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Before Moving To Lagos- Here are the Expenses

Cost Of Living In Lagos – Things You need to Know in 2020

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If you are a person planning on moving to Lagos or you have only been contemplating on whether to move or not, then this article is for you.

Lagos is the center of activity in the country, and it is not surprising to see people flooding into the state every day. However, majority of the people who move to Lagos without prior knowledge of the state end up disappointed. Their expenses often exceed their budget.

In this article, we want to make an analysis of living in Lagos and also give suggestions on who should live in the state. Here we go.

Facing The Reality


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First and foremost, it is worthwhile making you know that Lagos is the most important state in the country. In fact, the state was formerly the capital of the country. It is highly industrialized and has the biggest economy among states in the country.

The state is primarily a commercial place, rather than a residential area. Owing to this, the cost of living in the state is high. However, we have a good number of people who live in the state because they can afford to.

The cost of feeding is 3 — 5 times that of living in some other states.


Cost of shelter is also a multiple of that of other states. Another aspect that should not be ignored is transportation. Transportation in Lagos is also expensive, and anyone planning to move the state should take this into consideration.

Not So Awkward


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We have been discussing how expensive it is to live in Lagos. This does not imply that Lagos State is a no-go area. Lagos is a place where you can live if you can afford it.

It is important that I tell you that: you do not only spend more in Lagos, you also earn more when compared to some other states of the country.

That is not all; you should also be aware of the fact that the state is a relatively peaceful place to live.

The place is not an evil to avoid. It is rather a question of who can afford it, despite knowing its nature. To help with this, we have gone extra miles to give suggestions on who should live in Lagos.

Note that these suggestions are not obligatory, they are merely suggestion.

You can choose to regard or disregard them, as you wish.

Suggestion On Who Should Live In Lagos

  1. Students

A student who lives in the state, supposedly lives there temporarily. The student may be a student attending a primary, secondary or tertiary school. It may even be some other type of school.

  1. Workers

Another category of people that can live in Lagos are people who live there for the purpose of earning a means of livelihood. However, such people should ensure that they earn a lot more than they spend on living.

  1. Patients

We have cases where individuals travel down to Lagos to receive treatment at some hospitals in Lagos. A situation like this is also considered a worthwhile stay in Lagos State.

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