings, they’ll, unfortunately, have to go through a lot of stress.

They’ll have to search the company’s website address with a search engine.

Something makes this even worse, the address of the website is very difficult to discover on Bing and DuckDuckGo. This implies that users of these search engines may end up thinking the company doesn’t even have a site.

There are many more examples of how LIL’s website is stressful to use. But they can all be fixed by a good web development company.


3. The website’s navigation is incoherent

One of the key characteristics of good websites is that they are easy to navigate.

But unfortunately, LIL’s website can not be said to have that characteristic.

The choice of the title used for each top-level navigation link, the way the navigation links are grouped, etc are all just poor.

See the navigation of sites like TruliaZenith BankZillow, etc to see how good navigation should look.


Final words

Feel free to do business with LandWey Investment Limited.

The company is truly great. It is relatively young. The success it has achieved in such a small time proves how great it is.

LIL can be reached with any of the following — +234 906 562 5919 (Call), +234 818 736 6666 (WhatsApp), +234 818 746 6666 (WhatsApp), and

LIL’s head office is located at — Km 42, Lekki-Epe Express Way, Oko-Ado, Sangotedo, Ajah, Lagos.

If the person reading this content is someone in charge at LIL, you ought to work on your website. If not that I’ve done business with the company, that website would have put the company in a bad light in my mind.

Or, do you find it difficult to get a good web development company that can do a great job?

If yes, reach out to RealEstateKo.

RealEstateKo is a highly-experienced real estate web development company.

RealEstateKo not only has the technical capacity to build great websites, the company further has a great understanding of the real estate industry. This implies that we’ll always do a better job compared to just any random web development company.

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