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Prices Of Houses In Lekki County Homes

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Lekki County Homes, also spelled Lekky County Homes, is an estate in Lekki city, Lagos State. This estate is also known as Megamound Estate as it is chiefly developed and managed by Megamound.

Owning a house in this estate commands great respect. Not only does it command respect, it also gives an individual the advantages of living in a good home.

Furthermore, living in a house within the estate has psychological impact that contributes positively to the life of an individual.


Prices Of Houses


Just like in other places, you will find all sorts of houses in this estate.

Be it a 1 bedroom flat, a 5 bedroom flat, a duplex, a semi-detached house, etc. A 1 bedroom flat in Lekki County Homes sells for a price between 10,000,000 NGN and 20,000,000 NGN.

The amount you pay depends on the kind and the nature of the house itself, your bargaining power, experience in real estate, and lots more. A 2-bed room flat sells at a price between 14,000,000 NGN and 30,000,000 NGN. Planning on getting 3 bedrooms flat?

You should have a minimum of 30,000,000 NGN and a maximum of 60,000,000 NGN.

You can also get 4 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms flats. The cost of 5 bedrooms flats are usually between 55,000,000 NGN and 120,000,000 NGN.

Most houses in this estate have the following specifications: well-interlocked compound; excellent internal space arrangement; large living rooms; spacious bedrooms; solid doors; well-functioning borehole and water system.


More About Lekky County Homes


Lekki County Homes is a project brought into existence by Megamound, Mayfair Building Society Limited and IFL Ventures Limited.

The land on which this estate is being developed was owned by Mayfair Building Society Limited. While Mayfair Building Society Limited owned the land on which the estate is being developed, Megamound and IFL Ventures Limited serve as the developers of the estate.

The estate is located in Ikota, Lekki, Lagos State. It is only 5 minutes drive from Chevron Headquarters, a place along the Lagos-Epe Express Way.

Some facilities in this estate include recreation parks, clinic, pharmacy, nursery/primary school mart, clubhouse and security post. Iconic places in the neighborhood of Lekky County Homes include Elegushi Beach, Shoprite, VGC, Carlton Gate Estate, The Palms Mall, Get Arena, 4 points and Oriental.


Lekki City


Lekki city is a home to Lekky County Homes. The city is one of the most expensive in Lagos State. This city has been settled in since the 15th century, but it was established in 2006, by the Lagos State government.

The city planner of Lekki is the Ministry of Urban Planning and Physical Development.

Lekki is a project that is still under construction. The phase 1 of the development has been completed, while phase 2 is undergoing development.

Lekki is surrounded by: the Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Atlantic Ocean and Lagos Lagoon. Iconic schools within this city include Lekki British School, The American International School of Lagos, The Italian International School

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