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Cutting-Edge Integrations to Help Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Developers Stay Connected and on Top of the Situation

 Third-party integrations can transform your conversations into valuable sales and data collection tools. We design chatbots that equip real estate agents with the means to gather, track, update, and retrieve clients, execute actions, and close sales.

Let’s Help You Dominate and Win More Listings

At Realestateko, we will help you customize a chatbot that will build your database so that your:

● Buyers engage with new available  listings
● Sellers engaging with the just sold listings.
● Market reports are directly sent in your Messenger.

You will be able to grow your Messenger database to over 1,000 within 3 months by making use of our chatbot and following our marketing strategies.

There’s no way you can lose. Our goal is to ensure that your real estate agency wins more business.

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RealestatEko’s Real Estate Chatbot Use Cases


Lead Generation and Qualification

Engage with potential leads when they find it convenient, and let the bot communicate with them to gather the necessary information to qualify them on the spot.


Bot and Agent Live Chat Support

Offer pre-screen client queries, answer the simple questions, and transfer the complex ones to the right agents to save you time and resources.


24/7 Seller Support

Leverage our chatbots for residential and commercial real estate agents and real estate developers by offering support to potential sellers. We can customize your bots to answer your clients’ FAQs and also collect property information, photos, and videos as part of the interaction.


24/7 Buyer Support

Lay your hands on a chatbot that will help your potential buyers find available properties that meet their requirements, answer property-related questions, and get more details about rental and purchase processes.


Automated Scheduling

When the chatbot qualifies a lead as a potential buyer, you can automatically schedule an agent or home tour, while checking agent availability through the different integrations.


Automated Confirmation Request

Our chatbot for residential and commercial real estate agents and real estate developers will help you save time by messaging leads that are scheduled for viewing as a reminder.


Document Submission

Our chatbot will streamline your document collection by allowing you to submit documents during conversion with prospects and transfer it to the prospect’s profile in your CRM immediately while notifying the agent.

Why Use a Real Estate Chatbot?

 The real estate industry is one of the industries where communication is important.
However, not every prospect is a qualified lead that will buy a property. Thus, many real estate agents end up wasting their time responding to the same questions over and over again from leads that will not make any commitment. Here is where the chatbot that RealestatEko designs for residential and commercial real estate agents and real estate developers comes in.


Quick Responses

Our real estate chatbots can answer the prospect’s inquiries immediately through a website, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, thereby saving costs and client waiting times.


Enhanced Leads Qualification

Our chatbots for residential and commercial real estate agents and real estate developers will help you qualify your potential leads by scoring them in real-time while transferring the most qualified leads to real estate agents instantly, thereby skyrocketing your conversion rate.


Personalized Offers

The type of properties that customers want vary. Through different interactive questions, chatbots can come up with relevant and personalized offers immediately.


Online Support

RealestatEko creates real estate chatbots that provide leads with information after working hours. The bots can answer about 80% of routine questions thereby giving agents more time to focus on important tasks.



 We can help you create chatbots that will converse seamlessly across different digital channels while securing data and creating a smooth user experience and customer service.


Powerful Integrations

 Our chatbots will integrate your agency chatbot with your listings and database and
CRM to automate the process of gathering data and communicating throughout the customer journey in an effective manner.

Respond to Leads in Seconds, Even When You are Not Available


Automated Lead Response

Respond to leads within seconds. Your real estate chatbot is always available to respond to leads. The details of the leads will be automatically sent to your email.


Artificial Intelligence

 The chatbot will understand user inputs and answer any questions. New modules are regularly improving your chatbot’s capabilities


Swift Response On Different Platforms

Realestateko’s real estate chatbot integrates with your Facebook Business Page, Facebook Messenger app, and website. This will help you engage your customers irrespective of where they find you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Agent Chatbots - R/E Agent Chatbot

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Agent Chatbots

 A real estate chatbot refers to a computer program that enables you to automatically respond to buyer and seller leads. Real estate agent chatbots can answer common inquiries, gather lead data, and also connect you to your prospects when they are ready to have conversations with you.

Real estate chatbots can be used on your Facebook Business Page, Facebook Messenger app, and your website. Facebook Messenger is the Number 1 place where people are engaging with chatbots at the moment, considering the over 1 billion active users it has. By deploying our cutting-edge digital marketing solutions, we can help you grow your bot’s presence with those in your target markets.

Yes. The chatbot that we design for residential and commercial real estate agents and real estate developers is powered by an AI algorithm that has an in-depth understanding of buyer and seller inputs. This enables your chatbot to respond to questions and answers. The chatbots can also provide users with answers to FAQs.

Buyers and sellers will be able to make requests showing appointments and offer property information for home valuations. You can also use the bot to generate referrals and for property management and commercial real estate purposes.

 To get started, schedule a free consultation with us so that we can have more ideas about your requirements and how we can help you create chatbots that can increase your real estate agency’s conversion rate by at least 21%.

We have generated over 275,674 leads for our clients through Real Estate digital marketing.

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