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2D Floor Plan Design [Get Us To Work]!

Investment in Real Estate is a capital project which involves huge sum of money and in this world where change in trend is occurring day by day, you should not invest in Real Estate that will go obsolete or out of vogue after some time.  Thus, with our specialized team of Architect and Urban planner we provide functional and accurate high resolution 2D floor plan design services.

Based on your Brief and the local town planning and housing law and regulations our team of architects come up with amazing building plan design and a well landscaped and aesthetically pleasing site plan which will meet the latest trend of building locally and internationally.

Our service which is trusted by 1000+ Real Estate professionals worldwide is based on accuracy and on-time delivery of projects.

Procedure of Service Delivery

procedure for delivery


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What People Are Saying :

112 100x100 - It will definitely cut you some price !!

It will definitely cut you some price !!

A friend told me about Realestateko when I asked her about how much a house renovation would cost. While I’m no expert in the construction field, I believe that they can help you as much as they did for me, so do not hesitate to contact them, they’re very friendly  

adebayo matthew 100x100 - Couldn’t ASK Enough ! Thank You

Couldn’t ASK Enough ! Thank You

I’ll let you in on a little secret; I laugh at myself every night when I remember how I thought I could take care of myself in the construction market. Yes, that’s correct, I believed that my humble trading skills would allow me to reduce the expenses of my house. Boy, was I Let me tell you, the market is full of big whales trying to devour you, and if you don’t have a clear idea of how much everything costs and what you need for your house, you’re gonna be an easy prey. Thankfully, I found Realestateko’s offer before spending a dime, which ultimately led to me saving a couple of thousand Naira. This is what I call a high-quality, money-saving service!

Afuluenu Onyekachukwu
oyinnnn 100x100 - Getting Great REPORTS has become NORM !! Thanks

Getting Great REPORTS has become NORM !! Thanks

Even though it was my third house, I was about to fall for my contractor’s evil plans (as I like to call them) again when I stumbled upon an ad by Realestateko. Soon after I contacted them, I got an excellent BOQ report, through which I discovered that my contractor has been fooling me for years. I really can’t thank you guys, and I’m surely coming back whenever I have a new project! 

Buchi Amaechi
Snr Advisor
oyinnnn 100x100 - Getting Great REPORTS has become a NORM !! Thanks

Getting Great REPORTS has become a NORM !! Thanks

They don’t seize to surprise me with your amazing and superefficient designs. Keep up the good work ):

112 100x100 - Such as Amazing REPORT !

Such as Amazing REPORT !

#thanks for job well done# I just received the floor plan of my proposed office complex. The floor plan for each of the floor is well drafted with the office space, convenience and store at the perfect places and given the space constraints you are still able to make provision for an adequate parking facility in the site plan….Gracias!!!

111 100x100 - Couldn't ASK Enough ! Thank You

Couldn’t ASK Enough ! Thank You

I just got the floor plan of my 3 Bedroom semi detached bungalow designed by Ade and Team. I am blown away with the way they have drafted out exactly what was in my head which for a long time I don’t know how to explain to even architect that I get in touch with one on one. I am seriously looking forward to working with you in my forthcoming projects.

Afuluenu Onyekachukwu
113 100x100 - I LOVE IT  !!


Excellent work! I provided 1,800 square feet sample floor plan & asked them to map it to 1,390 sqft. of space that I will be leasing. Given space constraints/requirements, we reduced reception area, changed to sliding doors, moved offices, eval options... A local space planner consultant specializing in my target industry validated their work.

Barrister Owolabi


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