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Lekki Miami Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

0 2 - Lekki Miami Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

Lekki Miami Beach Resort [LMBR] is a beach resort located in the Lekki area of Lagos.

The name is truly fanciful, and the name may make you wonder what the resort is like.

But as of December of the year 2020, the truth is, LMBR a place you should think twice about before visiting.


In this article,

I’ll be giving the important details about the resort, as well as my major reasons for considering it a place you should think twice about before visiting.

1 5 - Lekki Miami Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]


Accommodation types and prices

There are five types of accommodations available at Lekki Miami Beach Resort.

The most affordable one goes for N20,000 per night, while the most expensive one goes for N40,000 per night.

There isn’t much difference between all the accommodation types, the difference among them is majorly about the kind of things you’ll find in them.

2 5 - Lekki Miami Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

The following is a piece of more detailed information about the pricing —


1 The Classic Room N20,000
2 The Classic Superior Room N25,000
3 The Deluxe Room N30,000
4 The Premium Deluxe Room N35,000
5 The Executive Suite N40,000


Fun activities and facilities


Lekki Miami Beach Resort has a beach in its front.

The beach water is quite clean, and so is the shore.

People are allowed to swim in the water.

But just like most beaches and beach resorts in Lagos, swimming deep into the water is highly recommended against, if you’re not an experienced ocean swimmer.

I should further add that, I’ve never spotted a lifeguard at the beach, so in the event that someone is drowning, there may be no one to save them.



LMBR features a tennis court, for those who love the game.

The court is far being in a good condition.

But if you have a strong urge to play the game, you should be able to manage the court.

I should add that,

If you’ll really like to play tennis, you’ll have to come with the gears needed to play it; don’t expect the gears to be provided by the resort.

Tennis is a free activity, so even if you don’t have a lot of cash with you, you should still be able to play it.



For the people who perform gymnastic activities, know that there is a gym room at Lekki Miami.

3 5 - Lekki Miami Beach Resort: [ Pictures and Honest Review]

The gym room is loaded with a number of gym equipments, but I must add that, you shouldn’t expect all those equipments to be in good working conditions.


More things worth stating

The appliances in your room may not work

Before coming to Lekki Miami, one of the things you should also know is that the appliances in your room or suite may not work.

The TV may not work, the AC may not work, etc.

I and friends have experienced these multiple times.


Irregular and poor power supply

Another thing worthwhile mentioning is that the power supply at LMBR is irregular.

There are times when you’ll enjoy power supply during your whole stay, and there are times when you’ll experience a power outage at the time you need power the most.

So unless you won’t mind such surprises, you may have to think twice about coming to LMBR.

I should further add that, on multiple occasions we’ve experienced situations where low voltage power supply was supplied.


The resort is poorly managed

Lekki Miami Beach Resort has been a great beach resort in the past.

And I still believe it has the potential to become a great resort once again.

But at the moment,

The place isn’t worth it, thanks to how poorly managed it is.

The manager of the resort just doesn’t seem to care about giving his visitors excellent experiences.

And the same goes for most of the other staff working there.


The beach needs renovation

Lekki Miami Beach Resort has been around for a while.

And it has gotten to a stage where a huge renovation is needed — the rooms are quite old; you’ll find a lot of broken pieces of furniture; the paints are already peeling off; and so many other ugly things.

It’s only the beach I can say is in a manageable condition, almost all other things need some upgrade.


The road to LMBR is sandy

The road leading to LMBR is a very sandy road.

So when coming here,

You should be prepared to deal with a sandy road.

This also means that,

If you have an all-wheel-drive [AWD] car, it’ll be better to come with such.


Contact details

Lekki Miami Beach Resort is located in “Okun-Ajah, Eleganza Bus-Stop, Lekki, Lagos”.

To speak with someone at the resort, consider calling +234-818-509-9125 or +234-909-834-7553.

But if you’ll like to improve the chances of having your call picked, make your call during the hours of 9 am and 4 pm.

LMBR further has an official website [available at] and an email address [].

But if you won’t like to send a message no one will read, you probably shouldn’t waste your time sending any mail to that address.



Lekki Miami Beach Resort is a resort filled with many issues guaranteed to ruin your experience.

So unless there’s a very strong reason to visit the place, you may want to postpone your visit till whenever things get better at the resort.

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