[STANDARD] 3 Bedroom Flat Bill Of Quantities (BOQ) – Save That Money !!

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12,900.00 3,490.00

 “BOQ Last updated : 10th March, 2020“ 

If you’re tired of property developers and contractors charging you thousands, Overpricing every piece of equipment in your new home, then it’s time to consider getting a proper Bill of Quantities.

Furthermore, you should do this whether you’re a new homeowner or a veteran one trying to expand his or her property.


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bill of quanties nigeria
WhatsApp Image 2018 08 26 at 10.10.21 - [STANDARD] 3 Bedroom Flat Bill Of Quantities (BOQ) - Save That Money !!
WhatsApp Image 2018 08 26 at 10.10.22 300x169 - [STANDARD] 3 Bedroom Flat Bill Of Quantities (BOQ) - Save That Money !!bill of quanties nigeriaWhatsApp Image 2018 08 26 at 10.10.21 300x169 - [STANDARD] 3 Bedroom Flat Bill Of Quantities (BOQ) - Save That Money !!

You shouldn’t miss this opportunity if you are:

  • Someone who’s trying to build a house without getting cheated by contractor
  • An individual seeking a way to manage how his money is being spen
  • A homeowner looking for an estimation of the costs of renovations
  • An aspiring to-be homeowner who wants to buy their house materials from the market on their own

There’s no sense denying it, most contractors and developers aren’t honest about the real cost of your house. It has been like that for many years now. They simply take advantage of the ignorance of the average homeowner when it comes to materials and pricing in order to make some extra bucks with every sale they make. While that seems highly unethical, it isn’t illegal, and many among us are facing it every single day.

“But I need a contractor to build my house.”

It’s true, you need a contractor, but what most people ignore is the fact that you can hire a contractor while assigning the expenses management for more qualified people. Sure, you can try to do that yourself, but you’d be overwhelmed the moment you take a look at how much details are involved in the process.

Thankfully, we, at Realestateko, are willing to help you out with the matter. We understand how hard you’ve worked to finally build your house, and we respect that, and that’s why we’re offering a service that will save you a good amount of money; Bill of Quantities.

In a nutshell, we will provide an in-depth, easy to understand report of all the expenses that you need to build your property from the foundation to the doghouse.

Too good to be true? Well, it is too good, but it is also true. You can forget about contractors trying to exploit the loopholes in the system to take your hard-earned money. Thanks to our BOQ reports, everyone will be held accountable for their actions.

Which Areas Do We Cover?

With our service, you can rest assure as we cover everything that’s involved in your journey towards building your three-bedroom flat, including, but not limited to:


And a lot more! Literally, everything will be covered for you to get a proper idea of how much your house is going to cost!

It’s our very experience and attention to details that allowed us to help countless citizens save millions on their houses. Here’s what some of our clients think about us:

112 - It will definitely cut you some price !!

It will definitely cut you some price !!

A friend told me about Realestateko when I asked her about how much a house renovation would cost. While I’m no expert in the construction field, I believe that they can help you as much as they did for me, so do not hesitate to contact them, they’re very friendly  

adebayo matthew 100x100 - Couldn’t ASK Enough ! Thank You

Couldn’t ASK Enough ! Thank You

I’ll let you in on a little secret; I laugh at myself every night when I remember how I thought I could take care of myself in the construction market. Yes, that’s correct, I believed that my humble trading skills would allow me to reduce the expenses of my house. Boy, was I Let me tell you, the market is full of big whales trying to devour you, and if you don’t have a clear idea of how much everything costs and what you need for your house, you’re gonna be an easy prey. Thankfully, I found Realestateko’s offer before spending a dime, which ultimately led to me saving a couple of thousand Naira. This is what I call a high-quality, money-saving service!

Afuluenu Onyekachukwu
oyinnnn - Getting Great REPORTS has become NORM !! Thanks

Getting Great REPORTS has become NORM !! Thanks

Even though it was my third house, I was about to fall for my contractor’s evil plans (as I like to call them) again when I stumbled upon an ad by Realestateko. Soon after I contacted them, I got an excellent BOQ report, through which I discovered that my contractor has been fooling me for years. I really can’t thank you guys, and I’m surely coming back whenever I have a new project! 

Buchi Amaechi
Snr Advisor

The Bill of Quantities (BOQ) Report is a service, no, an investment, that can save you millions in the long run, so don’t miss the chance as we’re offering exclusive quotations for new customers!

What’s even better is that you have nothing to lose, it’s a win-win situation; either you save money by minimizing the expenses, or you save money by holding your contractor accountable for what he’s spending on your house!

To take advantage of this offer


Get Your BOQ Report Now!


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14 reviews for [STANDARD] 3 Bedroom Flat Bill Of Quantities (BOQ) – Save That Money !!

  1. Kayode Ajiboye

    I thought I’ve got the best budget for my home wiring as reported by the contractor but came to realize they’re charging almost x2 of the original price. BOQ from RealestateKo have saved me from over spending. And with the BOQ in hand makes an easy checkmate for other areas of the house

  2. Michael Otedola

    Amazing product ! This is really insightful and talks in-depth about having my 3- BD flat built. A good buy product at a STEAL price.

  3. Obasi Kelvin

    This is really helpful, Well instructed and detailed. Good product you have in here Ade.

  4. Hon. Desmond

    I love the premium feel, I was actually looking at having Electrical Installation done in my new home but couldn’t find a good source to provide with me with the information.Shows lots of work and time invested. REALLY a good steal @Otedola ,

  5. Ben

    Thanks , Great value

  6. Mrs Adebisi

    This is a GEM ! I appreciate the effort put up together for a steal . It’s solves my roofing problem. I have a clear budget now

  7. Victor

    I enjoyed every bit of your analysis on building made easy for common man like me. It an eye opener and a form of courage for me to start up something little, not waiting until I get millions in my account, great quality and very low prices. Thanks and God bless.

  8. Bello Emmanuel

    I just stumbled on this and i must say, This is brilliant! Thanks so much for saving a life with this amazing product. Thanks a lot. I am currently looking into starting something (3 bedroom flat) *bungalow*. This has really help.

  9. Adeyemi Steven

    I learned a lot from this product and cannot wait to put this into practice.

  10. Martins Richard

    Very impressed with the product excellent communication and fantastic website. This is the most detailed one i’ve seen yet. i hope i can find one on reliable contractors too.

  11. Alex Matthew

    I must say this is a good one as i also have a land in Abuja to build a 3bedroom flat. It indeed trow some light to the mystery behind simple house construction. 100% recommendable!

  12. Gift Joshua

    Very good work you’ve done Ade,I asked a friend of mine what it would cost to build a 3bedroom flat and he told me 9million,that made me change my plan of starting the construction but I summoned courage and I decided to check online,sincerely your article has really helped me.thanks a lot

  13. Joycie

    Good work. Very detailed and useful information. Thanks

  14. Kolawole Bamidele

    Very good work you’ve done, I asked a friend of mine what it would cost to build a 3bedroom flat and he told me 9million, that made me change my plan of starting the construction but I summoned courage and I decided to check online then i saw the BOQ from Realestateko on Google, sincerely your product has really helped me. Thanks a lot

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