[STANDARD] 2 Bedroom Flat Bill Of Quantities (BOQ) – Buy Now !

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[ STANDARD ]  2 Bedroom Flat Bill Of Quantities (BOQ)

The high rate at which new or old homeowners are been cheated due to the cost of service estimate by Contractor / Developers hired for their new homes has been a major problem in society.  In other to curb the act of excess demand by these contractors, made us come up with a solution. Having in-depth knowledge of expenses needed to have your home built from foundation to finishing is what the team at ” Realestateko “ has compiled up to make things easy for our readers and as well prevent been excessively cheated while making up the cost for their new home.

What Area Did We Cover?

We cover all major areas in starting out your journey to 2 bedroom flat. A few mentioned areas in this BOQ are :

  1. Budget Cost For FLOOR FINISHINGS
  2. Budget Cost For PAINTING and DECORATIONS
  5. Budget Cost For ROOF AND COVERING
  6. Budget Cost For ALUMINIUM WINDOWS and a lot more of other areas covered indepthly.

Who is this 2 Bedroom Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for?

  1. Someone who is starting out and doesn’t want to get cheated by his/her contractor.
  2. An Individual who would like to monitor and manage  his/her expenses
  3. It helps owners of 2 bedroom bungalow to know the worth of their property and cost they want to renovate or upgrade their building to a contemporary design
  4. To know the how much it stage of construction will cost in case the developer wants to do it incrementally I.e. Stage by stage
  5. An individual Who is buying his/her materials from the market directly.

The [Standard]  2 Bedroom Flat Bill Of Quantities (BOQ) is a Little Investment that will save you MILLIONS on a long run.

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