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Lekki Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

1 7 - Lekki Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

Lekki Beach Resort [LBR] is a large government-owned beach resort located at “D16 Eko Court, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos”.

The resort has been around for a while, and the most interesting thing about it is that, it features two golf courses.

But while LBR used to be a great place in the past, it currently isn’t. LBR isn’t a place I’ll recommend, unless you’ve already run out of good places to visit, or unless you’re very interested in playing golf on an 18-hole golf course.


The above paragraphs summarize what LBR is, but I’ll be providing some additional information about the resort, just for the sake of the people who may still want to check it out. And there we go.


Fun activities and facilities

1. The 18-hole golf course

As stated above,

An 18-hole golf course is one of the fun facilities you’ll find at Lekki Beach Resort.

The course spans an area of 160 acres, but it currently isn’t in the best condition possible.


I strongly believe that if some renovation works get performed on the course, it can rank one of the best places to play golf in Lagos.

This 18-hole golf course was designed by a renowned golf course architect, Ron Garl.


2. The 9-hole golf course

Lekki Beach Resort features another golf course, but this other one is smaller.

This smaller course spans an area of just 60 acres, and as the name implies, it features just 9 holes.

Unlike the bigger course, which is open to almost anyone, playing on this smaller golf course requires a special privilege.

The 9-hole course was also designed by Ron Garl, and if it also sees a proper renovation, it’ll become one of the best places in Lagos to play golf.


3. The golf academy

Lekki Beach Resort features a golf academy.

2 7 - Lekki Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

The academy is open to beginners and people who already know how to play the game but will like to improve.

As regards whether females are allowed here, the answer is “Yes”.


While the resort truly has an academy, I won’t recommend going there to learn golf.

The academy is also suffering from poor management, so it’ll be better to consider better golf academies like that present at Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Estate.


4. The clubhouse

Just like every proper beach resort, Lekki Beach Resort has a place to dine and wine.

At the clubhouse,

You’ll find a manageable range of foods.

The foods here are not the tastiest I’ve come across, but they are manageable.

And as regards hygiene,

There’s little or nothing to worry about.

I should also probably add that, the foods over here are moderately-priced.


5. Swimming

Lekki Beach Resort is located along the Lagos coastline. In other words, the resort has a beach, and during your visit to the place, you can swim in the beach water.

3 7 - Lekki Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]


I must mention that, the shore of the resort’s beach isn’t that clean.


When swimming, you shouldn’t swim too deep into the water, as I’ve never seen a lifeguard at the resort.


6. Tennis

If you’re a lover of tennis, you can enjoy the game at Lekki Beach Resort.

The beach resort has a ping pong table you can use to play the game.

But just like most other facilities at the resort, the ping pong table is not in an excellent condition, but it is manageable.


Contact details

If you’ll like to talk to someone at Lekki Beach Resort, the best way is to visit the resort at “D16 Eko Court, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos”.

If you make a call, you may not get the kind of response that you want.

And if you send an email, don’t expect anyone to see it.

But for the sake of those who may still want to reach out via phone, the following are the phone numbers of the resort — +234 702 576 8887, +234 702 770 0417, +234 803 302 0275, and +234 805 534 8487.

You may also consider visiting the official website of the resort —

But I must warn that, the website may not work properly on your browser, as the website is powered by old web technologies.


Closing words

Like many places owned by the government, Lekki Beach Resort has the potential to be a great place to visit, but it isn’t currently a place worthwhile visiting.

In other words,

If you’re just interested in having fun, consider other places first.

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