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How to Make Your Home Look Expensive

make home work - How to Make Your Home Look Expensive


How to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Have you been dreaming of living in a home similar to the one in a luxury magazine? Don’t fret if it seems impossible.

You can use smart, inexpensive ways to give a deceptively expensive look to your house.

Here are 10 smart ways to make your home look expensive:

1) Refresh with paint :

How about adding a pop of fresh colour? It works wonders with any room, making it look luxurious instantly. A new coating of paint colour, whether bold or toned down, changes the entire feel of any room, and hence of your home.

While painting any room, always select a colour having a correct gloss-to-matte ratio. Besides refreshing your rooms with paint colour, you can also two-tone your kitchen designs.

For instance, staining the kitchen cabinetry will give it a completely new appearance, and what’s more, right away.

Such an inexpensive way to make your home look expensive!

2) Dress up your home with flowers :

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Use fresh cut flowers to spruce up your home. Select a single colour scheme, such as graceful white orchids or bright yellow tulips.

Arrange the flowers neatly in similar vases of varying sizes, and place them everywhere inside the house.

So, your kitchen counter, centre table in the living room, bedside table and even the bathroom counter will get an instant makeover, making the entire house look classy.

You can also give your home a regal look by arranging multi-coloured artificial flowers in various places. Use a single floral wreath or arrange a few wreaths together to give your home an extraordinary, timeless look.

3) Work on the lighting look :

Lighting certainly makes or breaks your home. With a few changes to your existing light fixtures, for example, standard lampshades, your house is sure to look like a luxury apartment.

Replace the conventional light fixtures with the bold or graceful ones.

A crystal chandelier, for instance, draws great attention and instantly upgrades your home’s feeling of opulence. You can hang it in your bedroom, in the dining area, or even use it to enhance the bathroom decor.

Don’t block windows as natural light is vital.

Also, light up your space with chic floor lamps for making a style statement.
Install warm LED strips above a bookshelf or beneath a mirror to add appeal. Go for modern styles of flush mount lighting to make statement ceilings.

4) Create high ceilings :

Give your home a grander look by creating an illusion of high ceilings.

Yes, create a visual illusion.

If raising the roof is impossible, try lifting the window panels. Just add fabric to the panels. Then find a complementary material, and add it on top, in the middle and at the bottom of the original material.

Also, hang cloth curtains extremely close to the ceiling.

This way your roof will look higher, making your space appear more prominent.

Use wallpapers with vertical stripes to adorn the walls. Vertical stripes create an illusion of higher space. Additionally, use mounted lighting to make the ceiling appear higher.

5.) Mix and Match :

Make your home attractive by arranging different things together.

How about placing different-sized silver-coloured picture frames on top of the mantle?

Let your bedroom breathe creativity by mixing its furniture pieces. For instance, if you’ve hung an identical mirror above your dresser, consider replacing it with a dissimilar one.

Use the matching mirror creatively in another room.

While coordinating the floor to your cupboards, or faucets to door handles, either select a perfect match or go for an absolute contrast. Get the full contrasting effect by choosing a minimum of three tones darker or brighter.

6.) Let Mirrors play the Trick :

Hang a couple of large mirrors on the wall precisely across from your room’s entryway to give the visual feel of a much bigger space. This way, your room opens up immediately.

You can also place a floor-length mirror, say, in your living room. Such sneaky mirror positioning will reflect your sitting area, making it appear almost twice its real size.

A simple trick to create a remarkable first impression on your guests!

7.) Do the Little Things that Matter Much :

You can transform your home from an ordinary house into an extraordinary-looking abode by merely customizing whatever already exists inside it.

Make small enhancements to your furniture pieces, for instance, cut off the legs of your breakfast table to convert it into a cocktail table.
Liven up a dull-looking dresser with a fresh coating of paint.

Replace old-fashioned doorknobs on your cupboards with more decorative ones.

Don’t keep sulking about an old light fixture or a dated item of furniture. Just get rid of it.

8.) Accessorise Accessorise Accessorise :

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With accessories, you’d be going the inexpensive way of enhancing every room’s feel.

A simple recipe for instant luxury!

Go for larger silk cushions, measuring not lower than 18 inches, and try over-stuffing them to create an extravagant look. Additionally, soft covers for your furniture pieces and wonderful animal-print rugs would give your living room a complete makeover.

Brighten up your bedroom by simply purchasing fresh, new pillowcases.

Get the luxurious feel with an additional assembly of curtains, good-quality carpets and exceptionally soft blankets.

Mix and match rich colours, and wood and metallic textures throughout the house. Last but not least, accessorize with ornate flower pots and picture frames.

8.) White is the Mantra :

If you’re feeling confused about where to start, simply paint your rooms with white.

Besides drawing in natural light, white colour is a great alternative for an overhead luminaire in the daytime.
White colour makes space look bigger and feel extremely clean.

A white room also helps objects (placed inside it) become the centre of everyone’s attention.

For instance, a coffee-brown coloured reading chair, a large mirror with a wrought-iron frame, or a lovely painting on the white-coloured wall.

9.) Keep Less to Show More:

Your house will appear expensive only if you keep it clean and reduce the clutter.

Remove dust and keep furniture pieces like countertops, side tables, coffee tables and sofas clear of unneeded junk.
Keep big toys in the underground room and paperwork inside desk cabinets. This way you’d manage to retain enough of white space inside your house.

Floor your home with a hard surface rather than with a carpet.

The reason is that a carpet tends to attract dust particles and take in moisture, leaving an unpleasant odour. On the other hand, a floor with a hard surface is not difficult to clean, is allergy-safe, and gives your home a more modish appearance.


So, now you’ve learnt smart tips to make your home look expensive, and, what’s more, by using inexpensive ways. Get on the project right away!


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