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Oniru Beach: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

0 6 - Oniru Beach: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

Oniru Private Beach [OPB] is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos.


I won’t consider it one of the best, considering the existence of much better places like Landmark Leisure Beach.

But if you’re on a low budget and will like to have fun in a place with a huge crowd, I won’t suggest trying out Oniru.


Oniru is located at “1 Ligali Ayorinde Street, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria”.

And if you’ll like further information about the place, just follow me to the end.


Getting in and parking your car

To get into Oniru Private Beach, an adult will need an entrance fee of N1,000.

But as for kids, entry is free.

This amount is also what applies on special days and during festive periods.


As regards parking,

The parking fee isn’t fixed.

On some occasion,

I paid, N200, while on some, I paid N500.

But to be on the safer side, it’s better to come with N500 as  parking fee.



If you wonder whether parking space won’t be a problem, I can assure you that you’ll find a good parking space.

The only thing I can’t say is if you’ll find a space on a festive day since I’ve never been to this beach on such a day.


Tents, chairs, and tables

Tents, chairs, and tables are available for whoever needs them. But as you will expect, using any of these items will cost you some money.

For a set of 4 chairs and a table, N3,000 is what you’ll need.

And if you need extra chairs, you can get 3 additional chairs for an extra N1,000.


While the prices I mentioned are the standard prices I was given, these prices don’t seem to be fixed, as I’ve seen some people cajole the attendants into collecting less from them.

In other words,

If you’re very good at bargaining, you may end up paying less.


Fun activities available

Mini Ferris wheel riding

Oniru Beach is not one of the best places to go, if what you’re interested in is, a lot of fun activities.

But if you find yourself at OPB, there are a few cool activities you can engage in.

One of the fun activities available is the riding of a mini Ferris wheel.

1 8 - Oniru Beach: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

The activity may seem like something meant for kids, but trust me, adults as well also engage in it.

This activity is a paid one, so prepare some money for it.


Quad bike riding

Another activity available at Oniru is the riding of quad bikes.

2 8 - Oniru Beach: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

This activity can be very fun, so regardless of your age, you should have a great time engaging in it.

But as you will expect, quad bike riding is a paid thing, so prepare additional cash for this, if you’re interested.


Horse riding

Just like most other beaches, horse riding is a thing available at Oniru.

3 7 - Oniru Beach: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

There are a lot of horses available, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one to ride.

And if you’ve never ridden a horse before, don’t worry, the horse owners will be willing to teach you.

This activity is also a paid one, although it is quite affordable.



Swimming is another fun thing available at OPB.

4 1 - Oniru Beach: [ Pictures & Honest Review]

People are allowed to swim in the water, but I’ll strongly suggest going deep into the beach.

I don’t think there has ever been a case of someone drowning at this place, but this doesn’t mean you should test the limits of the beach.

Swimming is a free activity, so if you don’t have a lot of cash, you shouldn’t worry.


Foods and drinks

Oniru features a lot of places to buy foods and drinks. There are restaurants, bars, food vendors, etc.

And as regards hygiene,

I find them quite hygienic at Oniru.


One thing I’m not so pleased about is that things are unbelievably expensive there.

To give a good idea of what I mean, below are the prices of some of the foods and drinks you’ll find —



BeerGuinness StoutN1.250
Gulder CanN1,400
Heineken CanN1.400
Heineken DraftN1,700
Mexican BeerN1.800
Savanna CiderN1,200
Star Radler canN1,400
BlushChateau Minuty RoseN27,000
Chateau Minuty 1.5LN55,000
Ksara SunsetN18,000
Santa Christina RosatoN20,000
Champagne/Prosecco [Bottle]Ace of spadesN380,000
Casa DefraN23,000
Cielo ProseccoN30,000
Dom PerignonN135,000
Moet IceN50,000
Moet Imperial BrutN45,000
Moet Nectar Imperial RoseN50,000
Veuve Cliquot BrutN45,000
Veuve Cliquot RichN65,000
Veuve Cliquot RoseN70,000
Espresso MartiniN4,000
Gin BasilN4,000
Long IslandN4,500
Mai TaiN3,500
Moscow MuleN3,500
Old FashionedN3,500
Pina ColadaN4,000
Vodka SourN3,500
Cognac [Glass/Bottle]GLASSBOTTLE
Hennessey VSOPN4,000N50,000
Hennessey XON135,000
Martell Blue SwiftN4,000N50,000
Martell XON135,000
Remy Martin VSOPN4,000N50,000
Fresh juiceFresh AppleN1,500
Fresh CarrotN1,500
Fresh LemonadeN1,500
Fresh Orange JuiceN1,500
Fresh Pineapple JuiceN1,500
Fresh WaterlemonN1,500
Bombay SaphireN3,000N40,000
Gunpowder GinN45,000
Tanqueray No. 10N3,000N45,000
JuiceChivita 1LN3,000
Cranberry Juice 1.5LN5,000
Chateaux D’ArainsN26,000
Cielo AppasionatamenteN22,000
Escudo Rojo RedN16,000
House French Red WineN2,000
Mouton Cadet ReserveN20,000
Thomas Barton ReserveN20,000
Banana & CoconutN2,800
Passion FruitN2,800
Strawberry & BananaN2,800
Soft drinkBitter Lemon, Coke, Coke [Zero], Fanta, Soda, Sprite, Tonic, WaterN560
Ginger BeerN800
Red BullN1,400
Sparkling Water PerrierN1,700
Don Julio BlancoN3,500N45,000
Don Julio ReposadoN4,000N50,000
Patron BlancoN3,500N45,000
Patron CoffeeN3,500N40,000
Grey GooseN3,500N50,000
Ketel OneN3,500N40,000
Jack Daniel’s No. 7N2,500N35,000
Jack Daniel’s HoneyN50,000
Jameson Black BarrelN50,000
Johnny Walker Black LabelN2,500N40,000
Johnny Walker Blue LabelN135,000
Johnny Walker Gold LabelN3,500N50,000
Johnny Walker Platinum LabelN5,000N65,000
Macallan 12 YearsN3,000N45,000
Macallan 15 YearsN4,000N65,000
Macallan 18 YearsN100,000
Macallan Rare CaskN135,000
Gavi MarchesaN16,000
House French White WineN2,000
Ksara Blanc de BlancN18,000
Mouton Cadet IceN14,000


BurgerFish Burger Slider3 battered fishes served in a bun with pickles, tartar sauce with a side of French friesN7,000
Moist Burger Slider3 mini cheeseburgers served with French fries.N7,000
GrilledBBQ ChickenBarbecue half chicken served with coconut riceN7,300
BBQ Fish FilletFresh fish fillet served with sauteed vegetables, Periperi sauce, and Coconut riceN7,300
Char-grilled Atlantic Jumbo ShrimpChar-grilled Atlantic Jumbo shrimp [3 pieces]; finished with a lemon butter drizzle.N7,300
Chicken SuyaChar-grilled chicken suya, Tomatoes, Onion, and French fries [3 skewers]N5,000
Fish SuyaCharcoal barbecued fish suya, Tomatoes, Onion, and French fries [3 skewers]N5,000
Peppered Croaker Fish [Mild/Spicy Option]1.50 kg peppered and spiced char-grilled whole croaker fish; served with sauteed garlic coriander potatoesN13,000
Rack of RibsHalf rack of South African barbecue ribs served with French friesN12,200
Spiced Chicken WingsCharcoal barbecued spicy chicken wings [6 pieces]N4,000
Spicy Boerewors SausageServed per pieceN12,200
Spicy Fillet SkewersChar-grilled scotch bonnet and Suya spiced South African fillet skewers [3 skewers]N6,200
PlatterBeach PlatterChar-grilled jumbo shrimp, Chicken wings, Spicy fillet Skewers, Cheeseburger sliders, and French friesN19,000
Caveman Platter350g South African ribeye steak, Spicy boerewors sausage, and Half rack South African marinated ribsN22,000
Fisherman Platter3 char-grilled jumbo shrimps, 3 mini fish burgers, 3 battered whole fried fish, and French friesN19,000
Fried Fish & ChipsServed with tartar sauce and a side saladN9,000
Mixed Grilled PlatterBeef skewers, South African steak, Chicken, Onion rings, and Beef burgerN25,000
Peppered SnailTraditional spicy snails with Green pepper, Red pepper, Onions, Spicy tomatoes, and Coconut riceN6,000
Seafood Platter


Prawns, Fish burger, Fried fish, and Onion ringsN30,000

Things to note

I don’t think you’ll want to wear a revealing outfit [e.g. bikini]

There are some other things you should know about Oniru Private Beach.

And one of these things is that you probably don’t want to put on a bikini at the beach.

There’s no rule that says you can’t put on such, it’s just that you won’t find a lot of people doing so.

So, unless you’re okay being the only one putting on a revealing outfit, you should put on an outfit that isn’t too revealing.


The place can be very crowded

Oniru is one of the most visited beaches in Lagos.

In other words,

In the afternoon, on weekend days, and on special days, the place can be very crowded.

There are situations when you’ll appreciate this, and there are situations when you won’t.

So when coming to Oniru during a period when it’ll be crowded, be sure you’re comfortable with a huge crowd.


Not that spacious

Having been to many beaches in Lagos, one thing I can say is that Oniru is a relatively small beach.

It is big enough to have fun, but if you’re coming with the intention of meeting a large beach, you may end up disappointed.


No tent at night

It’s possible to be at Oniru at night, but you should also know that the people who rent out tents to you, will come for their tents in the evening. The same goes for most tables and chairs as well.

So if you’ll still be present at the beach when it gets dark, make sure you make arrangements to ensure you’ll have tents, chairs and tables to use.


No toilet

Another thing you should know is that there are no toilets at Oniru, at least not proper toilets.

So before coming to OPB, ensure you won’t be in need to use a proper toilet.


Questions you may have

How clean is the place?

If you have been to a lot of beaches in Lagos, you may have encountered many of them in dirty conditions.

And if because of that you’ll like to know “how clean Oniru is”, well, I think this won’t be a problem.

I won’t give OPB a 5-star rating when it comes to cleanliness, but the beach is usually in manageable conditions.


Opening days and hours

Under normal circumstances,

Oniru is open on all the 365 (or 366) days of a year.

The beach is further open 24 hours per day.


I must mention that if you’ll like to spend the night at the beach, you’ll have to come before 12 midnight.

OPB has this strict policy that prevents entry at hours after 12 midnight, till daybreak.


Final words

If you’re interested in spending time at a great beach, Oniru isn’t the first place I’ll recommend.

But if you are specifically interested in Oniru and just wondering whether it’s worthwhile going, I’ll encourage you to go.

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